Staying Safe in the Digital Age: Here’s Why You Should be Using a VPN


Cybercrime is at an all-time high in today’s world. And even though many everyday users don’t have to worry about being the victim of high-profile cyber-attacks, even the slightest glitch on any of your devices can send your entire network into the junk pile. 

Why You Should be Using a VPN

We rely on our digital world more and more each passing year. And with remote work, zoom meetings, and many businesses relying on online tools such as cloud technology, the need to keep our personal information safe is more critical now than in recent years. 

Typically when you’re browsing online, you’re likely using a secured home or office network, or an open network. However, neither of these options offer a range of security like a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If you’re looking for a safer and more secure online experience, whether for work or play, the following will detail a few benefits of using a VPN.

1. A VPN Hides Your Private Information 

Many Internet users aren’t aware, but just about every website and app constantly tracks your online activity in order to analyze your data to further promote their services and sell you products. 

For example, even by navigating through apps on your streaming device, as long as you have an Internet connection, this browsing data is being stored. But with a VPN, you can prevent others from accessing your connection. 

The fact is that there are a variety of VPNs, and some of these actually offer 256-bit data encryption, which is considered as “base military grade.” With this type of encryption, you’ll no longer see those ominous ads pop up right after you’ve browsed a specific website looking for a product. 

2. You’ll Be Able to Access Blocked Services 

In some regions of the country, and especially when traveling abroad, services will sometimes be interrupted, unavailable, or banned altogether. But with a VPN, you can change your IP address to make it look like you’re browsing from another region where access to a particular site is allowed. 

However, you should always adhere to rules that other countries have in place as there are penalties for circumventing rules in place regarding access to specific content. 

Additionally, with a VPN you’ll be able to browse without worrying over anyone knowing your location if your network is being tracked by websites or apps for app development and  geographic marketing purposes. 

3. Accessing Regional Sports Coverage 

Let’s say you’re a New Orleans Saints fan, and you’d like to watch them (win or lose) no matter where you’re at. The only problem here is that if you’re visiting family in the Pacific Northwest, your team might not be covered by any station within the region.

Unless your team is playing in the playoffs, or on Monday Night Football, you might not be able to access your game if you’re out of the geographic area. But with a VPN, you can access the game if it’s on a station such as FOX or CBS using your regional IP address.

4. Protection from Leeching

As mentioned, with the high risk of cyber-attacks in today’s modern digital age, we have to protect ourselves from even the most benign forms of attacks, and this includes leeching off of nearby WiFI.

Throughout many neighborhoods across the country, there are thousands of WiFi connections. And believe it or not, but not all of these connections are secured even with a password. 

With a VPN, you don’t have to worry about your neighbors stealing your WiFi signal and using your IP address to access the Internet. And this is a critical protection to consider because if your neighbors access illegal content of any kind, you could be held liable.

With so many people online today, our own privacy has become increasingly important. And each time you go online, you’re exposing yourself to a variety of threats. With a VPN, you’re providing yourself with a layer of protection all users need in today’s digitally driven world. 

DISCLAIMER: Ewuta doesn’t encourage illegal copyright infringement and torrenting. However, we are aware that, for some people, file-sharing is the only way they can get access to the files they need – be them for entertainment, school, or work purposes.

The 4 Disadvantages of VPN Services

Almost every good thing out there has some disadvantages. There really aren’t that many disadvantages of VPN services that wouldn’t make this type of service a good option. 

We have decided to mention below so that the option of going for a secured VPN will be left for you to choose.

1. VPNs Can Sometimes Slow Down Your Online Speeds

2. Using the Wrong VPN Can Put Your Privacy in Danger

3. Quality VPNs Will Cost you Money

4. Not All Devices Natively Support VPNs

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