How to Make the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space & Reclaim Your Sanity

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The most used space in our homes is generally the kitchen. It’s where everyone congregates for meals and social times. It’s also the most prone to unsightly clutter. Here’s how you can free up space and get the most out of your existing space.

Make the Most Out of Your Kitchen Space

Reorganize Your Cabinets

This prime real estate is often wasted by clutter and poor organization. With an average kitchen size of 100 square feet, you can’t afford to have messy cabinets.

  • Before you invest in fancy organization gadgets, take an inventory of what you have. Most of us have too much stuff to begin with so setting it all out is eye opening. Anything that’s broken or hasn’t been touched in the last year should be tossed or donated. And what’s left can then be organized. 
  • Organize your Tupperware next. You’ve already gone through everything so you shouldn’t have any mismatched or broken pieces, but if you do, refrain from putting them back in the cupboard. And lids are the bane of most kitchen’s existence so do your cupboards and yourself a favor and find a way to organize them. A basket works nicely for this. 
  • Airtight clear storage containers come in handy as well. Dry goods, like cereal and baking items can be stored and stacked for better space usage and increased shelf life. It’s also easier on the eyes than a hundred ripped and dented cardboard boxes or paper containers. Plus, no more insect-attracting sugar or cereal spills. 
  • Maximize the vertical space in your cupboards, too. You can do this by installing rolling shelves or storing your baking sheets on their sides. The shelves offer the most expansion and make it super simple to organize canned and dry goods. 
  • For small appliances, an appliance garage is the way to go if you can swing it. This space will allow you to store all your small appliances while also being able to use them without moving them. There’s tons of ideas to rework space to fit your needs!.
  • Your kitchen sink cupboard can likely use a facelift, too. Metal file organizers are perfect for the job! They fit cleaners, paper towels, and household items like tin foil perfectly.
  • Another great use for file organizers is for lid storage. Tupperware or Corning ware lids and even lids for pots can fit nicely in them. 

Don’t forget about the inside of your cupboard doors either. Spice racks or hanging storage racks fit perfectly behind closed doors. One final tip is to get your pots and pans out of the cupboard and up above your cooking space. If you have the room, install a hanging pan tree. 

Reconfigure Your Drawer Space

You know that feeling you get when you can’t get a drawer open because the stupid potato masher (that you likely never use) gets stuck? It’s avoidable torture. 

  • After you pull everything out and donate the three extra serving spoons you have, get yourself some dividers or pegs to keep things in place. Nobody likes digging through a mess of utensils. 
  • Keep your silverware tray in one spot by placing a slice of pool noodle behind it. 
  • Get your utensils out of the drawer if possible. Either store them in a container on the counter top or invest in an under-the-cupboard hanging gadget.  
  • The last tip isn’t easy but get rid of the junk drawer. Instead, place these items in a basket under your kitchen sink or on a shelf in the laundry room.

Make Better Use of Counter Space

Counter space is a magnet for clutter and a luxury most of us can’t afford to waste, so while you’re working on maximizing kitchen storage space, why not tidy up your counters?

  • If you don’t have room to make an appliance garage, store the things you use infrequently. The cupboard above the fridge or stove is perfect.
  • Under the overhang on a kitchen island is another often wasted space. It won’t work if people sit there frequently, but if nobody does, place or build a bookshelf under it. It’s a great use of space for small appliances and cookbooks. 
  • One final tip is to add floating shelves to unoccupied wall space. Make sure they’re sturdy enough to hold dishes or appliances or use one for a spice rack. 

The opportunities to reduce clutter and reclaim space in our kitchens are plentiful. Why not take advantage of some of them and make your space more functional?

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