Gas Safety Certificate: 3 Reasons Why Landlords Needs It

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It is important that your gas appliance is regularly checked by a gas engineer in the Gas Safe Register to ensure that your gas appliances are working safely and efficiently. After completing the inspection of your gas appliances.

Gas Safety Certificate

The gas engineer can provide you with a gas safety certificate London. This certificate is known as the gas safety report as well. In this article, we explain what a landlord gas certificate is, who needs it and why it is important for landlords.

So what is a gas safety certificate?

A gas safety certificate is a document that can be issued by a gas engineer after he has completed the gas work on your property. The document you receive from a gas engineer depends on the type of work they perform, whether it be a service or a security check.

Why the landlords need a gas safety certificate?

By law, all gas engineers must be included in the gas locker register so that they can perform legal gas work. By law, however, they are not allowed to present a gas safety certificate after completing work on your appliances unless you are a landlord. Below we explain who needs a landlord gas safety certificate …

Homeowners are not required by law to have a gas safety certificate. However, they still need to check and maintain their gas appliances annually with a registered Gas Safe engineer. You can ask your engineer to provide you with all documents proving that you have passed a gas safety check or other work performed.

Landlords are required by law to conduct annual gas safety checks on properties they rent. The audit must be completed on all landlord’s gas appliances and installations in each of their properties. This is a requirement of the safety rules (installation and use) of gas from 1998.

For example, if a gas appliance is a stove of the tenant, the landlord is not legally responsible for checking. After completing the gas work, the safety check, the engineer will provide the landlord with a gas safety record (previously known as the gas safety certificate or CP12).

The gas safety record provided to the landlord shows:

  • Description of each gas appliance tested
  • Results of the safety check on each gas appliance completed
  • Any security vulnerabilities identified during inspections
  • Any action or work required to ensure safety
  • Information about the engineer who performed the checks, their signature and verification date
  • Homeowner and Property Details

The landlord must provide his tenant with a copy of the Property Gas Safety Report.

Gas security services for homeowners

As a landlord, you are legally obliged to take care of tenants who live in your rented home. The gas safety rules (installation and use) of 1998 determine the responsibility of your landlord to ensure the safety and proper functioning of all gas appliances, fittings, chimneys, and chimneys. When you rent real estate with installed gas appliances, you have 3 important legal responsibilities, including:

Safety checks on gas: To ensure the safety of your tenants during your rental period, all gas appliances and chimneys must undergo an annual gas safety audit conducted by a registered gas safety engineer. After completing this check, you will receive a gas safety certificate or a lessor’s gas safety record with all the details of the checks.

This can also be called a CP12 certificate. A gas safety inspection can be performed at any time between 10 to 12 months after the last check, without affecting the original date.

Gas Security Account: After you have checked your gas safety and received your landlord’s gas safety account, you must provide your tenant with a record of this audit. By law, you must provide your current tenant (s) with a copy of your landlord’s gas safety record within 28 days of checking gas safety. For new tenants, you must provide entry at the beginning of their lease.

Maintenance: As a landlord, you must ensure that all gas pipes, appliances, chimneys, and chimneys are in a safe condition. It is important to check the recommendations of the gas appliance manufacturer to find out how often maintenance is recommended.

At Landlord Property Certificates, we offer homeowners gas safety services so you can meet your legal obligations. Our landlord gas safety services include gas safety checks, annual maintenance, installation, repair, and maintenance.

All our gas engineers are listed in the Register of gas safes, so you can be calm, all gas services performed by us are performed safely and efficiently to the highest standards.

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