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There is always a time you may want to decorate your home, maybe for an upcoming event or celebration of anything like birthdays. This is when you will start looking for home decor and craft stores to get something good for your home.

Hobby Lobby is one of those crafts stores where you can find almost anything concerning arts & crafts supplies and home decoration items. You can get what you are looking for at a very good price.

10 Hobby Lobby Alternatives

However, there are others who would prefer shopping at stores similar to Hobby Lobby for various reasons, and we have found the following stores particularly delightful. We bring to you a list of Hobby Lobby alternatives, in no particular order.

1. Michaels

This store is definitely similar to Hobby Lobby in many ways, which is why it tops our list of stores like Hobby Lobby. Whether you are putting together an art project or redecorating your bedroom, Michael’s has what you need

Their prices are usually very budget friendly, and you can always find coupon codes online for additional savings. You can also find great deals in their dollar bins and they also have seasonal decor collections for affordable prices!

2. JoAnn

Next on our list of stores like Hobby Lobby is JoAnn. The products available at this store are not limited to crafts, but also include baking essentials, fabrics, home décor, and a lot more.

However, they offer online classes in addition to unique, creative tips on their blog. If you’d prefer shopping online, they also ship products in the U.S. and Canada.

3. Ross Stores

ross dress for less

Ross is another giant arts and craft chain store. Among a million other things, they sell yarn, artist supplies, floral supplies, jewelry-making supplies, bakeware, scrapbooking supplies and random $1 packs of blank notecards I can’t stop buying. 

They’re nationwide and even have some stores throughout the United States. Ross also offers online purchases and has coupons you should be using.

4. Texas Art Supply

Texas Art Supply is the best place for fine art supplies and craft supplies that you can’t find anywhere else. Their supplies are fresh and never old and dusty. 

They even have housewares that you would reserve for a trip to Lowe’s like lighting and chandeliers and are the best place to shop for things like candy buffets – which I wouldn’t even begin to know where to find anywhere else!

5. CreateForLess

Create For Less has a pretty similar style to Hobby Lobby. You can find lots of seasonal items, holiday decor, housewares, and lots of wedding supplies too. 

CreateForLess is the ideal choice for those looking to buy supplies in fairly large quantities. Teachers, designers, and professionals, this online store is for you! Create For Less operates online and offers a wide range of arts and crafts supplies at discounted rates.

6. Plaid Online

This is another great store like hobby lobby where you can find DIY art & craft supplies, creative products, education and inspiration. They sell fabric, yarn and beads, as well as sewing, jewelry-making and baking supplies. 

You can purchase online, and they always have coupons you can use on your phone or print to help you save a few bucks. I can also say with random confidence that they throw awesome children’s birthday parties.

7. Artist Craftsman

This is another crafts store that is like Hobby Lobby that offers a wide variety of arts and crafts supplies. However, this company runs online and they have physical stores around the United States. 

Artists & Craftsman Supply is one of the few companies that delivers its products all over the world, and hence, is a favorite among international customers. Plus, it has a discount right in its name, so you can’t go wrong with the prices!

8. FactoryDirectCraft

FDC is a successful family-owned company that offers a lot more than just crafts supplies, but also home décor, decoration material for holidays and festivals, and wedding supplies. They are considered to be among the world’s best manufacturers of creative material, especially of items that can be used in unique DIY projects. 

Though FactoryDirectCraft does not have its own stores, it does have a large online store that offers a massive choice of creative items, in addition to making its products available through several retails’ stores all over the United States.

9. Blick

Blick Art Materials is a family-owned retail and catalog art supply business. The products available at Blick are not limited to crafts, but also include painting, art paper, art boards, illustration and drawing supplies.

Established in 1911, FDC has today expanded to a successful company that delivers countless delightful products practically all over the world. Yep, that’s right! Check out their website for more information.

10. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx

With stores located all over America and an online store that features a large collection of fashion clothes, home decor and craft supplies. TJ Maxx is one of the most popular alternatives to Hobby Lobby.

Along with a wide range of items to fulfill your art needs, they offer a good number of discounts and irresistible online deals that will definitely make your day. Don’t forget to check out their awesome blog!

Other Stores Like Hobby Lobby

  1. Nordstrom Rack
  2. Marshalls
  3. Kohl’s
  4. Big Lots
  5. Pier 1
  6. Burlington Coat Factory

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