Growth of Fashion Over the Past Few Years


Fashion is one thing which is never stagnant. It keeps on changing from time to time. We all can agree to the fact that the fashion trend keeps on upgrading itself from time to time. New fashion trends enter the time and people start following them.

growth of fashion

On the other hand, there are some fashion trends that repeat themselves. Fashion trends keep on changing but there are a few fashion trends which are always kept alive by repeating them after every few intervals of time. Some trends are just too precious for people to leave. 

Fashion trends became important for people from back in the 1950s which gave the old-fashioned and cool look that later revived into the 2000s style which was completely changed and somehow updated. Fashion kept on changing itself and became better and more elegant.

Fashion isn’t only for women, but now is followed properly by men too. Fashion is how you dress and how you dress is your identity. You can now avail the the life of us jacket to get discounts on the most fashionable, trendy and updated clothes and fashion accessories. 

Here is a quick flashback on the trends and fashion styles that were popular back in their times.

The 1950s

The 1950s were an important phase for the fashion industry. It gave us the best trends that still sometimes repeat itself. When you think of the theme retro, you think back at the 50s and their trends. Two of the most important and fashionable things that were trendy at that time included hats and cigarette cases.

You might even see this in the 50s movies when women used to either cut their hair short or tie their hair with a small hat on top of their elite clothing. Men also wore felt hats back in the day as their everyday accessory. It gave a specific look that was trendy back in the day. Cigarette cases were another thing that was trendy in the 50s.

Majority people smoked back then when there wasn’t much awareness but they admitted that such cigarette cases looked cool. These two things are now the symbol of the 50s and the fashion adapted by people at that time. 

The 1970s 

Let’s jump to the 70s and the amazing trend that this decade brought. When we hear about the 70s there are two most important things; bell bottoms and floral print tops and clothes. The 70s was a decade full of progress and economical updates for the world.

The bell bottoms were associated with the ‘free love’ movement back in the 70s. It was one of the most fashionable trends for women and the best part about bell bottoms is that you can still see this trend coming back and people wearing bell bottoms all around the world.

Checkered and floral prints was another fashion that was established in the 70s. They created amazing prints for women and men to wear that represented differently as per the occasions.  

The 1990s

The 1990s was the decade which brought a lot of changes in the world including in the fashion industry. This decade consisted of many movements including grunge, the rave scene, hip-hop awareness and a lot more. These movements changed the perspective of people and how they dress.

Media played an important role in this decade. When we hear something regarding the fashion in the 1990s, there are two things that pop into our minds, the grunge and long shorts. The grunge movement brought a massive change in the fashion trend. The grunge actually became the fashion trend.

It included outfits with ripped jeans and untucked flannel paired with boots. The long bottoms was another fashion that entered in the 1990s. It was specifically for men where they experimented different lengths for shorts. The NBA and Michael Jackson were two identities who wore this style and played a part for it to make it a trend. 

The 2000s

The 2000s was the decade that made many changes in the fashion industry. It was the decade when the usage of mobile phones, internet and other electrical devices took a hit. This decade gave origin to many shows like the American Idol which created many new trends and styles for the public.

Many people took their inspiration from these reality shows and other media stars. The Y2K was one of the main trends that the 2000s gave us. It included baggy cargo pants, and the bell bottom trend (back from 1980s). It also brought back tracksuits for both men and women along with skinny jeans as well.

The 2000s was also famous and known for the street-wear trend that it established. It included brand tees with accessories for boys with jeans. This trend is still alive and keeps on repeating itself from time to time. 

The 2010s

As we talked earlier, fashion keeps on repeating itself. Fashion in today’s era is the one which is redefining the fashion from the 1960s and 1970s. Printed tees, floral prints, bell bottoms and hip-hop wear is back in trend. There are many other and new fashion trends as well which includes denim, cardigans and other footwear like stilettos. 

The fashion in the 2010s is an indication of how the fashion has changed itself over the years and the establishment of new fashion trends in the world. Fashion in todays’ era is mostly repeating the trends from back in the days with a few amendments and enhancements. 

Fashion will never be stagnant and it won’t stop. It will keep on changing and upgrading itself however it will surely repeat some of the most love and adored trends of the past. 

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