Locked PDF Files? PDFBear is the Key to Unlocking Your PDF


There are many different reasons why people set passwords on their files, PDF files, for example. While others set encryptions on their PDF files to protect confidential information, others want to ride the hype of having passwords on their PDF files. They would put up with it until they find it challenging and annoying to open because of its password.

In this modern world, especially with the technological age still raging with its limitless potential, the consequences of having to use it without being ready can be pretty rough and tough up to very life-threatening. It is good to note that this particular virtual topic’s implications are annoying to repeat several times. 

PDFBear’s Genuine Care

If you locked your PDF files without thinking about it or being ready, and only because you believe it is the current trend and find it tires me now, PDFBear will be the answer and the key for you. PDFBear can unlock PDF files through its set of configurations that were built together by its incomparable characteristics. 

PDFBear built its website with a genuine love for the users and made the entire system user-friendly to benefit, especially those new to computer processes or technology usage. The whole website was easy to look at and navigate, and we made sure that all customers that will be using the website will not be overwhelmed with design and such. 

With PDFBear’s help, the user can unlock their PDF file without any hassle and most of all, for free. Users do not have to worry about its security just because it is free. The website will ease your mind’s worries so you can try and try all you want, with your safety and data security entrusted to PDFBear. 

The Four Steps Instructional Guide for the Unlocking Process of Your PDF

The process begins with the user selecting the file he wishes to unlock. Users can choose it from their devices or even from their Google Drive or Dropbox account. Dropping it on the toolbox by dragging is also an accepted way of doing the first step. You can choose whichever of these ways you will find appealing and easy to do, as long as you have a PDF file on the toolbox.

For the second process, you need to enter the password of the said PDF file. The second step will be the last time you enter your password for your PDF file because after the whole process is done, it is as if the PDF file never even has a password, to begin with. 

After entering the password, click the Unlock PDF button, and the website will begin the decryption process and conclude the full circle when it displays the PDF file again. The screen will display the users’ options like downloading the PDF file to their device or saving it to the Dropbox or Google Drive account. 

The first up to the fourth process is controlled and done by the user. Aside from it being user-friendly, the website grants the user full control of the entire unlocking process. The whole process takes only approximately a minute, which depends solely on the user’s internet connection and the size of the PDF file processing by PDFBear. 

PDFBear’s Attracting Features

As mentioned earlier, despite being free, PDFBear assures every user’s security and will not let up when it comes to protecting their PDF files against any risk of losing data or being stolen by anyone. Its privacy policy enables the website to delete all PDF files uploaded to its servers after an hour. This step is imperative in shielding users against all types of data threats. 

The website performs the entire process on the web and saves it in the Cloud. That said, the user does not need to install any applications or software to use PDFBear. It does not consume your device’s memory and relies solely on the capabilities of your internet connection. 

PDFBear is also compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Macintosh and even supports popular internet platforms such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, to name a few. 


It is also essential to know what needs to be locked and what is not, aside from locking every bit of PDF file, so you would not spend the whole day unlocking every PDF file every time you want to open and read one. PDFBear can surely help alleviate this problem of yours by allowing you and the other users to remove the password altogether.

Tony Brian

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