6 Interesting Facts About Tree Pruning and Trimming

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In other to help the environment as well as to beautify their surroundings, many people plant trees to landscape their home. However, not everyone knows how to take care of them on their own. This is where tree pruning and trimming services come in. 

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For the average Joe, you are probably wondering why you have to spend money, albeit not too much, on such services. Once you learn more about why these services are important, it will help you to see trees in a different light.

1′ Tree Need Proper Care:

First, you have to understand that even if they do not move, trees are living things and that they are just like people. They also get stressed when they are improperly cut or trimmed, and they die as a result. 

Sometimes they even get sick and acquire diseases or insect infestation that can spread among other trees. With proper tree pruning and trimming services, especially for young, trees can grow healthy and will not need corrective pruning when they are mature.

2′ Trimming vs. Pruning:

Before anything else, you also need to be clear about these terms. Most people do not know which is which, so they use the terms interchangeably. Trimming technique is implemented to groom or shape a tree, and is mostly performed on ornamental or decorative trees in gardens. 

On the other hand, pruning is done to get rid of infected branches and limbs and to keep the tree healthy. It is also implemented to promote optimum ventilation, fruit production, or flower blooming.

3′ Beauty of Your Landscape:

One of the reasons people avail of tree pruning and trimming services is to maintain their home’s garden or landscape. Fruit-bearing trees, flowering trees, or plain decorative ones add to the beauty and value of a home. 

In addition to this, a green landscape can make you feel relaxed and reduce your stress, as well. Having professionals trim and prune the trees in your home regularly keeps your garden well maintained.

4′ Health of The Trees:

Pruning is especially important to remove insect infected, diseased, or dead parts of the trees. Moreover, parts that often become too crowded need to be pruned to let the sunlight in and help the air circulate within the tree.

For pruning to be effective, it has to be provided by knowledgeable professionals because poor pruning can lead to their wilting and death. With professional tree pruning and trimming services, both the health and beauty of trees are guaranteed.

The healthy trees can help in maintaining good aesthetics of your house and also serve various functional purposes. In addition to this, they also contribute to the landscape of your home. The fruit trees can also provide you delicious fruits every year. 

As people give them care, they also give back much-needed oxygen and breathing space to the people and the planet. Ask help from professional tree pruning and trimming services for you to properly maintain your trees.

There are millions of homeowners across the US who take pride in their yards – especially in the fact that they put the work into their yards and tree care themselves.

They planted the trees, they watered the trees, they grew the trees, they loved the trees. and now that the trees are starting to look like they might need a little cutting back, they think they should do the tree trimming as well. Let’s talk about why they’re wrong.

5′ Injuries During Tree Trimming Are Common

Various safety issues in tree trimming that you don’t have to worry about when you’re gardening or pruning shrubs. Simply operating a chainsaw, even without cutting anything, is more dangerous than almost anything you can do on a knee pad with a trowel in your hands.

In even slightly more complex situations, such as if there’s a power line near the tree you’re trimming, or you’re trimming branches that are too high for you to reach on your tiptoes, you add dangers like electrocution, falling, and having falling objects hit you in addition to the ‘mere’ risk of an accident with your chainsaw. 

A professional tree services provider not only has lots of experience with these tasks, but they also have insurance that will cover their medical costs if they’re injured on the job.

6′ Improper Tree Trimming Can Cause Property Damage:

Generally, when you decide that you need to get rid of a bunch of tree limbs, it’s because they’re threatening to damage your home or some other nearby structure that you find valuable. But think about it: if the limb is threatening something you care about, and you send that limb plummeting to the ground.

What are the chances it’ll hit the thing you care about? Or something else in the vicinity?

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