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A squeaky bed can be a sign of many problems. Some of them are health-related, so it’s best to address them before they get worse. The first thing you need to do is figure out where the noise is coming from. It’s usually caused by the box spring. To find out where the squeaky noise is coming from, lay down on the floor and press down firmly on the box spring. If the sound persists, there’s a problem with the spring itself.

Finding The Source The Noise In A Squeaky Bed

1. Remove The Mattress

To find the noise source, first, try to remove the mattress. You can use WD-40 spray or vegetable oil to lubricate the joints between the bed frame and the headboard. For wooden shelves, you can apply paraffin wax to the joint. Make sure to repeat this every two months to ensure that the squeak stops. Once you’ve addressed the problem, you should be able to sleep well without worrying about the noise anymore.

2. Apply Some Vegetable Oil

If the noise persists, you can try applying some WD-40 or vegetable oil to the area. But these lubricants are only effective on metal, so they’re not very helpful on wooden beds. Instead, it would help if you tried applying wax or a sock to the affected area. If these measures don’t work, you may have to replace the entire mattress. A memory foam mattress is one of the best options for a healthy spine and a comfortable sleep. With a healthy mattress, you also need to keep yourself healthy by washing sheets regularly to prevent diseases.

The Possible Reasons for the Squeaking in your Bed

There are many reasons why your bed may be squeaking. Some of the reasons for this can be fixed easily.

1. Loose Screws:

To start:

  • Check the screws in your bed.
  • If they are loose, try to lubricate them by spraying WD-40 onto the metal. If the problem is not resolved, you can use a rubber washer instead of a metal washer.
  • Tighten all the screws. The noise should stop.

2. Check the Box Springs:

If the noise comes from the box spring, it’s likely that the boxspring is old or has chafe points. You can find these by slowly moving across the bed. Then, you can use the wax candle to massage the squeaks away. If you cannot locate the noisy spot, try rubbing the candle over the contact points. Then, repeat the procedure until the squeaking stops.

3. The Wooden Slats:

Another reason for your bed to squeak is the bed frame’s wooden slats. You can avoid this by wrapping towels or socks around the edges of the bed. If you don’t want to change the structure, you can also replace the mattress and invest in a better foundation. Just remember to clean and oil the wood regularly, or else the squeaks will return.

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4. Loose Joints:

If your bed squeaks due to loose joints, you can try to fix the problem yourself. All beds have joints, and this friction between surfaces can cause a squeak. You can find the noisy spot by gently moving around your bed and inspecting the joints. By using a lubricant, you’ll be able to prevent the noise from happening in the future. You should also consider replacing the mattress if the squeaking has gone on for a long time.

5. Old And Worn Mattress:

It may be time to replace the mattress. The mattress’s frame can be a cause of the noise. It may be too old or has loose bolts. It may be worn out and squeaky if you have a traditional bed. You can try tightening the bolts and joints with a wrench to find the cause. If you have a new mattress, you can also replace the bed spring.

Stopping Your Bed From Squeaking: Major Tips

There are many causes of a squeaking bed. Some reasons are the mattress, frame, and box spring. A foam mattress will not make a noise. A noisy mattress can be caused by a broken box spring or a faulty structure. The most common cause of a squeaking bed is the faulty box spring. Then, it would help if you replaced the box spring or the entire mattress.

1. Rubbing Candle Wax Can Help:

If you want to know the easiest ways to fix a squeaking bed, you can start by looking at the mattress. You can determine where the noise is coming from by moving slowly across the bed. Then, rub a candle’s wax over the contact points. WD-40 is a good choice. A beeswax is also a good option. If you can’t find a way to apply the lubricant, you may want to take your mattress back to the store.

2. Tighten The Screws:

If the squeaking comes from the headboard, you should pull it away from the wall to reduce friction. Another noise cause is the screws that attach the headboard to the bed. A metal washer sits between the head of a screw and the body of the bed, and a rubber washer can replace this. Tightening the screws should stop the noise. But before doing anything, you should carefully check that the bed is not tilted.

3. Check The Mattress And The Box Spring:

There are two possible causes of bed squeaking: the mattress and the box spring. If the squeaking is coming from the mattress, you should look at the mattress separately. If the squeak is coming from the box spring, you might need to change the mattress. You should also check the frame. It’s easy to see where the squeaky parts are when you separate them. Also, the box springs are different in case of soft or firm mattress.

4. Apply WD-40 To The Headboard And Bed Frames:

You can also apply WD-40 to the headboard and bed frames. These are often the cause of squeaking, so check the screws first. If tightening doesn’t work, you may want to use lubricant on the metal surfaces. If that doesn’t work, you can always try putting a small candle or paraffin on them instead. These methods will also help prevent squeaking.

5. Check The Screws Of The Bed:

If the noise comes from the bed’s frame, the problem is likely caused by the box spring and mattress. But don’t worry! Wood and cork bed frames can also make a noisy bed.

To fix a squeaking bed:

1.    Check its screws.

2.    Remove the metal washers and reinstall them.

3.    If these aren’t the culprits, try using furniture pads on the affected areas.

6. Inspect The Frames:

Another thing you should do if you want to stop a squeaking bed is to inspect the frame. If the frame is loose, you can readjust it and tighten the screws. You can also apply a lubricant to the screws. When these are tightened, the squeaking should cease. These are just some of the tips to keep in mind when you are faced with issues like how to stop a bed from squeaking.


A squeaking bed is most likely caused by the box spring. To prevent it, you can fix the joint by using WD-40 and a needle and thread. Bolts or screws connect the joints of the bed. Tighten them properly to prevent excessive noise from occurring. If the box spring is loose, you should use plastic washers to eliminate the metal-on-metal connection. These are the major causes, but if you note these mentioned tips, you can temporarily get away with the squeaking issues.

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