Why Learning the English Language is the Key to your Future


Being multilingual puts you in an advantageous position. There are 6,500 languages spoken in the world, and English is the third most spoken. English is spoken in 118 countries, is the language of science, aviation, computer, diplomacy, and tourism. In other words, English is the language of trade, the language of international communication, the media, and the internet. 

learning the English language

It is estimated that if we include people who speak English as their second language, there are more than one billion English language speakers worldwide. Besides, 67 countries have English as their official language. 

Due to its widespread use as a second language, so many countries help connect the entire globe. Therefore, it can help anybody in their personal and professional life. Thus, the benefits of learning English are immense and vast. 

1. Career opportunities 

With the learning of English, a vast new world of career opportunities opens up. In today’s global job market, companies need employees who can correspond and communicate with clients all over the globe; English-speaking employees are in demand all over the world. The beginning stages of learning the language may be challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a smooth learning experience. 

You can also enroll in an English degree program that’s preferably online. This will help you learn at your own pace, without rushing into things. Various educational and language institutions offer an English degree online to help candidates understand the language through a series of tests and real-world situations, making the entire experience fun and informational.  

Moreover, it’s well-known that English language speakers have more career openings and are offered better salaries and benefits than non-speakers. In other words, it significantly increases your job potential. The highest demand for English speakers is in travel, hospitality, transportation, and distribution. 

2. Boost your confidence

If you suffer from low confidence like many people out there, learning English can significantly help you improve it. Learning a new language can enhance your confidence massively. Especially in today’s world, where confidence is an essential aspect of a successful person, learning a new language is crucial to boost your confidence. 

After all, employers pay less attention to your resume and instead look for confident, brilliant, and bilingual people. More importantly, confidence gives you the ability to trust yourself and keep moving forward. This makes it easy to avail of opportunities, no matter what and where they are in the world. You can easily reach your full potential with a boost in confidence through learning English. 

3. English language for travel and entertainment

Since English is spoken as a first language in more than 53 countries and as a second language in more than 118 countries, it makes it the world’s lingua franca. It means that wherever you may be traveling, you are bound to come across someone speaking English with whom you can interact. 

You would also find airport announcements, train timetables, street signs, restaurant menus, and emergency announcements in English. So, it will be much easier to navigate, making your traveling experience twice as enjoyable as a person who cannot communicate in English. 

The English language also gives you access to a vast world of entertainment like books, movies, cinema and TV, and the internet. Speaking English enables you to enjoy all these entertainment avenues without relying on translations or subtitles, giving you a better cultural understanding. 

Watching English movies and television programs is also a fun way of learning the language. But, more importantly, books and the internet are the keys to a successful future. With the help of English, you can read countless books and gather information through the internet. 

4. Bilingualism and the brain

Recent studies have shown that learning a second language has a profound effect on the working of the human brain. Learning a second language, or for that matter, learning English, enhances a person’s cognitive abilities and improves concentration abilities. 

This is mainly due to the task of switching between languages. Learning a new language is not an easy task, and it involves a lot of mental exercises. In addition, learning a new language changes the structure, impacting the part of the brain responsible for memory and conscious thought, which can make you more creative. 

In the long run, bilingualism can keep the brain strong and healthy into old age. It also improves personality and increases the sense of self-worth. Overall, learning a foreign language or English makes the brain strong, and cognition is greatly enhanced.


Learning a new language has become an essential skill in today’s modern world. It often shows how talented and brilliant you are, alongside opening countless more opportunities to avail. Especially if you’re looking forward to learning English as your new language, it’s a great decision. The reasons mentioned above show how it can help you build your future.

Tony Brian

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