Reasons to Reasons to Invest in Dubai Real Estate in 2023 Estate in 2023

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It might be sporadic and surprising to have someone tell you this in the middle of the pandemic. However, it’s true. There are a ton of reasons that real estate investment in 2020 will definitely pay off. Smart investors are already going for the latest developments in Dubai real estate sector.. Here are a couple of reasons as to why that is:

Dubai Real Estate

It’s Opening:

Firstly, the announcement for the formal opening of the city to tourists on 7th July should be considered. Not only is it great for businesses, but it’s also a great opportunity for property owners to make the most of the situation. Visitors and tourists are going to be flying in from all around the world.

The events set for July 7th and onwards are more than attractive and interesting for all kinds of people. Top brands and companies are pooling in to throw massive sales throughout the markets. This is an event that is already gaining a lot of popularity online. Since the flights are operational in the UAE, people are busy getting their visas.  

You can be sure that finding tenants will be the least of your worries. Moreover, all sizes and shapes of residential properties will be in demand once the population starts flooding in.

Real Estate Options are Limitless:

With various residential communities to choose from, Dubai offers investors numerous golden opportunities to make the most of their investments. It all depends on the budget you have planned. You can find the best options for any and all price ranges throughout Dubai.

Most people negate the idea of investing in the UAE and especially Dubai because of the leasehold problem. However, to cater to that exact same problem, developers made sure to work on projects across freehold zones. This makes it very easy for expats to invest in the city without worrying about their ownership.

Whether it’s villas, townhouses, apartments, condominiums, flats or even vacant plots you’re looking to buy, Dubai has it all. The difference in rates, however, can be due to many reasons pertaining to the locality, proximity, accessibility, etc.

High Rental Yield:

It’s a well-known fact that the city of gold is also a city known for appreciating the value of land. Rental yields are some of the highest in Dubai. In comparison to capital appreciation, rental income matures immediately and therefore, is of more significance.

To highlight the figures, one would have to look at the reports of 2019 showing the rental incomes to be 7% on average. That means the full value of any property amounting to a million AED will be returned in 12.5 years even if the rental income stays the same. It’s crucial to note that rental rates experience appreciation each year as well. However, taking into account all sorts of scenarios, 12.5 years is the least possible time.

The Developments:

If you’ve ever been to Dubai, you’ll know that the city amazes all those who walk through it. Not only is it one of the smartest and eco-friendly cities in the world, but it’s also the fastest-growing. Dubai appeals to all populations from all across the world. The businesses and global outreach that the Middle East promises connects you with the whole planet.

Projects helmed by top developers like Emaar, Dubai Properties, DAMAC fascinate all those who visit them. If you take a look at the projects along with their locality, amenities and the quality of life they offer, you might move-in yourself.

Advantages of Investing Off-Plan Properties:

Additionally, recent developments in the city; primarily the Signature Livings by the Green Group, Imperial Avenue by Sharpoorji Pallonji and more offer off-plan investment plans. Buying off-plan properties has unbelievable benefits and advantages. However, you have to take the risk with the developer as well.

Off-plan properties offer payment plans that give you the option of completing the transaction by paying installments. Of course, since you’re investing with the developer during the course of the project, it’ll take time to complete. However, developers don’t start off-plan investments until the picture is clear. Therefore, you can consider the whole project and its potential in the locality before you invest.

The best part is, there are tons of projects available in the real estate inventory of Dubai. There’s a good chance anyone can find a good project offering properties for sale in Dubai

Sarah Marvis