Best 12 Sites Like Ebookee to Download eBooks for Free


Ebookee is a website that is popularly known for sharing PDFs, that is eBooks. The material is mainly related to programming languages in the kind of tutorials, and other enormous subjects including health, finance, and lots more.

But, utilizing a singular site frequently may not supply that much selection, So if you are not satisfied with Ebookee, this article will list some sites that are similar to ebookee.

ebookee website

Well, With a website like Ebookee, You can now have your own library! A lot of websites give you access to thousands of free e-books that you can download and read in your spare time just like Ebookie.

Is eBookee Safe?

eBookee is no longer safe because most of the books on the website are viruses. If you insist on downloading books from this website, I recommend you install a good antivirus software. Alternatively, you can try asking your classmates if they have a digital copy of books you can’t afford or use the library.

Another way is to look for ebookee alternative sites. Here we have compiled for you a list of top websites like eBookee that offer free EBooks.

So no more searching for books here and there, no more going to libraries to buy them and no more spending money and of course no more feeling guilty about not reading them! Let’s roll.

Top 12 Similar Sites Like Ebookee

  • Is eBookee Safe?
  • 1. BookBoon
  • 2. DigiLibraries
  • 3. Free-Ebooks
  • 4. FeedBooks
  • 5. Overdrive
  • 6. ManyBooks
  • 7. Internet Archive
  • 8. Google Ebookstore
  • 9. CrazyBooks
  • 10. PDFBooksWorld
  • 11. Free-eBooks.UK
  • 12. Sharing ebook

1. BookBoon

BookBoon, being among the biggest publishers of E-books on earth, claims to have more than 75 million downloads of the textbooks and company E-books each year.

They operate with business and Academics specialists to produce high quality textbooks and company E-books. All their textbooks for pupils are entirely free to download and are composed solely for Bookboon by college professors.

They’re capable of supplying quality content since they consider in low-cost schooling for pupils, which they reach by company branding advertisements. Furthermore, if you’re interested in finding high-quality small business e-books, you can sign up for them using a little subscription fee.

2. DigiLibraries

DigiLibraries is among free eBooks collection sites like Ebookee which is growing day by day. They offer a vast range of titles in digital format, intending to provide quality, fast and required services for downloading and reading.

Books can be simply browsed or searched by title, author and subject. The eBooks can be downloaded to read anywhere and on any device as they offer PDF, ePUB and Mobi formats for downloading, with a limit of downloading 50 eBooks a day.

3. Free-Ebooks

Free-Ebooks permits you to read tens of thousands of Ebooks whenever and wherever you prefer. The free membership lets you download and read 5 free Ebooks monthly.

Though you can just download TXT or PDF format. The ePUB and Mobi formats have been earmarked for a paid membership. It is possible to discover genres such as fiction, non-fiction, love, sci-fi, self love, business and a lot more. There’s also an choice to search by publication name or author.

4. FeedBooks

Being another cool website for book lovers, FeedBooks offers a free online Ebook library where you can get great Ebooks to read on any device. They have a huge library of both fictional and non-fictional books.

These books are immensely compatible with Smartphones, PDAs, Blackberry, iPhone and e-paper devices. They also offer a self-publishing option which lets you publish and share your own content with others.

FeedBooks implements a special feature of turning any RSS Feed into a PDF file that can be downloaded in different formats.

5. Overdrive

OverDrive is a free service to enjoy eBooks and audiobooks offered by your local public library or school. You can borrow ebooks and audiobooks anytime and on any device. All you need is a valid library card or student ID.

You get slightly different content as each library or school picks the digital content they want for their users. Other than OverDrive you can use their Libby app, Sara or Overdrive app to get access to free Ebooks or audiobooks.

6. ManyBooks

ManyBooks was established in 2004 and has 50,000+ free eBooks. Their vision is to provide a comprehensive library of books in digital format for free.

The books are mostly classic literature. Self-publishing authors can introduce their work to ManyBook’s community. New books are uploaded daily to the constantly expanding library of ManyBooks.

You can read a book online or download it in PDF, ePUB, Mobi, and similar other formats. You can subscribe to their newsletter to get updated details about new free and discounted eBooks. In their articles section, you also get to read about new books and book reviews.

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7. Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit library and Open Library by Internet Archive is filled with millions of free books. Their goal is to provide all material ever published to be available to the world.

For a book on Open Library, you have the option to read, download, or borrow. They share EBooks free in a format called DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System). The same can be read by anyone on many different devices.

You also have the option to add a book to their library and contribute towards their cause.

8. Google Ebookstore

It is always on our minds when we are searching for anything under the sun so how can we not mention Google Ebookstore! Google Ebookstore, a.k.a Google Play Books is simple and easily accessible to anyone with a Google Account. There are plenty of free books on Google Play Books.

You can search for your desired e-book or browse through the huge list of free e-books offered on the Google Play Books store. Add the book to My Books to read it online or on your mobile device. Google Play Store also lets you upload your ebook as a PDF or ePUB file to read it online.

9. CrazyBooks

CrazyBooks is an online repository where you can either follow the book links to purchase them on Amazon or download them for free using a free user account. Like the other options in this list, you can send feedback directly to the managers of the site, explore books by categories, and search for books by title and author.

CrazyBooks seems like a relatively new project given that all its tags so far are art, fantasy, biography, religion, science, and history. Nevertheless, it has a user interface that is easy to use and the books you are looking for might just be on it.

10. PDFBooksWorld

PDFBooksWorld library is a quality resource for free PDF books. These books are a digitized version of books that attained the public domain status. The mission is to transform the most popular books of legendary authors to today’s reading platform.

They publish pdf books on several subjects for readers of all ages including Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic and Children’s writings. They have created Books with separate editions optimized for devices with different screen sizes like PCs, Tablets, and Mobiles. You require membership registration to download pdf books from their library.

11. Free-eBooks.UK is another reliable platform for downloading free ebooks and audiobooks and it currently holds over 100 of them.

The books are categorized into fiction, non-fiction, textbooks, fiction audiobooks, non-fiction audiobooks, textbooks, and children’s books and they are available in ePUB, Kindle, TXT and PDF formats.

One cool feature about is the option for users to preview the titles they’re interested in before going on to download them.

12. Sharing ebook

Sharing ebook is an online repository of over 200 books that you can legally download in PDF format for free and without any registration required.

This is convenient because PDF files are readable by almost all document readers and ebook applications.

The listed categories include philosophy, novels, travel, psychology, art, business, politics, business, language learning, free comics, self-help, and biography.

For ebooks that fall into unlisted categories, you can just search for them manually. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to be informed about newly added books.

The listing above is a set of those websites which are typical concerning attributes together with the eBookee. For this reason, you may log on to one of the websites or more, to learn more about the books of your choice and necessity. Happy reading, and happy studying!

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