Heat Stroke: 7 Simple Ways to Prevent It


Heat stroke is a condition when the body temperature rises to such an extent that it poses a life-threatening experience to an individual. Overheating of the body may lead to organ damage as well. Such a condition occurs mostly during summers. 

Simple Ways To Prevent Yourself From Heat Stroke

The condition may worsen if the treatment is delayed and contribute to further complications or even death. It is advisable to consult a doctor if it is evident that a person is suffering from heat stroke. 

The following are the various methods to beat the heat and prevent heat stroke!

Simple Ways To Prevent Heat Stroke

1. Stay calm and cool. 

Though the weather has warmed up, you must stay cool! So make sure that you always have air-circulating around you. Draw the blinds at home or at the workplace if exposed to heat. Use fans or coolers or air conditioning Sydney. Take cool showers and wet your hands and feet frequently. 

Maintain a distance from your gadgets as they tend to release heat while utilizing them, making you feel warmer. You can even consult your doctor if you are on medications as some medicines tend to generate heat inside your body and can result in a burning sensation. Also, avoid anger as the weather is enough to get hot! Wink!

2. Stay hydrated 

Staying hydrated isn’t about the consumption of fluids only, but it rather covers various other aspects or precautions to beat that summer heat. Due to excessive sweating, our body needs a lot of water to regulate body temperature. 

Therefore drink as much water as you can, have refreshing juices, eat juicy fruits, and stay inside as long as possible, especially during the peak hours of the day. Rest in the shade regularly if you are outside and have water as much as you can. Avoid beverages such as tea or coffee.

3. Plan your meals

Since the weather is already warm, it is advisable to eat smaller and cold meals. Avoid hot fried food and instead, consume salads or some lip-smacking light food. Have lots and lots of fruits and veggies. Consume yogurt every day and have a liquid diet included in your every meal almost. 

Have refreshing drinks loaded with mint or lime or coconut juice to give a coolant effect to your body? Make milkshakes using fruits such as mango or banana as each and every ingredient has its own contribution to our health and body during the summer season.

4. Opt for easy-breezy clothes 

It’s extremely important for your body to breathe, especially in the summers, when it tends to heat up like a machine! So, opt to wear loose-fitting, light-weight clothes. In particular, linen or cotton fabric allows sweat to evaporate and give a cooling impact on your body. 

These particular kinds of clothes facilitate better air circulation, which absorbs and evaporates moisture effectively. So, go grab your t-shirts, shorts, or easy-breezy trousers to punch the heat stroke back!

Wear light colors rather than darker ones as light colors help to reflect the heat back rather than absorbing it.

5. Limit outdoor activity 

Avoid going out in the heat as much as possible, even if you have to. Owing to some unavoidable reasons, then make sure to use sunscreen, wear a hat, or use an umbrella and keep yourself covered. 

Don’t forget to carry a water bottle with you and opt for shade as much as possible. Keep the coolest part of the day reserved for your work. Wear full clothes to cover the exposed skin. Exercise indoors and play indoors as well if the temperature is high. 

The peak hours of the day, that is between 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. should be avoided greatly to step outside. Special care should be taken in respect of old adults and children as they are more sensitive. You should stay indoors and maintain a cool atmosphere. You should install ducted air conditioning Sydney to maintain a cool and comfortable environment.  

6. Avoid alcohol 

Yes! You read it right, avoid alcohol consumption. Generally and specifically as well, alcohol is injurious to health! Although you may feel oh-so-good and cool after consuming cold beer or having a glass of drink, it has a reverse impact inside your body. It’s a proven fact that alcohol can affect your body’s ability to regulate temperature.

7. Other measures

Other measures that can be practiced to best face heat stroke is to keep ice packs and to cool blankets handy. If you encounter a person suffering from heatstroke, then don’t hesitate to provide first aid and medical help. 

Having enough sleep as well as sleep deprivation can increase the chances of getting exposed to heat stroke. Also, avoid sitting in parked cars as it is equally dangerous and is not equivalent to cool shade. 

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