Mythic+ 20 Raid – Basic Tips and Tricks in World of Warcraft


Mythic+ raids are a repeat of the regular version of the dungeon with the possibility of increasing the difficulty level and value of the final reward. Each completed dungeon at an increased difficulty level opens access to the next.

Mythic+ 20 Raid

Players will have to gather a group of five people and go through the dungeon, taking into account the time limit, and when they pass again, they will have the opportunity to beat their own record and receive additional rewards.

Mythic+ 20 is a special type of difficulty where the boss and all his followers have an increased level of health, armor and increased attack. Make sure you are well-equipped – the tank should have strong armor and a lot of health, the healer should have a lot of mana, and the DPS should have a good weapon.

Luckily, even if you consistently fail the +20 mythic difficulty, you can go two ways:

They will return to the levels below that you confidently pass as a group and farm it to a significant improvement in the level of equipment for all raid participants, and these are armor and weapons of level 281 and above.

Give up the idea of ​​going through difficult raids as a group and order mythic 20 boost, where you will be taken by a group of professional players who are guaranteed to pass the raid and increase your key level. You will also receive all the drop and experience.

Preparing and starting the raid

To enter a Mythic+ raid of any level, you will need a Mythic Key – it can be obtained from bosses in dungeons, or from aspirant chests.

At least one player must have the key, and it does not have to be the leader of the group.

Do not forget to set the difficulty level and redistribute talents if necessary before entering the dungeon – nothing can be changed inside the dungeon.

You will immediately understand that you did everything right when you stumble upon an altar inside the dungeon, which you need to activate using the Mythic Key.

When the activation is completed, players will see an interface and begin a temporary report for completing the dungeon.

Your task is to invest in the time frame – do not worry if you manage to do it quite back to back. Gradually, with the accumulation of armor and weapons, you will go through the dungeon faster and faster.

In case of failure – do not be upset – get a new epochal + key and try again, the number of attempts is not limited, and the entrance requires only a new key.

Optimal group composition

A group of five people should be selected and staffed so that you are ready for any surprises.

You will need a tank to protect the group. A full-fledged healer and three DPS units with different types of attacks. Someone should quickly destroy the retinue and reinforced protection of the boss, and someone should do a lot of damage to the head of the dungeon.

For AoE damage, a mage or an archer is perfect – they do not cause strong damage to the boss, but they skillfully destroy all the guards due to strong AoE attacks – the tank will only need to take everyone on itself and gather in one place.

Tank – a tank must not only be durable and hold on to a lot of enemies, but also agile – from time to time he will have to run around gathering all the enemies on himself in order to give his comrades the opportunity to destroy all targets without titanic efforts for the healer and mana drawdown.

Consider the Death Knight – this is a new class that perfectly combines defense and attack on targets, and also has the ability to resurrect

DPS – the remaining two positions need to be selected for two tasks – damage to the boss and damage to strong and tenacious targets.

As an option, a Warrior is suitable – with the ability to inflict high damage on one target and a Warlock.

The Warlock imposes various debuffs that increase from each other, and dungeons with a lot of monsters are just perfect for the Warlock. Start debuffing the boss and then switch to guards and other monsters, even if your comrades quickly kill all the servants, the boss will already have time to feel all the advantages of combining debuffs and lose some of his health.


Choose a priest or shaman – you need a full-fledged healer who can impose a strong and gradual healing. You will need to remove debuffs from the tank and impose strong regeneration, the rest will be done by his passive abilities on defense.

Always be ready to resurrect the tank as a priority, otherwise the whole group may die.

Make sure you have a large mana pool and remember – the tank looks after the healer, and the healer looks after the tank.

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