7 Software Business Trends to Watch in 2022


In the coming year, we can expect a lot of exciting software development trends. If you are a software engineer, you can expect many opportunities to create software. 

If you study the software engineering trends, you’ll be on the right track to create high-demand software. You can create your software and sell it to a company to license.

If you are a business owner, make sure you familiarize yourself with these software trends. You’ll see what consumers are looking to use in 2022. You can find the best software engineers who can create your software products.

1. Blockchain

While blockchain has a variety of uses, it’s main use is for cryptocurrencies. As Bitcoin shot up to over $23K in the final quarter of 2020, it’s safe to say that consumers will have a greater demand for blockchain applications.

You want to focus on creating software that works on the blockchain. One great idea is to create alternative software for existing software. For example, there are already blockchain-based office suites. These are an alternative to cloud-based office applications such as Google Suite or Dropbox Paper.

You can also find a way to create a blockchain system for future cryptocurrency. It’s likely that 2022 will introduce us to even more digital currencies. If you can create a blockchain system for new digital currencies, you’ll provide a much-needed service.

2. SaaS

We’ll also see a lot more Software As A Service (Saas) options in the coming year. Most consumers don’t want to spend money on a software application, only to pay high upgrading fees.

SaaS ensures a set monthly or yearly subscription fee. As the software upgrades, the price won’t increase. If the pay rate does increase, it’s a minor increase. 

These programs can be accessed through a desktop application or through a cloud service. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the type of SaaS software to create. You can create SaaS for office applications, accounting applications, marketing applications, creative applications, and much more!

The best approach is to start 2022 by researching the most popular types of software. Use these software programs to help you determine what SaaS software you can create.

3. Automation

It should come as no surprise that automation is one of the biggest software trends for 2022. Consumers are going to be on the lookout for software that can automate their tasks.

You want to research what tasks take the most time. These should have software that automates their processes. For example, does the average consumer spend hours shopping for groceries online? If so, you may wish to consider an automation process that remembers a customer’s usual order. 

The software program can automatically create a shopping cart each week. The consumer will only have to confirm an order before it’s placed.

You should also look into web browser extensions that automate tasks. For example, you can consider an extension that provides the predictive text. This extension would work for many different tasks from writing emails to creating online documents.

4. Privacy and Security

It’s hard to meet anyone who doesn’t depend on their computer and internet in their daily lives. We are now accustomed to sharing our personal information through software and on the internet.

With this increased usage, we are all vulnerable targets of malicious hackers. Software engineers have to consider creating applications that will protect the privacy and security of consumers.

We also know that internet access through mobile devices is on the rise. As such, a software engineer should focus on mobile security. There are already services such as Prey Project that track stolen computers and mobile devices. These services can remotely backup data and delete it. 

As we now have many internet accounts, we’ll also see an increased demand for password managers. These are applications where you can save your login credentials for internet accounts. These get encrypted within the software, making it difficult for hackers to access.

There are also password managers that can track data breaches. These will inform users if their data has been compromised or sold to third-parties.

We can expect to see more demand for such software in 2022. Think about what you can create to make the user experience safer.

5. Online Storage

As physical storage becomes rarer, there’ll be greater demand for storing data online. One can expect more demand for existing cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. One can also expect more use of file transfer services such as WeTransfer and Hightail.

You want to consider creating software that can combine the best traits from all these services. You want an online storage solution that works for individuals and businesses.

These storage services should also make it easy for sharing files. They should also make it easy for teams to collaborate on documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.

6. Communication Software

The major lockdowns of 2020 forced millions of people across the globe to work from home. While many will retransition to working on-site, there are many workers who will prefer working remotely.

2020 showed us the great boon that Zoom, Slack, and other communication software have given us. These software programs have made it easier for remote workers to communicate with each other.

These software programs have also been great for socializing. The lockdowns have made people across the world feel lonely. Luckily, these software programs have allowed us to communicate with our friends and family. 

Software engineers should think about how they can improve upon such software applications.

7. Virtual Events

Finally, we will see a new market for virtual events. More events will be held online through communication applications.

There are already services such as Hopin and Run The World that allows virtual concerts, trivia matches, and “watch parties,” through their applications. Software engineers in 2022 must find a way to make virtual events easier to run.

Whether you’re a software engineer or entrepreneur, you want to look into a software business broker to buy or sell the next big software program!

Follow These Software Engineering Trends

Now that you know the seven software engineering trends to look out for, you’ll be prepared for 2022.

Without a doubt, it’ll be an exciting year with many opportunities for creating and investing in software. Research these trends further and introduce the world to the next big thing in software!

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