How to Download Videos Directly from the Internet

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The internet has become the modern television today. There are many channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram providing engaging content to all of us. From educational content to entertainment, you can find anything and everything online these days.

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The only problem that remains unsolved is the downloading of videos directly from the internet. In today’s context, we are going to talk about the best ways or the tools that can help you download videos from the internet for free. 

Video downloader by SmallSEOTools

The video downloader tool by SmallSeoTools is a gift that you can get from the internet in 2020. This is a free video downloader that can help you save videos from any website on the internet.

The downloading procedure of this online tool is relatively easy, and you have to use the links to save as many videos in a single day. There are no limitations in this video downloader, and this is why it is loved all across the globe. Download videos here from the social media sites with this free downloader tool.

Video download helper

If you have a work that requires regular downloading of content, then this would make an excellent tool for you. Regular downloading is quite fun with this video downloader.

This program shines uniquely, whenever it detects a video on a webpage or a website it would merely highlight the toolbar and a new menu would popup which would allow you to save video content on just one-click basis.

This video downloader is known to be the best working partner with Chrome and Opera. 

4k video Grabber

The 4k video grabber or video downloader program is the next one in our resource. As the name suggests, if you want to save content in the highest quality and formats, then you can hook up with this program.

The usage of this program is relatively easy; one has to input the link or URL of the video, which is required to download by the tool. You have to add the link to the video and press the save/download button.

Users can also subscribe to YouTube channels with this program and can also save the latest content or their playlists in one go.

Freemake Video Downloader

This is yet another simple download manager program that one should know about. The working of this tool is also relatively easy, and you have to add the link of the content in the tool to get access to it.

This program is designed for windows operating systems, and you cannot use it on your smartphones. This is the only con of this tool. You can save content in all qualities with this program; you would be surprised to know that this grabber tool can also help you in saving 4k content.


This tool has a direct linkage with YouTube. You can save all kinds of content from YouTube using this program. This is one of the most flexible tools available online. It has a wide era of features like rate limit, automatic renaming of files, processing of playlists, downloading the subtitles.

It also has some command-line features that would be very helpful if the user understands them. This tool provides 24/7 support to its users, so if you have any trouble, you can get in touch.


This is another website video downloader that one should have in his pocket. The tool provides a shortcut feature which makes the downloading of content free and fast.

It can also help you save content from the exact page on which it is being watched or is streaming. The downloading method is unique and relatively simple; one has to add ‘ss’ before the link address of the video to save it.

Fastest Tube

This is a very efficient video downloader program available online. If you need to save music videos for your emergency trip ahead quickly, then this tool is perfect for you. This online video downloader can save content from different websites, but one should know that it has a devised extension for YouTube.

This extension automatically appears when you open YouTube on your device. You can also save live content with this program.

Keep Vid

This is yet another video downloader tool that can help you save both educational and entertainment content on your device. It has direct access to sites like Lynda, ABC and NBC.

This online video downloader allows you to save content in more than one format. Not only this, but you can also tamper with the quality and format of the video in your desired one with this program. 

All of these free tools can help you save content directly from the internet.

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