The Pros and Cons of Dedicated Internet Access


dedicated internet access

There is nothing worse than unreliable dedicated internet access in a work environment. Dedicated internet access refers to reserved internet circuits specifically for one customer. The circuit has a local loop that goes directly between the customer site and the Central Office of the provider company. When you use dedicated internet access, you are guaranteed that your company is receiving the maximum bandwidth you are paying for.

The connection for dedicated internet access is delivered via Ethernet or private line circuits. Connection is not shared with other users. For this reason, a dedicated internet connection comes at premium prices while providing higher speed than shared access connections.

Key Considerations for Dedicated Internet Access

Most of the businesses that choose dedicated internet access are those that require high-performance internet. Dedicated internet connections are consistent and offer high-quality connections, enabling fast upload and download speed for your business. While the recurring costs may be high, most customers who choose dedicated internet connections take pride in peace of mind, improved performance, and collaboration.

A poor internet connection can hurt the productivity of an organization. For this reason, most companies with over ten employees prefer dedicated internet access because it promises connection quality. We provide the pros and cons of using a dedicated internet access circuit to help determine whether dedicated internet is the right fit for your business.

Pros of Dedicated Internet Access

Not all internet connections are equal, especially considering the benefits of dedicated internet access. Most likely, you have experienced the disappointment of using public network systems, including the inability to complete simple tasks online like sending an email or browsing. Then you understand the costs associated with a shared bandwidth and slow internet connection.

1. Speed

A dedicated internet connection guarantees speed to users. Dedicated internet access allows users faster on both sides, including downloads and uploads. Web and email are examples of servers using upload speed as they tend to push information to users.

2. Improved Network Security

Cyber security should be an important consideration for your business. This is especially for those businesses that handle sensitive data. Dedicated internet access is one way to boost your company’s security. Dedicated internet access allows you to have your own internet connection; therefore, you don’t have to share your connection with those outside your organization.

When you are not sharing an internet connection, there is less to worry about outside threats to your organization. You can therefore utilize your organizational resources towards other ways of enhancing digital security.

Other internet service providers provide additional security features for your dedicated internet access. Such features include a firewall that helps to block malicious codes, viruses, and other intrusions. Other enhanced security features help to identify malware, spam, and phishing scams that may negatively affect the performance of your systems.

3. Higher Scaling Ability

The ability to scale up your resources is vital if your business is growing. With dedicated internet access, it is possible to scale the internet services to match your business needs. Dedicated internet access allows you to subscribe for unlimited data if your internet needs are huge.

4. Dedicated Reliability

Dedicated internet access comes with 24/7 customer support. The service plans also come with a Service Level Agreement detailing the minimum time for connectivity issues to be resolved.

5. Guaranteed Bandwidth

The Service Level Agreements that come with dedicated internet access services guarantee bandwidth. For instance, if you purchased an internet circuit of 10 MB/s, then the speed of 10MB/s is guaranteed for both directions. Bandwidth guarantee is an important factor when planning your office needs. Even in cases where there is a service outage, the duration taken to resolve this problem is shorter.

Cons of Dedicated Internet Access

1. Price

One of the potential downsides of dedicated internet access is price. Dedicated internet pricing is higher compared to regular broadband. For instance, while a regular internet connection may cost between $100 and $200 per month, a dedicated internet pricing is approximately $1,000 monthly.

2. Longer installation Time

With dedicated internet access, installation takes longer than regular broadband. A regular business internet installation can take approximately three days, while it may take about 30 days to install a dedicated internet connection. However, installing other demanding cases may take between 60 and 90 days. The installation of dedicated internet access is complex because it requires equipment, network provisioning, and truck rolls, and therefore project management is essential.

3. Long Contract Conditions

The contract conditions for dedicated internet access are long. For instance, if your company chooses an early termination, it may have to wait between 2 and 4 years with hefty fines. However, some companies offer short-term contracts, although they are hard to find.


Business internet needs should not be underestimated regardless of your location. A dedicated internet connection provides myriad benefits to your business, including faster upload and download speed, improved system security, and better throughput.

Don’t underestimate the security risk that comes with shared internet access. The actual costs and damage to your brand reputation by a security breach can be irreversible depending on the size and sensitivity of the data. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to organizational data security with dedicated internet access.

To determine the best fit for your organization, you will need to find out who is on-net or near-net in your location. Next, you will need to request pricing from different providers for different bandwidth needs. Once the costs are provided, don’t forget other factors when requesting installation, including speed of service, connection quality, and installation interval.

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