6 Reasons Why Your Crush or Love Interest Might Have Rejected You


reasons your crush or love rejected you

Getting rejected by your crush is one of the saddest emotions you will ever feel. The worst part is that you’ll not always get closure about why they rejected you. In most cases, you can’t even ask the reason directly.

So, here are a few reasons that might have led your crush to reject you. We hope this article helps you find some closure. 

#1 They’re Not Interested

Sometimes, the rejection you face has nothing to do with you. It’s just that your crush isn’t interested in dating or marriage. It could also be that they don’t mind dating but aren’t interested in committing to a long-term relationship. 

The lack of interest can spawn from different reasons. However, you shouldn’t draw up those reasons in your mind. At the same time, asking the person why they might not want a romantic relationship or casual fling is also unnecessary. 

Unless you two have become very close over the time you’ve known each other, don’t try to ask them the reasons. You have to be understanding of the situation and respect their boundaries.

#2 They Don’t Think You Will Be Compatible 

Compatibility is always important in romantic relationships. Your love interest will almost immediately reject you if they think you are not compatible with them.

It could be that they used a zodiac compatibility calculator to check how compatible you two are. Zodiac signs reveal a lot of things about people. In this case, your signs might have failed to agree with each other.

It could also be that they don’t expect you to live up to your words. That’s more likely to happen when you promise or make them anticipate more than you can deliver. Whatever be the case, once they conclude that the two of you aren’t compatible, there’s no fixing it. 

#3 They Have Someone Else in Their Life

You have a crush on someone. Similarly, they might have a crush on someone else. It’s also possible that they are already seeing someone, and you’re unaware of it. 

This is one case where your crush shouldn’t hesitate to let you know. Of course, they might try to hide it if they want to keep things confidential. 

#4 You Went In Too Early

Asking someone to date you or be in a relationship with you requires precise planning. You need to find the perfect time and place for that. While you can always experiment with the place, you can’t do that when it comes to timing.

Romance doesn’t kick in just because you two have been dating for a couple of weeks. So, to ask them to be in a serious relationship right after that is a big mistake. Even asking someone out for a date requires the perfect timing. Talk for a few months at least before asking them out. 

Proposing someone for marriage is an entirely different ballgame. Some will say “yes” despite dating for only a few months. In contrast, some will say no even though they have been dating for years. In such situations, you have to be the judge of your relationship. 

Know that there’s no easy way to figure out when is the perfect time to go in. You just have to rely on your gut feeling.

#5 They Don’t Trust You

Trust is something you have to earn. In case you can’t earn it from your partner, they will reject your approach. 

People don’t want to commit to someone they can’t trust. It might not be your fault, but your love interest won’t see it that way. That’s why you must stay extra careful when it comes to matters of trust and respect. Look back at the time you two have spent together and see if you can figure out where exactly you fell short.

#6 Relationships Traumatize Them

Trauma affects all types of relationships. It also instills fear into people when they think about their relationships with others.

One of the reasons your crush rejected you could be that relationships traumatize them. According to mental health professionals, post-traumatic relationship stress can come from experiences like mental, physical, or sexual abuse. It can also come from a fear of generic intimacy or affection. 

People who have been through these things find it difficult to trust other people. So, they keep themselves away from relationships to protect themselves and their sanity.

After you’re at peace with yourself, you should try and move on. The longer you linger on those thoughts of rejection, the worse it will feel.

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