7 Best Cabin Vacation Destinations for Families to Visit


Vacations are ideal for the entire family to step away from the daily grind and indulge in rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. If your family members are charmed by nature or seek the thrill of adventure, a cabin getaway may be the best fit for your trip. Cabins and chalets have a way of soaking in all your worries by bringing you the coziest living experience outside the home.

Cabin Vacations for Families to visit

Sure, living in skyscraper hotels amidst the busy city life sounds fancy, but does it allow you to reconnect with your love of the outdoors and replenish amidst the soulfully rejuvenating beauty of nature? Doubtful. Travelling is all about having the best time of your life and reconnecting with what is essential. Cabin getaways are one of the best ways to do so.

Living amidst the fresh cool breezes and the sounds of nature, you can indulge your senses and enjoy the thrill of outdoor activities. It allows you to rejuvenate your mind and soul and enjoy a quiet yet stimulating holiday with your loved ones. Many cabins are designed to suit the varied needs of vacationers, from rustic one-room cabins with basic amenities to luxurious cabins featuring private swimming pools and jacuzzies.

It all depends upon what kind of vacation experience you are looking for and what kind of facilities you can do without. To help you with your decision, we have listed some of the best places where you can book a fun-filled cabin experience for your family.

1. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

The city of Pigeon Forge offers a variety of cabins and chalets for your ultimate cabin vacation experience. Staying at one of the cabins in Pigeon Forge brings you closer to one of the most popular vacation places: the Great Smoky Mountains. Located between North Carolina and Tennessee, the mountains serve as one of the best tourist spots.

From hiking to fishing to simply taking in the beauty of nature, you can do it all and more by visiting the Smoky Mountains. Aside from being minutes away from some of the best vacation destinations in Tennessee, the cabins themselves provide one of the best experiences, stunning views, and great enjoyment with endless recreational activities.

In a luxury family cabin, you can take a dip in the swimming pool, watch a movie in the theater room, or play games and lounge around all day. With all that Pigeon Forge cabins offer, you will never have an uneventful day during your vacation.

2. Estes Park, Colorado

Staying at the Estes Park cabins is a perfect choice if you plan to visit the Rocky Mountains National Park on your vacation. Estes Park serves as the east entrance to the National Park, where you can hike and play snow sports to your heart’s desire. The cabins offer an astounding view of nature and are the perfect place to escape your daily worries and enjoy your vacation.

Staying at Estes Park, you will experience tranquility as never before. With the soothing sounds of wildlife, the majestic views, and the various activities, this place will surely keep you contented.

3. Lone Mountain Ranch, Montana

The Lone Mountain Ranch offers a romantic, cozy, and adventurous stay like none other. If you have ever dreamed of getting the ultimate western experience, the Ranch will make it come true. The various activities at the Ranch make it a perfect place for adventure and nature lovers.

Whether it is winters or summers, the Ranch makes it possible to explore and enjoy the outdoors to your heart’s content. Horseback riding, fly fishing, and skiing on the mountain trails, you can do it all while staying here. The cabins at Lone Mountain Ranch will sweep you off your feet with their aesthetic and comfortable lodgings.

4. Ruby Hill, New York

Life in New York can be busy and exhausting, and everyone deserves a cabin retreat every once in a while. Cozy and romantic must be the tagline for the Ruby Hill Cabins, for they have a way of providing you with one of the most serene cabin experiences. The Ruby Hill Cabins is located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains and offers one of the most majestic views of nature, including that of Lake Algonquin.

You can lounge on the patio and breathe in the fresh air or enjoy outdoor activities if you have an adventurous streak. Staying at these cabin rentals will have you living the best time of your life as the comfortable, fully equipped, and cozy-like-home rooms will fulfill your vacation dreams.

5. Lake Tahoe, California

The largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe, is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which straddle the border of California and Nevada. Visiting Lake Tahoe will bring some of the most exciting outdoor excursion opportunities for the visiting families all year long. You can indulge in hiking and water sports in the summer and enjoy snow sports in the winter.

At last, after all the excitement of the day, you can cozy up inside the Lake Tahoe cabins and feel the serenity of the place. The cabins and house rentals offer the perfect blend of modern and classic, surrounded by the best lake views, which will give your family a beautiful getaway.

6. Mountain Rainier, Washington

A cabin getaway vacation in the Mountain Rainier would surely leave your family blissfully contented. The area around the cabins has some of the most picturesque views. With beautiful sunrises and sunsets against a backdrop of breathtaking mountains and volcanoes, you may have to keep your cameras ready for this one.

Staying at the cabins in the Mountain Rainier region means you are minutes away from all the exciting outdoor activities in the Mount Rainier National Park and Mount Rainier Railroad. A cabin vacation in the Mountain Rainier region will provide your family with the perfect opportunity to replenish and soak in the thrill of nature before going back to city life.

7. Lake Michigan, Michigan

Located on the southwestern coast of Michigan, Lake Michigan serves as one of the most serene vacation places. Staying in the cabins near Lake Michigan makes it easier for vacationers to enjoy the beauty and activities of the lake for days on end. The outdoor activities at the lake include hiking, boating, and fishing. And for winters, vacationers can also try out skiing and snowshoeing. At the very least, you can sit along the shore and soak up the sun with all its glory.


Cabin holidays are perfect for you if you wish to escape the busy city life and spend some peaceful quality time with your family. Vacationing in a cabin will give you ample time to bond with your family as you explore the great outdoors or sit down together to play a game or two inside the cabin. Moreover, it will also allow you to relax your mind, body, and soul amid the beauty and serenity of nature.

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