10 Stores that Compete with Pier 1 for Style and Quality


Looking to spruce up your home decor but don’t want to settle for the same old options? Look no further than these 10 stores that rival Pier 1 when it comes to style and quality. From unique pieces to timeless classics, these hidden gems offer a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget.

If Pier 1 is your go-to for bohemian-inspired furniture, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Target’s eclectic collection. With a focus on sustainability and craftsmanship, they offer an array of Boho-chic pieces that are sure to make a statement in your home.

Alternatively, if you love Pier 1’s globally-inspired decor, Bed Bath & Beyond has got you covered. Their carefully curated selection features unique items from around the world, allowing you to create a truly international aesthetic without leaving your doorstep.

So, if you’re tired of the same old options, it’s time to uncover these hidden gems that compete with Pier 1 in style and quality. Get ready to transform your home into a space that truly reflects your individuality and taste.

Here are the best ten stores like Pier 1. 

1. Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond operates 1,024 stores in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico (though they plan to close about 200 of those locations by 2022). 

If you’ve ever shopped for home decor at Pier 1, odds are good that you’ve also experienced the inside of a Bed Bath & Beyond. 

But if you haven’t, you should. 

They carry bedding, bath, kitchen, dining, storage, cleaning, baby, outdoor, and furniture products. They also have plenty of home decor items, luggage, beauty products, health and fitness gear, and more. 

2. Target


Target is a general retail store that most of us have visited at least once. 

There are 1,909 Target stores in the United States, making them a major chain retailer — and they carry a lot of the same types of products as Pier 1. 

You can shop for some limited furniture items at Target. 

You can also find: 

  • home decor items
  • groceries
  • clothing
  • shoes
  • kids’ items
  • patio and garden gear
  • electronics
  • video games
  • books
  • sports/outdoor equipment
  • beauty supplies

If you miss your local Pier 1 and want to visit a brick-and-mortar store to scratch the itch — Target is a top contender. 

3. HomeGoods


HomeGoods operates 814 subsidiary stores, and specializes in products like bedding, housewares, furniture, and lighting. 

But you can also find: 

  • garden items
  • tableware
  • wall art
  • kitchen supplies
  • accent furniture
  • storage gear
  • rugs
  • office supplies
  • bathroom essentials 
  • pet supplies

If you need to shop for stuff that you can use to make your home look beautiful, HomeGoods is a fantastic option. And good news — they have plenty of physical store locations to choose from.

4. Walmart


Walmart is such an integral part of the retail world that most people don’t even go a week without setting foot inside of one. 

You can get just about anything at Walmart. Home decor items, furniture, groceries, clothing, shoes, sporting goods, home goods, automotive gear, tools…

They have a pharmacy, and some stores even have restaurants or bank outlets.

With 4,743 stores open in the United States, Walmart is truly one of the most well-known and iconic home goods brands in the U.S. 

They may not have quite as much in-store as Pier 1 in terms of furniture, but they’re certainly a brand to consider if you’re looking for an alternative. 

5. Pottery Barn

Pottery barn

Pottery Barn carries furniture, bedding and bath items. They have rugs, windows, pillows, decor, art, mirrors, kitchen and dining items, office and storage gear, and even outdoor/garden items. 

Thematically speaking, this is one of the best alternatives to Pier 1, in the sense that they tend to carry very similar categories of items. 

Finding a Pottery Barn locally is a bit more challenging since they only have 197 locations. But even if you don’t shop in person, you can order everything they carry through their website. 


IKEA is best known for its broad selection of different types of: 

  • furniture
  • home decor items
  • kitchenware’s
  • rugs
  • dining sets
  • outdoor lighting
  • and more

With 445 stores, you can find IKEA in most major cities. You can also order online through their website.

As far as Pier 1 alternatives go, they’re one of our favorites. 

7. Hobby Lobby

hobby lobby

If you like Pier 1, odds are high that you’ve at least visited a Hobby Lobby. 

They’re most well known for having all kinds of arts and crafts stuff. But they carry a versatile range of furniture, home decor, fabric/sewing supplies, beads/jewelry, yarn/needlearts, etc.

With 900 stores, it’s pretty easy to find a Hobby Lobby in just about any major city in the U.S. 

8. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx is an undeniably popular department store. 

Besides clothing they also carry:

  • outdoor items
  • decor
  • furniture/lighting
  • bed and bath essentials, pillows
  • pet supplies 
  • and many other home decor items

There are 1,271 TJ Maxx stores, making them pretty easy to find if you live near a major US city. 

But even if you don’t have one locally, their website is a fantastic option for shopping for the stuff you want. 

They’re a solid Pier 1 alternative, without a doubt. 

9. Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture specializes in furniture of all different types. 

Just to name a few, they carry:

  • bedroom sets
  • dining sets
  • sofas
  • outdoor furniture
  • home theater furniture
  • tableware
  • T.V. stands
  • home office decor 
  • bathroom decor essentials

If you’re actually on the lookout for furniture, Ashley Furniture carries a pretty wide array of options. If you’re looking for a particular furniture item, you’ll be hard-pressed to come away disappointed. 

With 1,000 stores operating in 123 different countries worldwide, this international retailer carries some serious weight in the home goods and decor industry.

10. Nordstrom Rack


Nordstrom Rack is a store that specializes in clothing for men, women, and kids. But they also carry a range of home decor items, bags, and other fashion-oriented merchandise. 

They carry bedding, rugs, art and wall decor, kitchen items, tableware, outdoor living essentials, some assorted tech accessories, and even pet supplies. 

Plus, with 352 stores, you can be pretty sure that you’ll be able to find a store somewhere close to your location. If not, you can always order online. 


There you have it! 

The ten best stores like Pier 1. 

Of course, each one boasts a slightly different element. Yet, they all have something in common in that they do overlap areas (in terms of style and merchandise types) with Pier 1. And they all bring something a bit unique to the table. 

All that’s left is to grab your wish list and go shopping! 

You’ve got a lot of ground to cover! 

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