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Carpets play a very important role in our house and premises as they prevent us from various dirt, dust, bacteria, germs, and allergens, etc. and also improve and enhance the overall appearance of the house or office premises. That’s why it becomes necessary to clean the carpets properly to maintain and improve the carpets. Doing carpet cleaning on your own involves a lot of time and effort plus tools and convenience.

Remove Carpet Stains

Stains and dirt etc. on carpets are not easy to remove that’s why hiring the professional services of experts is the best choice. Professionals like our company Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney choose the best cleaning methods and products for carpets and help to maintain the carpet and remove all the stains from the carpets properly. Moreover, they provide their service assistance at affordable rates too. 

Professional experts like Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney use the following procedures to remove different types of stains from the carpet.

Determining the content of stain or dark spot on carpet:

As one hires the professional expert services they will first visit your house to inspect the stain and the carpet. The procedure determining the contents of a stain or spot includes the following ways which are the following:

  1. Analysis of the location of the stain on the carpet 
  2. Analysis of the appearance of the stain or dark spot on the carpet
  3. Testing the stain or dark spot for a pH level as it will easily help the experts in classifying the substance of stains
  4. Using a small or pocket-size microscope to determine whether the stained material is in the carpet fabric or if it is on the carpet fabric.
  5. The main reason for doing so that the stain inside the carpet fabric is more difficult to remove than a stain above or outside the carpet fabric.
  6. Try to identify the odor of the spot or stain. It can be done easily by simply wetting the stained area of the carpet and after that blotting this stain area with a white dry cloth or tissue and then detecting the odor of the stain.

Determining the type of cleaning solution or chemical needed to remove the stain or dark spot from the carpet.

After this the professionals like experts of Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney have identified the stain or the type of carpet fabric etc. next they will determine the type of chemical or cleaning solution that is needed to remove the stain or dark spot from the carpet. They will do this like as following:

  1. If a stain or dark spot on the carpet is petroleum-based like an oil stain, grease stain, paint stain, ink stain, etc. then experts will prefer gel-based cleaning solutions.
  2. If the stain or dark spot on the carpet has a specific pH level or it is a water-soluble stain on the carpet then experts will prefer a proper water-based cleaning solution. 
  1. If the stain on the carpet is protein-based stain like vomiting stain or bloodstain, etc. then our experts will use protein observing or protein digester cleaning solution to remove these stains.
  1. If the stain on the carpet is synthetic stain like man-made stain such as candy or chocolate stain, red dyes stain, and another food stain, then experts will prefer reducing agent cleaning solution to remove these stains.
  1. If the stains on the carpet are natural or organic stains like tea or coffee stain, mud or dirt stain, etc. then professionals will prefer an oxidizing agent-based cleaning solution or spray.

Different methods of carpet cleaning and stain removing:

According to the above analysis, our professional experts will finalize the best suitable cleaning solution to remove the stain, and then they will adopt the different methods to clean the stain from the carpets. Some of the different methods which our experts can adopt are as follows explained.

  1. Steam cleaning method: Under the steam cleaning method or hot water extraction cleaning method our experts will inject warm water and cleaning solutions directly into the carpet under the high temperature may be at 100 degrees Celsius or above. It is the best technique for removing those stains which are stuck deep inside the carpet and normally are difficult to remove and clean. Our experts use specialized heavy steam cleaning machines and tools for this process.
  2. Dry cleaning method: Dry cleaning is an effective carpet cleaning and stain removal method. Under this method first, our experts will pre-vacuum the carpet to remove all the excess stain moisture and residuals or dirt from the carpet. Then the carpet cleaning solution either in powder or spray forms is sprinkled or sprayed on the carpet’s stained area with the help of a rotating brush machine. After that they let the solution sit on the carpet for a few minutes and then vacuum off the carpet.
  3. Carpet shampooing method: This method is most popular to remove deep and heavy stains from the carpet. Under this method, the cleaning experts will first, simply apply the carpet cleaning or stain removal solution on the stained area. Then they will rub it or scrub the carpet stained areas with a brush. After a few minutes, they will normally wash off and vacuum the carpet.
  4. Encapsulation method: Under this method, synthetic detergent or synthetic chemical type cleaning solution is used as a base form. Under this method, the selected synthetic-based suction is spread on the stained area of the carpet and then it is scrubbed with the help of a brushing machine or tool. Then after this, they leave the solution to sit on the stained area, and then it is wet vacuumed by the experts.

Thus, it is how a stain or dark spot is removed by expert professionals. Major Carpet Cleaners Sydney’s experts also follow this procedure to remove the stain from the carpet in the best possible manner. Our experts ensure that they will select the best tools and techniques plus the best chemical and non-chemical products to remove all the different types of stains from the carpets. 

They take proper care of the carpet fabric and do not spread any damage to the carpets. Along with all these our experts also provide the best carpet cleaning services in Sydney along with other effective services with 24×7 hours service assistance. For more detail, we can contact our staff and specialists at any time according to their needs.

Namish Thakur is a Carpet Cleaning Expert and Writer at Major carpet Cleaners at Sydney. He endeavors to carry on with a sound way of life consistently all around, including being excessively worried about his home and carpet’s cleanliness.

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