Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?


If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. It is an essential commodity that everyone needs irrespective of location, occupation, race, and culture. Everybody needs it! 

As good as water is for man, it could have some problems like a bad smell. Sometimes you may notice a nasty odor that you will begin to wonder, “why does my water smell like rotten eggs when the tap is running?” This usually poses a major problem, but it is not as overwhelming as you expect. 

Similarly, solving this issue may not be as expensive as you think considering inviting the plumber over to examine your water system and all that. You can also repair it all by yourself. Thus, this article will guide you on what to do whenever you notice such an odor. Let’s carefully understand why the odor is as awful as it is.

What Causes Bad Smell in Water?

Naturally, water should not smell, but when it does, you have to check properly. One major cause of this problem is the infiltration of hydrogen sulfides. Of course, you must have observed that spoilt eggs have the smell of sulfide, specifically, hydrogen sulfide. This is known to many people; thus, it is easier to identify it in our water. 

Higher concentrations of hydrogen sulfide gas may be very toxic to our health. It is also inflammable. Even small quantities of this gas can make a large pool smell so bad that you think rotten eggs were buried in it. In some other cases, when you don’t use your water heater for a long while, that odor could surface. 

However, no matter how awful the smell may be, it doesn’t pose a health risk. The only disadvantage we can point easily to is that it causes a waste of your supply of water. Of course, you can’t use a supply that’s been infected with this gas, can you? 

How to Eliminate the Rotten Egg Smell

Follow the steps below to eliminate that awful rotten egg smell from your water.

1. Figure Out the Root Cause

You can’t successfully solve a problem when you don’t know what the problem is. So, you need to discover the source of this issue in your home. To effectively do this, let both temperatures of the water run in your supply system and observe them as they run. Now, take note of the following:

  • If you observe the odor coming out of the hot water faucet alone, then the issue may be from the heater.
  • If the issue occurs with the hot and cold faucets, then the problem may be with your underground water or the plumbing services.
  • Carefully examine the flow of the rotten smell to see whether it is flowing from just a part of your house or from all of your supply systems. If the odor is from secluded areas of your home, then it could be only your drainage system and pipes that are faulty. You can also learn how to check the condition of your drainage system.

2. Act Quickly

Having discovered the source of the issue, it is best you take action now to nip it in the bud and ensure the safety of what you are consuming. Here are some actions to take:

– Free Up Your Pipes

You can turn on your faucets and let them run for over 10 minutes, and then put them off. When this is done, your pipes should be cleaned off and the smell eliminated.

– Free Up the Water Heater

Sometimes you notice the smell coming from the heater. In that case, flush it clean. After this is done, plug a hose into the drainage spigot of your heater while the liquid from your supply is still running. Let the other end out into an open field for an easy flow of your drains. 

Wait a while, say ten minutes, and then use a cup to fetch a sample for examination. What do you notice now? If you can still see some tiny fragments, then it is not entirely clear. Drain again. Do this repeatedly until the heater is drained of all particles present and then it is clean, healthy for human consumption.

– Treat your Heater

You may also consider the treatment of your heater, and this is one of the easiest ways of getting rid of that awful smell.  Here’s how you do it: tune the heater’s temperature to a hundred and sixty degrees, then allow it to run for some hours. This is enough time to kill all the bacteria present in it.

– Affix Water Filters to Your Heater

If you are still not satisfied with the disinfection process, you can get filters and add to them. Filters have proven to be of immense help when it comes to removing the spoilt egg smell. However, you may need to frequently change them as it is only a temporary solution to this issue.

You should also be aware that these filters could be a reason for the smell you observe. So, what you should do is replace them as often as recommended by the manufacturers. You may also want to know more about filters.

– Call a Plumber

Well, we said you will be able to fix this smell yourself, but not in all cases. There are some cases where the root of the smell is your underground supply or the system of distribution in your locality. In such cases, you cannot handle them on your own accord. 

You should either contact your local distributing agency or a government official in your locality who oversees such emergency cases. This will prevent whatever catastrophe may emerge. Peradventure none of the above-mentioned people are available, do well to call an expert plumber to look into the situation and fix it immediately.


The water in your home having a bad smell like rotten eggs would leave a bad impression in the hearts of people whenever they come around your home. Therefore, it is important for you to treat your water and keep it free of this awful smell. We shared tips for eliminating the smell, which include cleaning your pipes and heater, fixing filters, and calling a plumber.

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