Best 10 Secret Messaging Apps that Look like Games


Secret messaging apps can be a great way to communicate with friends and family without having your messages tracked or read by others. But how do you find these secret messaging apps? Most aren’t advertised, so they’re incredibly hard to find unless you already know where to look for the best disguised chat app.

Secret Messaging Apps that Look like Games

Even if they glance at your screen and see the apps installed, they won’t realize it’s a chat app because the icon is like a game app icon. Here are the best secret messaging apps that looks like games

The 10 best secret messaging apps that look like Games

1. Whisper

Whisper is a popular hidden messaging app that looks like a game, with over 3 million daily visitors.

App users can share their ideas, feelings, and secrets while remaining anonymous. It is a good disguised chat app to use on your phone without fear of anyone finding out who you are if you don’t want to divulge your name or identity. Just be sure what you’re posting isn’t something that could land you in legal or personal danger.

Users may also send text messages, photos, and videos directly from their Android devices or from any computer’s browser with this software. It works on a variety of platforms. So, regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, all messages will be delivered.

2. House Party

House Party, like Whisper, is a great secret messaging app like games.

When you start up a House Party, you’re given a few options: connect with friends from your address book or your Facebook account, invite people from Twitter or create a room and send invites to whomever you want. From there, pick out a picture for yourself or use an app camera to take one right away and you’re set.

3. NetSfere Secure Messaging

Secure Messenger is a disguised chat app simply named but highly efficient app that helps you keep your conversations private. Although the program icon resembles a cartoon or a simple game as it’s actually a private chat app.

In Netsfere, all messages are encrypted and have the ability to self-destruct, ensuring they remain hidden to prying eyes.

4. Wickr

This app lets you send and receive self-destructing messages on your smartphone. Wickr is free and offers end-to-end encryption, which means only you and your contact can read them. 

In Wickr no one can access it, not even those at Wickr can see what’s in a message and the self-destruct feature means no one else can capture it screen grab either. Wickr also allows you to set up groups in addition to one on one chats.

5. Calculator Pro+

Calculator Pro+ is one of the most innovative concealed messaging apps disguised as games. The app is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Not only does the app icon resemble a calculator, but it also resembles a secret chat app. Your friend or partner will not be able to see your private conversations because the app appears to be a regular calculator at first glance.

In actuality, the software serves two functions: On the one hand, it’s a real calculator that you can use to do math calculations with.

6. Confide

This messaging app gives you one of the safest ways to send private messages to your phone’s contacts. There are no unattractive branding or brands to give away its true purpose and the UI mimics numerous social media apps. You may email encrypted files up to 100MB in size, which can be useful if you’re worried about someone gaining access to sensitive data on your device.

Only a few messages are truly end-to-end encrypted, the rest are routed through Confide’s servers before being transmitted. As a result, even while using a seemingly safe tool like Confide, it’s still vital to utilize a password manager or other encryption mechanism to ensure that none of your sensitive data is compromised.

Another unique feature of Confide is that it can be used on your PC, allowing you to check your messages even while at work.

7. Gibber

Gibberbot is a fun private hidden message app software that allows you to send and receive messages with your friends using silly emoticons.

One of its best features is that it instantly converts your real name to a random emoji, making it impossible to figure out who is sending all those annoying emoji texts.

8. Invisible Texting

Invisible Texting is a hidden app that looks like a game and allows you to send entirely undetectable text messages. You must first complete a series of games and riddles in order to gain access to these hidden message apps. 

Invisible Texting will display on your phone once you’ve unlocked it and work just like any other messaging service.

What’s the best part? You can even protect your communications with a password so that no one else can see them. You won’t have to worry about possible hackers snooping around on your phone that’s to the app’s protected cloud storage.

9. SafeSwiper

 Do you want your conversations to remain private? SafeSwiper is the greatest secret message app that looks like games for sending SMS messages to your buddies when you don’t want anybody else to read what you’re saying.

SafeSwiper encrypts all messages transmitted between users and prevents others from accessing your text-based communication once it is turned on.

Coin collecting, point monitoring, and other game-like activities are included in the app. SafeSwiper is an app worth checking out if you want to chat secretly with friends, family, or coworkers. It’s only accessible for Android devices, and it’s free.

10. Silence Circle

Do you need to communicate in a private manner? Silence Circle is the best hidden chat app that uses encrypted and anonymous channels to send and receive messages. Unlike many other private texting apps, this one is free. 

There are no in-app purchases or upgrades available. This means you won’t have to worry about your messages being leaked if someone purchases an upgrade they won’t use. Silence Circle allows you to send text, image, or video communications. It’s also compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, as well as Windows and MacOS PCs.


Knowing that anyone with access to your phone has the ability to invade your privacy can be pretty distressing.

That is why hidden chat apps disguised as games are necessary. Some of them offer encrypted texting, which adds an added layer of security to your communication.

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