Yoga Pillow: Uses and Types of Yoga Pillows


Yoga is an exercise that can be easily done at home with no major requirement of big machines like while gymming. it involves various body postures, breathing exercises, meditation, etc. Yoga helps in rejuvenation of both body and mind. It can also be performed with the help of a yoga pillow.

yoga pillow

Although it involves minimal use of props but there are certain props available in the market which makes your yoga journey comfortable. And there is no harm in buying these products as they will make performing your asanas easy.

Yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon. it helps in self-awareness. In order to awake your inner light, you must meditate. As meditation enhances concentration and relaxes the mind and the body. And people who do meditation regularly for them meditation pillow acts as a buddy.

As the meditation pillow provides the required support to the body and hence helps in maintaining the body postures.

Uses of Yoga Pillow  

Yoga pillows are used in a number of asanas to maintain posture. This pillow gives you support making your yoga asanas comfortable and easy to perform. May time it happens that a person has experienced an injury due to which he is unable to perform it properly, in this case using a pillow can be of great help as it provides support to the body during a particular asana and maintains body posture.

There is also a yoga cushion dedicated to meditation and is popularly known as a meditation pillow. Using a meditation pillow one sits in meditation posture for a long period of time and it helps in relieving pressure from ankles, knees, and back. A meditation pillow is not a new thing, even during ancient time’s people used to use it for performing asanas the only difference being at that time people used to use straw mats as a meditation pillow.

In modern times, these pillows are made up of soft material ensuring maximum relaxation during meditation. Nowadays these pillows are available in many different sizes and shapes and are composed of different types of materials depending on the requirement.

Generally, people use pillows to provide support to their knees and back, and the material of the pillow, its thickness, softness matters. Some people perform meditation while sitting on these cushions and the comfort of these cushions helps in continuing a long meditation session with utmost relaxation.

Types of Yoga Pillow

With the growing demand and usage of pillows, different types of yoga pillows are available in the market. And these pillows come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. You can even keep these in your living room adding to the beauty of the room.

People even go for customization of these pillows depending on their needs. These pillows are available in different shapes like rectangular, circular, V-shaped, round, etc. Each shape has a specific function like the V-shaped pillows are used by the people who want support for their legs and back portion.

A rectangular or round pillow is of great use for the people who have problems sitting on the floor for long periods of time.

Selection of a Yoga Pillow

The selection of the right type of yoga pillow is essential. As a wrong one could do worse than good. You should go for a pillow that supports your body and particularly that area where you need it the most like your back, knees, etc. It’s okay to go for some research before buying one.

In case you are unable to decide on your own, you can take the help of the yoga instructor or any other yoga expert. Things to keep in mind while purchasing a yoga pillow are comfort level, the material of the pillow, the shape of the pillow, and thickness. 

These were some of the important things to keep in mind before purchasing a yoga pillow. As a meditation pillow will be a crucial part of your meditation sessions hence inventing some time in its research is not at all a waste of time.

Yoga is a complete therapy for the mind as well as the body. Although yoga does not require any major investment but you can surely invest in certain yoga props which will make your yoga much easier and comfortable.

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