Best 10 Ways To Look Classy On A Budget


Do you want to look classy, but think you can’t because you cannot afford it? You do not need to spend a lot on your clothes and makeup to look stylish.

How to Look  Classy and Expensive

Being gorgeous is not about how much bucks you can spend on it. It’s all about regular grooming, wearing the right outfits, accessories, and your favourite lip colour from the best lipstick brand.

Here are 10 awesome tricks that will help you look fabulous even on a tight budget:

Ways To Look Classy On A Budget

1. Mix & Match

We don’t like to repeat our clothes too frequently. But it is obvious that we can’t wear new clothes daily, right! Here, mix & match can be a perfect solution; you repeat your clothes without making it too obvious.

Like, wear the same kurta with different salwar and jeans, or wear the same jeans with different tops. 

You can make your look different in your favourite top with a beautiful stole. Have a close look at your wardrobe; you will get a lot of options to mix and match a make most use of your cloths.  

2. Prefer Black

Black is neutral and it goes with everything. Since it is a solid colour it coordinated with other colour and patterns.

Black remains a staple for any wardrobe regardless of what are the latest trends. Make sure you have a black t-shirt and pant at least. 

3. Makeup Smartly

We don’t mean to wear a lot of makeup. But applying eyeliner and nude lip colours will add a glamorous touch to your look. You can wear a lip colour that has a coloured tint, like red or pink.

It is not vital to go for a manicure, just make sure your nails are kept trimmed and painted.

4. Do Layering

Layering your outfit can instantly enhance your overall look; denim jacket, a casual blazer, or a plain simple shrug can do wonder.

Get some normal shrugs and jackets that can go with everything. You can wear a sleeveless top without getting waxed or a slightly formal outfit with a jacket to look stylish.

5. Style Your Hair

Never spend a lot of time on an elaborate hairstyle. But make sure to style your hair so that you look clean and put together. Brushing your hair and making a crisp ponytail can give you a classy look.

Also, on weekends; spend a few hours in front of the mirror and try different hairstyles. Now, decide white hairstyle suits on your face best and then follow the same style every day in your office or collage.

6. Avoid Over-exposing Your Body

Whatever the occasion or timing is, showing a little skin is okay. But make sure to balance your exposed skin by covering up other areas.

Like, if you are going to wear shorts, then do not wear a top or dress showing your cleavage.

7. Carry Some Classic Jewellery

Fancy jewellery can add an amazing look to any outfit. Whether your outfit is basic, like black pants and a white top or a very heavy saree, adding a nice necklace, earrings or bracelet can instantly make your look gorgeous.

Get a few pairs of earrings and necklaces that can be tempted with maximum outfits in our wardrobe.

8. Wear Sunglasses

It looks so weird when your outfits are perfects but you are caught with the sun in your eyes. Here sunglasses work great.

If you cannot buy a very expensive sunglasses, go to fashion stores that sell affordable versions of luxury brand sunglasses.

Additional benefits of sunglasses are that they let you look around without letting other people know.

9. Coordinate Your Shoes and Bag

When you want to have a stylish look, coordinate your shoes and bag with your outfit perfectly. Suppose, you are going to wear black shoes then carry a black bag.

When it comes to brown shoes, combine them with a brown bag in the same colour tone. If you want to try something new, wear black shoes with a nude or a solid colour bag, like pink. 

10. Get Time for Salon

Take some time out of your busy routine to keep yourself well-maintained. No need to spend huge money on expensive manicures or pedicures, but go for waxing and threading. When you keep yourself well-groomed, you feel more confident.

Regular salon time will not only help you look well-groomed but you always be ready for a party where you can wear a variety of clothes.

Final Words

So these 10 ways to look classy on a budget, hope you find them interesting and informative. Besides, always look through different stores before buying so that you can get the best price and get a firm understanding of your options.

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