What is the Relationship Between the Internet and WiFi?


The Internet is one of the most widely used phenomena in the world. No matter which continent you live in and no matter which language you speak, chances are that your life has been impacted by the internet. We say this knowing full well that more than five billion people use the network of networks today.

cable internet and wifi

In other words, if you meet three people, two of them are likely to be internet users. In developed countries like ours, that likelihood would be much higher as a lot of us are blessed to have quality infrastructure in the United States of America.

Additionally, a large portion of us can afford internet devices which many in many other parts of the world simply cannot. In the United States, there are more than seven thousand internet service providers. By internet service providers, we mean companies that sell internet to subscribers through offers of the likes of Xfinity internet deals

As humans are impacted so drastically by the internet, a lot of discussions revolve around the global network on dinner tables and in tea houses. If you are part of those discussions frequently, we have some good news for you. This article will increase your knowledge of the internet. We say this knowing that, in this piece, we will be discussing the difference in the terms “internet” and “WiFi.” 


The internet was invented not only to provide a communications platform for the entire world but also as an entertainment platform. We will be diving into the different applications of the internet. The business giant, Google, says that there are approximately 5M TBs of data on the internet.

Just for comparison’s sake, one gigabyte stores half a movie of good quality, and 5 million terabytes is 5 billion gigabytes! Doing a quick calculation, we can find out that the internet is, at the very least, 2.5 billion times the size of a movie. Now, how is that for a statistic?

World Wide Web

All the web pages on the internet are part of the World Wide Web. The pages can be broken down into three types:

Surface web: web pages that will be used by all the people and can be indexed on search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Deep web: Part of the web that cannot be indexed by search engines. They may be only logged into by credential-holding people. 

Dark web: is also not indexable on SERPs. All activity on it is extremely anonymous and can be used for criminal purposes. 

Mobile Apps

No matter if we consider the online gaming app, 8 ball pool, or the social media app, Instagram, they are all run using the internet. 


If you ever enlist the ways in which the internet is transmitted to different devices within the same building, WiFi will surely be on the top. We say this knowing well that WiFi is one of the best in the business when it comes to transmission of the internet. After all, not having to carry a wire with you when attempting to video chat someone on your phone is a huge convenience.

In fact, there is no way you will be able to video call someone on your phone without WiFi as phones do not even have an internet cable input port. Now that we think about it, considering many read articles like these on their phones, there is a very high likelihood you are using WiFi yourself right now. Let us delve into the different parts of WiFi:

Cable: Bringing the internet into the building is the cable. It ends at the input port of the router. In the case you have a coaxial cable internet connection, the cable would be a coaxial cable. If you have a fiber connection, the wire would be a fiber-optic cable. In the same way, if you have a DSL internet connection, the cable would be a digital subscriber line. 

Router: Once the cable reaches the router, the router processes the signals and sends them to its output port- the antenna.

Antenna: The antenna sends signals to different locations in the house. Make sure that the antenna is placed vertically so that as many signals can be sent out in all directions as possible. 

WiFi & Internet – The Most Productive Bond 

If WiFi was not there, many people would not have been using the internet as frequently as they do. This is because not being restricted to wired internet allows for a lot more accessibility to the network of networks.

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