9 Tips To Design T-Shirts That People Will Wear


If you want to design t-shirts that is loved by people, then you have to think out-of-the-box ideas. You should do research and determine the demands and requirements of customers. 


The t-shirt graphic design should be alluring and trendy so that people love to wear your t-shirts. Here, we are going to reveal some secret tips that will help you to design an amazing t-shirt that is loved by your customers:

1. Keep T-shirt Design Simple

Whether you are designing a t-shirt for marketing purposes or you want to design it to sell to your potential customer, the design should be attractive & simple. According to the thumb rule, the t-shirt design should be creative but simple.

Excessive busy design of the t-shirt will create a cluttered appearance and create chaos. The complex designs are also difficult to print. You can print a single message or one image on your t-shirt. It will result in an awe-inspiring t-shirt design.

2. Have A Conversation With Professionals  

The ink plays a vital role in t-shirt designing and printing. You must have a conversation with printing professionals about printing ink. You should ask them whether they lay thin or thick ink to form the design on the t-shirt. Now, customers demand a t-shirt with thin ink print. Some contractors offer cheap screen printing t-shirts and provide good results.

3. Choose Contracting Imprint Color

Before you get too deep into the details, you should know the actual color of your shirt. You should ask the printing contractor how many ink colors they have for the imprint? The colors you choose to imprint the design will affect your design approach.

The imprint color should be contrasting with the shirt color. It is not necessary to choose too many print colors. Only a few colors would be sufficient to create a significant impact.

4. Choose Right Fabric For T-Shirt

T-shirt Fabric is also an important thing to consider for printing a perfect design on it. If the fabric is too thin, then too much ink for imprint will make your t-shirt funny. If you want your customers to really love your t-shirts and wear it, then you should pay special attention to the quality of the fabric.

The fabric of the t-shirt also impacts print quality. Thus, it is recommended to choose good quality t-shirt fabric.

5. Consider WOW Factor

If you want to impress your customers, then your t-shirt must have a cool design. Your t-shirt design must look trendy and cool. For instance, if you are using printed t-shirts for marketing purposes, then your potential customers will only keep this t-shirt if they love the design and quality of the fabric. 

Similarly, if you are selling a t-shirt for your potential customers, then they will be ready to pay and buy a t-shirt if they love the design and quality of the fabric. Old and boring designs on a t-shirt will not let you achieve your objectives. You should think of a unique and outstanding t-shirt for designing ideas.

6. Wisely Place Graphics

Once the design for t-shirts is prepared, then the next thing to consider is where and how to place the graphic design on a t-shirt. Where the brand logo should be printed? There is a small difference between placing the right and making a blunder mistake. There are some common graphic placement areas in a t-shirt, and that are mentioned below:

  • Front center
  • Back center
  • Front “pocket.”
  • Sleeve

7. Consider Scale And Size  

The scale and size of the design also play a vital role in the placement of the print. But, the biggest problem is that you would not know unless you see the design. We are going to share a time tested trick to design a print of accurate scale and size. 

First of all, create a design, take out a print of the design, and hold it up to a shirt. You will get an idea of whether the prepared design is accurate as per the size of the shirt. Make sure that the prepared design for the t-shirt should have a balanced appearance.

8. Determine Borders or Edges

It is important to understand the border and edge of the t-shirt. The border of the t-shirt plays a vital role in terms of t-shirt designing. Before submitting your artwork for printing, you should tell the printing professionals to beware of invisible borders. 

You should clearly convey your expectation to the printing professionals. T-shirt screen printing is the best technique to transform your t-shirt to print ideas into good results.

9. Pick Right Font Type And Size

In typography t-shirt design, you should choose the right font type and size for printing. The bad typography leads to a bad impact on customers. People do not prefer to buy and wear a t-shirt with an inappropriate font type and size.

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