How to Start a Successful Health Blog: Easy Guide


There is a general saying that goes, “Health is Wealth.” Good health is a big priority for everyone. If you are interested in giving healthy tips and helping people get fit, then you should start a blog. People on the internet seek solutions to different health issues and if you are about to proffer that, they will bank on your credibility. 

How To Start A Successful Health Blog

You can learn from renowned health bloggers or practitioners to start a successful health blog and build an audience that trusts you. As long as you are willing to solve health problems, people will patronize you. In this article, we will explain the 5 things you need to do to build a successful health blog and create an audience that is yours. 

You can also create a good design for your blog by using an online shape maker. This article will serve as a beginner’s guide to many people hoping to start not just any blog, but a successful health blog. 

1. Passion

We are all aware that every successful task requires passion. You can not just start anything, especially a health blog where there is a need for field expertise or knowledge. As a health enthusiast, it is easier for you to start a health blog and keep it running. Many people have fallen off in the long run due to a lack of experience and passion.

As we mentioned earlier, health is a lucrative field. Health is life. If you are not passionate about health and fitness or you do not know how to write well, you can simply employ a health writer to work for you. 

2. Study and Research 

We mostly hear about a new disease every month and people getting infected by it. For example, the Corona Virus commonly known as COVID-19 is one thing people need to know about. As a health blogger, your work is to understand this issue and provide a solution to it. The internet is full of quality health content and if you are hoping to create your authority in the health industry, you have to solve health problems.

It is advisable to focus on one topic at a time i.e. solution to ear impairment. You can also run through other people’s blogs to have an idea. Quora is a good source for people starting a health blog

Successful Health Blog

3. Focus on one Health Niche

As we mentioned earlier, focusing on one task gives you direction and helps you filter your audience. For instance, writing about an eye problem to an audience who needs a solution to groin and calf injury doesn’t cut it. Likewise, if you keep spreading your wings across the health niche, you might confuse your audience.

The health niche is wide enough to contain anybody, so you don’t need to rush. All you have to do is do some research to add to your knowledge as a health enthusiast and write extensively. Some of the health issues you can write about include diabetes, stroke, and head injury (now taken seriously in football).

4. Create your Health Blog

Starting is the hardest part. Once you can overcome that, you are good to go. If you have done your necessary research and gathered enough knowledge, the next step is to start sharing solutions with the people who need them. However, creating the blog is not the main issue, but sustaining it is very much important. You must make sure you don’t deviate and remain focused even when it seems like no one is making use of your tips.

The truth is that people research health problems every day and there is a high probability that your blog articles will be viewed if you are sure of the solution you proffered. The next thing is to know what platform you want to start your health blog on. You can use WordPress, Medium, or Blogger.

5. Create Traffic and Income

There is a reward for every solution, and that is money. People only pay for what they don’t know about, and once you start providing solutions, you are becoming a successful health blogger. But to do this, you need to advertise your content to create traffic and grow your audience. By getting traffic, you are simply inviting more visitors to your blog.

The most common platform to publicize your blog is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and using some SEO techniques. Once you are seeing traffic, the next step is to monetize your blog. You can play adverts on your blog content. There are companies ready to pay if you can generate a substantial amount of traffic for them. Google Adsense and Chitika are notable Ad sites.


After creating your health blog, don’t just sit back and relax. Your audience expects more from you and making more research is the only way to serve them well. Keep up with the latest trend about health problems and how to resolve them. You will get more ideas to write your health blog posts and strengthen your passion to become a professional in the health industry. Meet doctors or nurses and ask them question to get more tips to help make the best of your health blog.

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