7 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean in Rain and Snow


keep your car clean

The cars have to face grime, salt and coarseness on the roads which is why it becomes difficult to maintain the vehicle in the winter. But since the chilly season is already here, we cannot run away from this daunting task. This article covers all the basics you need to learn for cleaning your car in this season. 

#1. Give attention to the paint

Most people don’t care about the paint because according to them, the exterior transparent layer protects the paint. However, this layer fades away by dissolving after a while.

It’s important to wash and wax the car after being in the rain. Waxing treats the paint flawlessly. If you want to go a step ahead, add a paint protection film which will shield the car against scratches. 

#2. Know where to park

It is crucial to shelter your car at a place which is trustworthy and safe. Carports and garages offer protection to the car against the surrounding environment which are a wise safeguard measure.

Whenever you park your car, remember to put a cover on it so that no water gets inside the parts or the body. Sometimes water may even go into places from where it’s hard to take it out. This increases the chances of erosion which is destructive to the car.

Therefore by sheltering your car, you can eliminate the probability of its decay. In case you do not have a shelter at your place, a separate vertical garage will work as well. These garages are also seen for the used cars for sale in abu dhabi.

#3. Get rid of carpet with rubber

Although carpet is fine in summer, it can gather acidic water in the winter from the snow. The acidic or salty water can corrode and rust the floor of the car. This is why car owners replace carpets with elastic or rubber mats especially at the driver’s area.

Moreover, it is wise to replace your wheels to composite or steel and add the snow tires. The shower on protectant treatment is useful as well. This preseason plan will benefit your vehicle and it can be done by an automotive expert or a service center. 

#4. Clean wiper blades

Wipers should be properly functioning in order to drive through the thick snow, rain and dark weather. It is obvious that the wiper blades will start to lower down as more snow will weigh on it. So you should treat the blades and check they have proper liquid plus cutting edges. 

#5. Check the glass

The glass hardly remains clear in the winter season due to the condensation. It is annoying to clean the glass repeatedly and it causes hindrance in driving too. The surface of the glass should be free of stains and snow marks. So you utilize proper cleaning materials for this job. 

#6. Learn how to wash

Frequent washing is ideal in winter due to the snow, road splatter and rain. But it is difficult to even get to the water when the temperature is freezing. However, one needs to be mindful of this aspect. It is smart to wash the car after 10 days. Use a high pressure water hose if you want to wash the car at home.

The addition of heating soft drink to the wash water eliminates all the dried up salt. Other things which are required are gloves, wipe and warm water. Also try to drive in the daytime so that the car has enough time to dry before the cold night temperature drops. 

#7. Be aware of the snow foam

Snow foam is a beneficial product to remove coarseness and grime made by snow. It is a thick and viscous substance made for the worst weather conditions.

Use a spear to apply this product and wait for it to set up properly. You can wash it after a few minutes. If you adopt this method of cleaning your car, you are doing the vehicle a huge favor. 

By following the above-mentioned tips for the proper maintenance of your car, the lifetime of the vehicle will automatically increase and you will be able to sell your car in the future.

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