How to Stay Connected on Vacation: A Travel-Friendly Guide 


stay connected on vacation

Leaving your worries at your desk can be challenging when you’re on vacation. Even as you try to kick back and relax, you may find your mind buzzing with thoughts about what you’ll come home to at the end of your trip. 

Because disconnecting altogether can lead to more stress in the long run, it’s essential to maintain a healthy balance. Ironically, staying connected could potentially help put your mind at ease and ensure a more peaceful vacation overall. Here’s your guide to cutting loose without cutting ties. 

1. Invest in a virtual mailbox 

Worried about letters piling up back home or packages falling into the wrong hands? Consider investing in a virtual mailbox from providers like iPostal1. With a virtual mailbox service, a trusted provider receives mail on your behalf. You’ll receive a notification on your phone once your mail arrives, at which point your provider can send you scans of envelopes or packages, deposit checks for you, and much more.

You can kick back on the beach without biting your nails over missed snail mail using this technology. 

2. Bring your laptop, tablet, or phone 

If you’d like to access your email during your vacation, bring along any electronics that can connect to the internet. Bear in mind these electronics will need to go through airport security checks if you’re traveling by plane. 

Consider bringing along a tablet rather than a laptop for those who want to pack lightly. If you have a smartphone, that’s even better for saving on carry-on weight. Just don’t forget to close down your email app whenever it’s time to soak up the sun.

3. Let people know the best way to contact you 

Before you head out on your vacation, you may want to let your clients and coworkers know the best way to contact you. This prior notice will not only allow more accessible communication, but it can help establish boundaries as well. 

By telling people to contact you by email rather than phone calls during your vacation, you’ll have a much easier time relaxing once you put away your laptop for the day. 

4. Set up an automated reply for your email 

Sometimes, you can’t inform everyone about your upcoming vacation. You may want to set up an automated reply for your email address in these circumstances. This message can let people know that you are currently out of town, as well as what day you’ll be back in your office. If necessary, you can also add a way to contact you in an emergency. 

Setting up an automatic reply can offer peace of mind on both ends. You won’t have to remind others that you’re on vacation, and the people emailing you will know you aren’t ignoring them. 

5. Prepare for unsteady WiFi access 

WiFi can be pretty shaky when you’re traveling. This irregularity is even more true if you’re traveling by plane or if you plan to be out in the wilderness with poor reception. 

Fortunately, there are a few ways to maintain your connection in these situations. For instance, you may want to purchase internet data for your phone. This network can come in handy when you’re in areas with a poor WiFi connection. And depending on the airline and the length of your flight, you can often purchase internet access to use while you’re on the plane. 

6. Get a VPN 

If you don’t already have a VPN, also known as a virtual private network, now might be a good time to invest in one. 

Because many websites and servers are unavailable in other countries, you may have trouble accessing important information while you’re away from home. But with a VPN, you’ll be able to continue browsing just as you would in your home country. 

The price of a VPN can vary, but they generally tend to be around twelve dollars a month. These proxies can provide plenty of online security even when you’re not on vacation, so they’re an overall worthy investment

7. Switch to an international phone plan 

A standard phone plan is essentially useless once you leave the country. This disconnect can be pretty troubling if you need to call your bank or someone back home trying to get in touch with you. So before you board that plane, make sure you have an international phone plan. 

With an international phone plan, you can continue using your phone just as you usually would in your home country. Nearly every phone service offers this type of plan, so be sure to switch over well before your trip. 

8. Make sure you have international adapters 

If you’re going out of the country, make sure you bring some travel adapters for your chargers. The shape of power outlets is often different in other countries, so if you want to keep your electronics charged, you’ll need one of these adapters. 

Fortunately, travel adapters tend to be affordable. You can buy them online before your trip, and in a pinch, you can usually find them at international airports as well. 

9. Have cloud storage as a backup 

When it comes to keeping files safe, cloud storage can be a life-saver. 

Cloud storage will keep your information fully backed up if anything happens to your electronics during your trip. And if you download an app on your phone or tablet, you can access all of your files without hauling your heavy laptop around. 

Final thoughts 

Technology is the most effective way to stay in touch when you’re out of town. While going international can pose unique struggles, you can still navigate them with ease so long as you prepare in advance. 

When you stay connected during your vacation, you can help keep your mind at ease and ensure a smoother transition when you do return to work. 

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