4 Easy to Use Apps Like Cash App for Money Transfer

Cash app

The age of the internet brought us a lot of goodies including the ability to speak with our loved ones anywhere in the world, music streaming, social media, GPS and so much more. With the internet age, every sector went digital to cope and help their services reach a broader range of customers. One sector … Read more

5 Apps Like Depop for Easy Buying and Selling of Clothes Online


The clothing industry is one that is booming, well it has always been that way. People have a love for clothes and would always want to be in vogue with the latest fashion trend.  This reason is primarily why clothing stores and websites are making a fortune because they are in a business where the … Read more

Best 10 Secret Messaging Apps that Look like Games

Secret Messaging Apps that Look like Games

Secret messaging apps can be a great way to communicate with friends and family without having your messages tracked or read by others. But how do you find these secret messaging apps? Most aren’t advertised, so they’re incredibly hard to find unless you already know where to look for the best disguised chat app. Even … Read more

Top 21 Apps Like Dave That Offer Cash Advances

apps like dave

Dave is a financial application that gives you checks in advance and budgeting help at whatever point you are out of luck. Many individuals use cash advance mobile applications like Dave to get ready for their impending costs, keep away from overdraft expenses, and acquire up to $100 whenever they need some cash immediately. There … Read more

6 Similar Apps Like Klarna for Buy Now Pay Later

apps like klara

Klarna is one of the most popular buy now pay later apps that allows online shoppers to buy something online and pay back later. Most online shoppers are always in search of buy now pay later services. How Klarna Works? Klarna allows shoppers to split their purchase into four equal installments to be paid every … Read more

Things to Consider before Choosing a Spanish Learning App

choosing spanish learning app

Spanish is one of the most well-known languages in the world today. Not only do millions of individuals speak it fluently, but countless others wish to learn this dialect in order to boost their bilingual skills. This is why a growing number of apps intended to teach Spanish have become available on the open market. … Read more

Apps Like Urbanic for Latest & Stylish Women Clothes


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6 Hidden Costs of Developing an App & How to Handle Them

Costs of Developing an App

The point is that the development process itself is only part of the application life cycle. And then there are the deployment and maintenance phases, which are also critical to success. The costs of developing an app are divided in these two stages which can be an unpleasant surprise in the end. Not to mention … Read more