Best 4 Game Development Channels on YouTube


YouTube is seriously drowning in content, for inspiring indie game developers and highly professional game development there are some fantastic channels out there. These game development channels can provide an infinite resource as they are packed with all the information and advice you need to help with the development of your latest project. So, here they are:

top game development design youtube channels

Game Maker’s Toolkit:

This YouTube channel was established roughly seven years ago by a former games journalist Mark Brown. Mark has worked with the likes of EuroGamer and Wired, so this makes him someone who knows game development and knows how to create valuable content.

This channel explores and deconstructs successful games in order to help game developers understand why they work so well. Mark on his channel explores the work of a lot of different studios, with a specific focus on Nintendo games. His videos are about the technical know-how of game creation but more about perfecting gameplay and delighting users.

Brown explores the gameplay with the finest of detail, helping subscribers see how the game is providing such an immersive experience. Such gameplay deconstructions dive deep into the mechanics, provide actual gameplay footage and the commentary is educational and insightful.

Sykoo TV:

This channel hosts fantastic video tutorials about the technical side of game development, with a specific focus on development using the Unity Game Engine. This channel was started in 2014 by a developer named Sam, this channel explores everything from engine comparisons, to technical tutorials, asset reviews and other challenges that game developers might face.

Some of these videos can be technical in nature and assume some knowledge of game development but the presentation style is always accessible and friendly. Some of the Sykoo videos that have been received well are his releases showcasing the rendering capabilities of both Unreal and Unity engines.

This channel also has helpful videos on how to do speed design and create quality game content in short timeframes. This channel also contains a very helpful sub-series called “Asset Reviews”, in which reviews on different asset packs are done, so that developers know from where to get the best content for development.


This channel started in 2015 by a French artist and game developer called Noa and includes video tutorials on game design with primary focus on development with Unity. If you as a game developer are interested in Unity, BlackThornProd can be a good design complement for the more technical depth of game development.

These videos are made up of gameplay shots, screen captures and animated scenes to tell inspirational stories of how game developers can optimize their development. Video topics hosted by this channel include game AI, animation/art creation, dungeon generations, menu architecture, controller mapping and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you like to develop in Unity this channel covers virtually all elements of that engine. This channel focuses more on small scale development which makes this a perfect resource for newer teams or anyone interested in making indie games.


This channel seems criminally underrated but I think this is of the absolute best channels present on YouTube right now. Each video hosted on this channel is a tight documentary exploring the making of an iconic retro gaming title. The quality of the animation and the video composition is top-notch. 

Many game developers regularly visit this channel as the videos are made after meticulous research and include fantastic 2d and 3d art assets with professional voice narrations. The type of content available on this channel takes a lot of time to create that is why this is one of the most valued channels game developers go to in times of need. 

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