Best 10 Freelance Sites Like Upwork to Earn Money Online


I know you might have been making money online from this platform or you are no longer satisfied with it and you want to look for other freelance websites to post your online jobs and start making cool cash.

If you are new, and you want to start your freelancing career and you were referred to Upwork but you don’t like it or the platform and the user interface is hard for you to understand that you started looking for alternatives.

sites like upwork

Upwork, It is one of the best platforms for anyone looking for a freelance job or a remote employee. It is widely used by millions of freelancers in a multitude of fields.

This post will be focusing on the top 10 websites that are very similar to Upwork. These sites provide the same services with other extra features that you can benefit a lot from.

1. Fiverr

Almost every freelancer in the world knows about Fiverr. If you are a freelancer and you have not heard about this website, it means you don’t know what you are doing.

Fiverr boasts to be the world largest online marketplace for freelancers who are seeking for jobs and those who want their jobs to be done by someone..

They started by offering $5 service and things later changed. Now you can find any kind of service you want that suits your budget, including folks who will design a t-shirt, prank call someone, beatbox your name, and lots more.

2. Freelancer

This is a fast growing platform that provides the same services that are similar to Upwork. For employers and small businesses, who are getting started on their freelancing career. This website is a good option for them to start with.

Freelancer is quick and easy. You post a project to get started, filling out project details, skills you want applicants to have, pricing options, and project files for applicants to pursue.

Once you submit your job, freelancers will bid on your project. You can review their portfolios, history of work, qualifications, and other details.

I have used this platform before, I used the Freelancer mobile app that’s why I am suggesting you should give it a try.

3. Flexjobs

If you would like to prevent scams, then the vetting of tasks until they get published makes FlexJobs a fantastic platform for freelancers.It is mostly about distant roles, but freelancer opportunities pop around.

You’ve got to pay for access to this curated collection of distant, home made, freelance and elastic roles however you will find a number of subscription options.

When you register and create your profile, then you can search the job listings to your work and use it for jobs that satisfy your criteria. FlexJobs provides skills evaluations, email alerts, and expert tips and tools that will help you be successful.

4. Freeup

This isn’t a job board, but it may be used too by freelancers that are searching for work. It vets the salespeople who use to work together, searching for the best 1 percent of freelancers.

Freeup manages payment for salespeople and charges the customer a 15 percent commission in addition to the freelancer’s hourly fee.

Though this stage saves you the effort of bidding for work, you’ll have to succeed through the vetting procedure and interviews so as to acquire work.

5. Guru

With this site you can locate and employ talented freelancers that will assist you finish many different unique projects. Look for services being supplied by freelancers that fit your requirements.

You select a freelancer by assessing their profile, including reviews, recommendations, and testimonials in addition to a portfolio that is applicable.

One of those cool features that it provides is the ability for the company owner to control the job without departing due to the built-in project manager program.

6. Outsourcely

Outsourcely was born from the constraints and costs of utilizing platforms such as Odesk, Elance, and Freelancer for several years. The principal frustrations the creators of Outsourcely desired to resolve were the problem of finding reliable freelancers, higher payment processing charges, and not having the ability to hire straight.

Outsourcely does provide the capability to make a free job place to have a flavor of this platform. They also offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you believe it’s not a fantastic fit.

7. PeoplePerHour

With this stage, you’ve got three options to begin: Read Hourlies, fixed cost providers prepared to begin immediately, post work and let people see you, or even search profiles and contact Managers right.

As with other marketplaces, PeoplePerHour allows you to select Managers based on standing. You can read reviews of previous work and employ somebody who fits in your budget.

Hourlies, which can be PeoplePerHour’s trademark detection procedure, permits you to locate a service at a fixed cost so that you don’t need to pay or be amazed by the finished price.

8. 99Designs

This is only one of the best platforms in regards to design function. If you would like to work together with the best designers online, then this is where to go.

The best thing about this particular platform is that it lets you conduct a design competition where most of the designers on the stage may submit a layout and you are able to benefit the one you enjoy the most.

9. YouTeam

YouTeam is a market for hiring full-time distant developers from top outsourcing services in Eastern Europe and Latin America, famous for using high quality local gifts that could provide much lower prices than individuals in the United states or UK.

10. FreelanceWritingGigs

If you are a writer, editor, blogger, publisher or any combination of those that wants to make some extra cash online by writing for customers, You have to check out this freelancing platform and see what you can do with it.

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