How to Increase Your Sleep Quality This Fall


increase your sleep quality

Fall is the time to celebrate the beginning and end of things. It’s a cyclical time that inspires people to pay attention to nature and one’s surroundings. Witnessing the rising and setting of the sun is a big part of our biology.

Our circadian rhythms let us know when it’s time to wake up and when it’s time to sleep. Unfortunately, sometimes our rhythms can get out of sorts. Thankfully, there are ways to get our circadian rhythms back on track and increase our sleep this season. Here’s how. 

1. Reset Your Body Clock

Get on a routine that is most effective for your schedule. You should be getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night. Some people need up to twelve hours of sleep. It might take trial and error to determine how much sleep you need but start with at least eight hours. 

Make a plan to wake up every morning at the same time and go to bed using Layla sleep products every evening at the same time as well.

By practicing this routine consistently will teach your body what to expect, making it easier to fall asleep each night, and to wake up each morning. 

2. Limit Blue Light Exposure

In the evening, limit your blue light exposure. Try distancing yourself from your smartphone at night so you can help your mind and body wind down for sleep. Blue light tells your brain that it’s still time to be alert, disrupting your natural sleep cycle. As a result, you may have difficulty falling asleep, even if you feel tired. You can also try putting your phone on night mode to reduce blue light exposure. 

3. Exercise Early In The Day

Exercising early in the day helps keep your circadian rhythm in check and allows you to burn up more energy throughout the day so that you are genuinely tired by the time you need to go to sleep. If you work out too late into the evening, you might experience a “second wind” effect and have difficulty falling asleep. Stick to your morning workouts so you can get the sleep you need

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4. Drink Herbal Tea

Make the Fall a special time for fixing your sleeping patterns. Sip on some herbal tea before bed as a seasonal ritual that helps you wind down for sleep. You might also write a quick gratitude list or journal your thoughts to help clear your head before bedtime. Take this time to practice self-care so you can self-soothe and wind down for sleep effectively. 

5. Limit Your Caffeine Consumption

You may have difficulty sleeping if you drink coffee or caffeinated beverages too late into the day. Caffeine takes a while to leave the body. Limit your caffeine to early afternoon at the latest to give your body enough time to process the caffeine and still have enough time to help you wind down for sleep. 

Avoid energy drinks and other beverages with tons of caffeine, as these will only make it more challenging to fall asleep. High amounts of caffeine will only take longer to leave your system. If you limit caffeine to one eight-ounce cup of coffee, you’re on a better course for successful sleep. Ideally, you want to help your body wind down as early as possible by reducing your caffeine intake.  

The Bottom Line

Get your sleep back on track this Fall by implementing the ideas above. Remember to prioritize listening to your internal body clocks and limit your blue light exposure for the best outcomes. With enough consistency, you can improve your sleep this Fall and all year long.

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