5 Amazing Tips for Healthy Hair


Have you ever spent hefty amounts on a hair product to make your hair look like the models in their ads, and have seen no results? Well, to your dismay, no amount of money spent on a simple shampoo can make your hair look like that. 

The models’ healthy hair owes their existence to years spent on hair treatments, high-quality wigs, and remarkable editing. The only thing that might show such miraculous results would be cosmetic treatments, which not a lot can afford. But what everyone can afford are simple tips for healthy hair. Such tips can help you achieve a better and healthier version of your own hair. 

 Genetics play the main role in hair health, with diet, pollution, weather, and overall haircare not very far behind. To maintain your crowning glory, it is vital to have a proper hair care approach. 

Going to a spa and spending bills on your hair might seem like the only option but simple hair care tips can do wonders too. I very much like your skin, your hair love, and affection to grow healthily. There are general tips that can help you maintain good hair health but nothing can beat professional advice from a dermatologist

Tips for Healthy Hair

1. Protect your hair

Much like your skin, your hair needs protection too. Not protecting your hair can add to the already existing woes. Excessive exposure to sun, pollutants, winds, and rain can damage your hair for the worse. 

This can cause dirt build-up and drying out of the hair and scalp. Long exposure to such factors can make your hair more susceptible to scalp infections. Covering your hair with a hat, scarf or umbrella should be a winter and summer essential.

2. Avoid the heat

Exposing your hair to excessive heat from hair styling products can make your hair susceptible to damage. Excessive heating can strip your hair off of moisture, making it fizzy and dry. Overheating can also cause your hair to burn. 

So, it is wise to avoid the regular use of heating tools like hairdryers and straighteners. Moreover, it is essential to use heat protecting gels and sprays before applying heat to your hair.

Extremely hot showers can damage your hair too. Long and hot showers can dry out your scalp resulting in frizzy and brittle hair. It is always wise to use moderate temperature water to wash your hair. 

3. Eat for your hair

Hair is made up of protein so it is important to stick to a healthy protein-rich diet for healthy hair. Crash diets and other abnormal eating habits can damage the hair. Eating a well-balanced diet with rich amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals is essential to healthy hair. Adding zinc-rich sources can also help you in maintaining good hair health. 

Zinc deficiency can cause hair shedding and loss. Similarly, omega 3 rich foods can improve your hair quality by stimulating your hair follicles and sebaceous glands. The bottom line is that a healthy and well-balanced diet is the key to healthy and luscious hair.

4. Choose your products wisely

 To start a good haircare routine, it is important to know your hair type. People with different hair types require different hair care products. So, to invest wisely, you need to determine your hair type first. 

The market offers a plethora of products ranging from dirt cheap to very expensive. It is hard to not fall prey to tempting claims all such products make. But all such products might not be for you. 

You need to be wise and do some research before choosing a hair product. Moreover, shampoo is not the only essential product to maintain hair health. Using efficient conditioners, serums, and hair masks might help you in maintaining good hair health.

5. Stop washing your hair daily

Washing your hair daily with harsh shampoos can deteriorate your hair health. Excessive washing can lead to dry, damaged, and brittle hair. There is no thumb rule for how often you should wash your hair. 

It depends on your hair type and exposure to pollutants. People with oily hair might need more washing a week than people with dry hair. You need to check up on the amount of oil, dirt, sweat, and build up before deciding on washing your hair.

Therefore, if you notice any serious issue in your scalp or hair, or want to show some affection to this essential part of your body, you should consult a dermatologist on marham.pk

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