Preserving Our Cars: History of Paint Protection and the Best Modern Method


The leaps and bounds we’ve made in technology have expanded our abilities in a number of life-altering sectors. From the proliferation of social media and the growing world of e-commerce to all-new vehicles that have better fuel economy and longer lifespans, technology has grown to be a major part of every facet of our lives. 

The advances we’ve made in technology (even over the last few years) have made it possible for us to make better investments through purchasing top-of-the-line assets, as well as using cutting-edge tech to protect the investments we have. 

Automobiles are among the most expensive investments for Americans today, according to popular news sites like CNBC. However, most of us need cars to perform everyday functions, whether that be our daily commute to work, the simple ability to run out to the grocery store when needed, or the ability to take family members to different locations like the airport or college. 

When confronted with the idea of living a car-less lifestyle, many of us choose instead to crack open our savings accounts and bite the bullet, spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a new automobile.

Given the high price of cars today, once we’ve done that once, we want to limit the chances we have to do it again for a while, prolonging our cars’ longevity and taking necessary measures to protect it. One such measure that some drivers take is to invest in paint protection, keeping the car looking clean and pristine. 

Though the methods associated with this practice have changed over the years, the goal has always been to keep the car looking as pristine as possible, eliminating various kinds of natural wear and tear and keeping your car running as long as possible. In this article, we’ll go over some of the past methods of paint protection, as well as take a look at the top-of-the-line protection methods available today. 

Wax – The Façade of Protection

While wax is one of the oldest forms of paint protection out there, to say that its effectiveness is limited can be a gross understatement. Wax is one of the cheapest ways to protect your car’s paint, with wax options being widely available in auto stores, and it does make your car look shiny: however, the protection it offers degrades quickly. 

Wax wears down quicker than most other forms of paint protection, not being made to endure in the same way that more modern methods of protection are. Even the most expensive waxing options can be washed away by a gas-station car wash, or degrade quickly under the heat of a warm summers’ day. 

Paint Sealants – Protection for a Limited Time Only

Paint sealants are the next natural step up, as they are intended to bond directly with the paint and produce a temporary, scratch-resistant shield on your vehicle. They are commonly offered by most dealerships (for a price), and the technology associated with sealants has advanced to a point where sealants are also sold in spray bottles for DIY application.

Sounds great, right? Well, there’s a catch. While a dealership will charge you a hefty sum for having your paint sealed, the protection offered by these mid-grade chemicals will last only for up to six months: just long enough for you to get it off the lot and drive it for a while. 

These synthetic sealants can’t give you the kind of long-term protection you need to make the most out of your investment, and are ultimately only good to keep it looking new for a little while after you leave the dealership parking lot.

Luckily, there are better options out there.

Clear Bra Protection – The Best of the Best

The Clear bra protection is the most powerful, longest-lasting form of protection and consists of professionals using top-of-the-line chemicals to create a hard, clear shell that protects your paint and keeps it looking its best while offering significantly better protection against debris, chips, and even impacts. 

Clear bra protection is currently only offered by professionals, as the chemicals involved can be dangerous if not wielded by experienced hands, but clear bra protection can provide years of protection per coat, offering the best value out of all the protection methods available on the market. 

After spending a bucket load of money on purchasing your car, you’ll want to do what you can to maximize the value of your investment. With your car’s value depreciating as soon as you leave the lot, any edge you can give yourself is worth the investment. Look into clear bra paint protection, and you’ll be able to protect your car from debris, impacts, and the whims of Mother Nature herself. 

Tony Brian

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