Best 5 Tips for Braided Wigs, Types and History


In this massive fashion industry, new styles, new trends, and new fashions come and go every day. No style is permanent here. With time every trend gets replaced by some new trends.

History, Types, and Tips For Braided Wigs

However, there are some exceptions too! There are a few fashions that came years ago and are still in trend and hopefully will last for years. One such fashion trend is the Braid hairstyle!

Here, we will discuss and understand A to Z of braid hairstyle. From its glorious history, cultural appropriation, braids types, types of braided wigs, and the tips to buy right braided wigs. Let the drum roll begin!

What Is Braid Hairstyle?

In simple terms, Braids are a form of hairstyle formed by interweaving two or more strands of hair.

Take note that braiding is not only used for the hairstyle, but it has been used for many other purposes too. Braiding has been used in different cultures to style human and animal hair for centuries across the world.

Besides hairstyles, braiding is also used in making ropes, decorative objects, fiber artworks, and to prepare horses’ manes and tails.

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Fascinating History of Braids

The history of braids can be traced back to 3500 BC.

From the classic cornrows & simple three-strand braids to French braid and Box braid, these classic styles remain an indication of a person’s community, wealth, power, age, marital status, societal status, and belief.

It’s not exaggerated to say the braiding has successfully managed to rule the hairstyle trends and is here to stay for many more years.

Below are the top 5 braid hairstyles based on its popularity.

1) Cornrows Braid

One of the culture’s most popular hairstyles is cornrow braids.

Cornrow braid can be defined as the style of hair braiding, in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp. These raised braids are formed using the underhand technique. Because they’re braided so close to the scalp, your skin might often be exposed.

2) Fishtail Crown Braid

A fishtail braid can be defined as a hairstyle that involves interlacing the strands of hair to create an appealing look. However, you can fishtail braid, just ponytail only. Basically, it’s among short braided wigs styles.

The French fishtail braid is the most common and popular style that starts at the head’s crown.

3) Rope Twist Braid

The rope twist braid is a classic style that is created by twisting your hair in one direction and then wrapping the two sections together in the opposite direction.

The rope twist braid is easy and can be done in comparatively less time. This is also known as short braided wigs.

4) Box Braid

Box braids are a type of hair braiding that was adopted by Africans and African-Americans for centuries. Box braid is a hairstyle where three-strand braids are divided into square-shaped hair divisions. It is a great protective style when you need a break from your natural hair.

5) Braided Bun Hairstyle

A braided bun hairstyle is great for people with long hair. The style highlights the braid and gives it a perfect look. The goal is to form a bun on top, with twists of locks. The braided bun style is easy and quick to shape.

What Are Braided Wigs?

Braided wigs are wigs that are designed based on braided hairstyles. There are a number of braided hairstyles available in the market.

Braided wigs or human hair extension can last for years if you take good care of it. However, buying that perfect braided wig is not that easy task. You need to follow certain rules to get that perfect wig.

What to Look Out for When Buying the Right Braided Wigs

There are fundamentally 5 factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a perfect braided wig. Those are hairstyle, length, material, color, and capsize. We will understand each of these factors in detail.

1) The Hairstyle

First and foremost, you should think about the hairstyle you are going to wear. As there are a number of braided hairstyles and braided wigs available, choosing the right hairstyle is necessary.

If this is your first attempt with braided wigs, try out an easy-going look like rope twist. However, if you are familiar with the braided hairstyle and the wigs patterns, you can choose anything from Box braided wigs to braided bun wigs.

Above all, choose braided wigs that suit your personality and are comfortable.

2) The Wig Length

Once you are done with the hairstyle, think about the length of braided wigs. These wigs are generally available in three lengths – short, medium, and long. In other words, there are short braided wigs, long length wigs, and medium length wigs.

You should prefer short wigs if you live in a humid area or not a big fan of hairstyles. Go with medium length wigs in case you prefer comfort and a stylish look. If your hairstyle game is so strong or you are a pro in carrying every hairstyle, choose the long length wigs.

3) The Wig Material

Remember, you have to wear braided wigs for hours. Therefore, wig material must be a part of your concern too.

High-quality braided wigs not only look perfect, just like natural hair, but are also comfortable. Besides, a quality braided wig will give you an ideal look while it does not harm your scalp or skin.

Therefore, you must take care of the wig quality besides its size and style.

4) The Wig Color

Braided wigs are available in many colors ranging from brown, black braided wig, blonde, golden blonde, burgundy, chestnut brown, and off-black, to name a few.

Choose the wig color that matches your outfit. Black and brown braided wigs will match most of the costumes while for blonde or burgundy wigs, you need to be a little careful.

5) The Capsize

Aside from wig style, color, and length, wigs capsize are also a necessary factor to consider. A perfect capsize is necessary for a classy look. A loose or a tight capsize not only diminishes the look but also gives you discomfort. More than 90% of people have the average wig size- 54cm-57cm. However, it is recommended that you Measure the wig capsize before you buy the braided wigs.


As said earlier, braided wigs are here to stay for a long time. Looking at its glorious past, we are confident about its promising future too. Moreover, buying perfect braided wigs is not an easy task. However, if you follow the above-mentioned tips, we assure you that you will definitely find a couple of great wigs.

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