Stores Like Burlington to Find Great Apparel Deals


When it comes to the world of retail fashion, several brands have dominated the American space, whether you shop physically or online, the various brands have created a monopoly supplying amazing fashion pieces to their multitude of customers globally. Of all these, Burlington is a popular choice and today we would be exploring online stores like Burlington.

But let’s go over what makes Burlington such a successful brand first.


The Burlington brand has been around for quite some time, being established as early as 1972 and growing to have over 700 physical stores alongside a strong online presence. 

They are a haven for most Americans as it offers incredibly low prices for the goods it sells. The shop sells products at prices you never thought possible; they sell a variety of products with the product categories being quite large. 

They sell anything from shoes to clothing, to home decor and furniture, beauty products, and essentials alongside jewelry and all sorts of accessories. Burlington stores are extremely popular for their lovely discount deals and popular catchphrases.  “Expect the unexpected every time”.

The shop prides itself on its core value of offering more for less and providing customers with access to lovely collections at a cheap price. 

Best Online Stores Like Burlington

The main reason why most people consider online stores like Burlington is the urge to get access to the services Burlington offers should they not have access to a nearby Burlington store. Burlington sells so many brands and usually buys over-produced merchandise from manufacturers and sells them at lower than the normal price. 

1. T.J. Maxx

TJ Maxx

Definitely one of the best online stores, it’s usually the first alternative people have to Burlington. T.J. Maxx is, however, larger than its aforementioned cousin; Tj Maxx has more than 1,200 physical store locations. Its manner of operation is very similar to Burlington except for the fact that T.J. Maxx is more expensive and younger, being established in 1976. 

There are actually good reasons for the increase in the price of this particular store, this is because it’s more upscale and organized than Burlington. It goes beyond that with the fact that this store’s products are brighter, more exclusive, and in a sense of a higher standard.

A lot of brands are present at T.J. Maxx; popular brands, in fact, that are virtually impossible to get in any other discount store due to their exclusiveness and price. The following brands can be found at T.J. Maxx; you may be familiar with some of them:

  • Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • Dolce & Gabbana and 
  • Nine West.

2. Marshalls


This is another one of the best online stores like Burlington, the fun fact is that it’s the sister store of T.J. Maxx, as it is owned by the same parent company; TJX Companies.

What it didn’t make up for in exclusiveness, it more than compensated with reach and popularity. 

The store has been present in 42 out of the 50 states in the country as well as foreign countries like Puerto Rico and Canada since 2011.  The store has a huge reach and has over 1000 physical store locations and has risen to the position of being one of the largest off-price retailers in North America.

Like the above-mentioned cousins, Marshalls is good at providing products for every demographic from men to women to young adults and kids. They offer jewelry too at a shockingly low price. 

However, they are less organized than Burlington and Marshall, meaning that hunting for what you want is one of the fun parts of the store. They have a wide range of popular brands and labels in their collections such as:

  • American Eagle.
  • Kate Spade.
  • Forever 21.

Another great fact about the store is that it’s even cheaper than Burlington.

3. Ross

ross dress for less

Best known for its iconic motto; “Ross Dress for Less”, Ross is one of the best clothing retail stores out there and has been crowned the number 1 off-price retailer in the country despite being established as early as 1982.  However, unlike other stores on this list, Ross has a much lower number of physical stores.

The funny thing is that from the outside, looks can deceive you of what Ross actually is as it looks like just a messy store. Well considering that it’s cheaper than any other store on this list, it has to be that way to cope with the enthusiastic hunting shops.

Just like the above stores, some amazing brands can be found in Ross including:

  • Adidas.
  • Calvin Klein.
  • Perry Ellis. 

It’s actually one of the best online stores like Burlington out there.

4. Kohl’s

kohls website

Last but definitely not least on the list of the best online stores like Burlington. This particular store functions as a big department store and sells anything from clothes to kitchen appliances and what have you.

The store has two sections, the normal sale section and the clearance sale section, that offer products at a very low price. You will be shocked to see various products sold at garage sale prices and these can definitely make your shopping trip worth the struggle. No matter what your aim is, you would definitely find good deals and get rewarded for your store hunting trips. 


Basically, the essence of thrift stores and off-price stores is to provide good brands of fashion to those unable to afford the normal prices, so the stores on this list are worth considering. 

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