What are the Differences between Average Value & Mean Value


To realize the dissimilarity of Average to Mean, one should be familiar with what separates one from the other. In mathematics, Average and mean are used interchangeably (depend on the solution propagation). If we take Statistics, instead of the term “average”, the term “mean” is used wisely.  So the definitions for both of the terms are defined as:

What are the differences between Average Value & Mean Value

Average Value

In mathematics or other calculation dependent fields, the average value refers to the arithmetic mean. In which the sum of whole numbers is divided by how many numbers are being averaged.  

Furthermore, Average can modestly be defined as a total or a rate that normally falls under the focus of the data. We can say, the average is thoroughly close to mean but also has its key differences from mean as well.

If one can sympathize with the arithmetic mean and range value, it can be incredibly supportive in comprehension and puzzle out math topics.

Average is the value that should represent Sample

As the average value is the aggregation of the total number having the ratio with a count of the numbers in the given set. Let us consider a simple data in the form of a set, to find out its average value:

  • Given set: 4,3,2,5,1
  • Average = Sum of all values/ total count of values
  • Average = (4+3+2+5+1)/5 = 3
  • Random use of Average Values_

How many of us have heard the word average for so many reasons in daily circumstances? In classrooms, golf clubs, or in hospitals or labs. 

At times, to generalize the figures we get an average value so that the calculation becomes simple and explicit. Do you have a proper idea of the average height of players in your base-ball ground? Or average age? You can of course calculate by retaining the phrase “it’s not a big deal”! 

For example

You’ve scored 25 marks out of 30 marks test and your friends got 20 and 15 marks respectively. If the value of their average marks is required, we simply sum up the numbers of all students and then divide it by the total number of students. 

Average Marks = (25+20+15)/ 3 = 20

In this way, the 20 are considered as average marks and you’ve got more than average. So, the average is somewhere similar to mean and could be redefined as,

It is the mean in the usual sense of the term, without coefficients, the adjective “arithmetic” distinguishing it from other less common mathematical means.

Mean Value

In mathematical terms, mean is used to represent the average of the sample by adding the smallest and the largest value from the given data set divided by 2.

Mean = (Smallest value + Largest value) / 2

Let us consider a set consisting of  (1, 2, 4, 3, 5), its mean can be derived as follows:

The smallest value is 1 and the largest is 5, therefore mean = 1+5/2 = 3

Now, you can estimate the Average and mean value for the same set data is the same, which is 3.

Basic Distinctness in Average & Mean Value characteristics_

The mean is one of the first statistical indicators for a series of numbers. The line which distinguishes average and mean terms is not prominent to observe. However, the following phrases gradually calculate their basic differences.

  • Average plainly is the summation of all figures divided by the total number of values, while the mean is on the other hand additional the minor to a mega value within a set divided by 2.
  • Average can be studied for any discontinuous numbers where its supposed uniform is dealing out. Mean is applied for statistical approaches and other distributions such as binomial, Poisson, geometric, and so on.
  • The average is used in general English conversational sentences, and Mean is for technical to mathematical expressions. 
  • Average is featured and capable to provide median and mode while mean does not have this property.

Thus, these are a few of the central variabilities connecting average and mean. Helping us to resolve misconceptions for huge mathematical and other data representational distributions. 

Sometimes we find it difficult to spell the most obvious word correctly. Similarly, the manual calculations of math can be difficult to do at times. There are online calculators like average calculator and mean calculator to solve your query or equations quickly without spending a lot of time. Online calculators provide advanced and modern ways to solve equations and learn various different concepts easily and quickly. 

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