Forgotten Necessities: Essential Items for Your RVngo Rental


Essential Items for Your RVngo Rental

A camping trip is a lot of fun, and an RV is a great way to spice things up for everyone by including common necessities and amenities on the go. Have trouble convincing your family to go camping without an actual toilet or bed?

An RV is a perfect solution, but what about if you forgot toilet paper or bed sheets? Camping may be fun, but no one wants that kind of emergency in the woods, so here are some commonly forgotten items for your RV trip.

Consistent Camping Commonalities

RV trips are so fun because they provide an anchor for activities around and outside of the vehicle. RV camping may not be quite as rough as tent camping or cabin camping, but many of the same items that are necessary for those experiences are needed here as well. Check down a list of things you need. Bug spray is possibly the biggest forgotten item for inexperienced campers, so make sure to pack plenty even if you think you don’t need it.

If you’re going for only a short period of time you may not think about rain gear especially if the forecast is clear, but for the long term (more than a week) meteorological forecasts are painfully inconsistent. Things like sunscreen, sunglasses, and hot or cold packs aren’t something you need for some types of weather, but for traveling properly these are a must.

Tech for the Road

The purpose of your vacation is to get away from it all, right? Yes, but there are still many pieces of technology you should bring. A phone is a must, an alarm clock is probably a must for late sleepers. If you want to immortalize whatever destination you’re going to a camera with better quality and battery life than a smartphone is recommended.

For emergencies, go low-tech. As part of any trip, you should leave a full itinerary of your destinations with someone who isn’t going. This is important for emergency personnel so they know where you went. Water filters, lanterns, and extra batteries are extremely important for long-term lighting and comfort. Don’t go underprepared to have fun in terms of entertainment either, so bring board games, card games, books, or video games that you can use to relax when it’s time to do so.

RV Maintenance

Just like any vehicle, RVs require consistent maintenance and care to make sure they’re ready for what you need. A fire extinguisher, sewer hose, water hose, and fluids for the engine are all fairly standard. This is especially important for RV rental Baltimore and other areas that are hilly or marshy. A flat plain is easily less intimidating for cruising along but starts changing elevation and humidity and it becomes an issue of how much maintenance rather than if you need it.

Other vehicle emergency supplies are good to have. These include jumper cables, an emergency kit, and a plethora of cords, adapters, and tools for changing tires. Speaking of which, you should probably prepare a spare tire or set of spares in case the hills you vacation in end up exacting their revenge on your rented RV.

If you plan on bringing any dogs (you should, they love road trips) you should plan to let them out, have food and bowls for them, as well as any medication they need. Be warned, most dogs love to be with you, and this is especially relevant when it’s midnight and a thunderstorm begins. Your bed is their bed, or at least it could be if something scary happens in the middle of the night.

In general, you should plan to refuel and recharge occasionally. We’re lucky nowadays that most highways have a plethora of services, but don’t take those for granted. The backwoods of Virginia are less likely to have gas stations and McDonald’s than you think. In general, any comfort you want to bring with you should be prepared to set up and work yourself. An RV is a tool, not a replacement for proper camping.

Travel to the Best, Prepare for the Worst

There are a surprising number of places in the United States alone that are completely devoid of phone connectivity and other modern amenities. Most emergencies happen fast, so a first aid child is essential for any RV. For a thorough first aid kit checklist, follow instructions to make sure you’re prepared.

That being said, don’t obsess. In most cases, you won’t need the kit, and if you do chances are you will be within cell range so you can call for someone who can help. Have the kit and let adults and older kids know where it is, but the focus should be on fun. Enjoy yourself, and even the heftiest price tag will be well worth the trouble.

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