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Are you in search of attractive bathroom vanities? If yes, then this post is for you! It’s a place where one soothes their mind as well as body, isn’t it? No one wants to enter a boring and messy bathroom! These days, people spend most of their money in designing a beautiful bathroom and bathroom vanity is something that can transform the entire appearance of it. 

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But, there are numerous questions that strike in the mind of the majority of people while choosing Bathroom vanity. This post will give you the answer to every question that might be coming into your mind regarding bathroom vanities in Pompano Beach. Let’s get started! Happy Reading!

What is Bathroom Vanity?

The bathroom vanity is simply a furniture piece that holds the bathroom sink. It also has attractive cabinets with drawers that one can use for storing toiletries, towels, and so on. The most important advantage of bathroom vanity is additional storage space. 

Just similar to kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanity or vanities are also available in different materials, texture, styles, color, and so on. This way, one can choose it as per their needs, desires and budget. 

Shall I Pick Single or Double Sink Vanity?

Bathroom vanities generally come in many types, so before buying think first for what purpose you will utilize it. Another thing, if you are planning to install vanity in the master bathroom then buying double sink vanity will be an ideal option for you. But, if you are rebuilding the guest bathroom then single sink bathroom vanity will work best. 

How Should I Pick a Type of Vanity?

Cabinet Only: These types of vanity bases generally come in normal sizes that can hold one or more than one sink. By choosing a cabinet only type of vanity base, one can have the complete freedom to modify the top separately and can choose their favorite sink. 

Cabinet with Sink: If you want easy installation, then you can choose a cabinet with a sink. In this, the sink is already there on the vanity top so you won’t have to search for something else. 

Cabinet with Vanity Top: It has a countertop attached to it and might have a sink attached too. However, you have to choose the faucets according to you. These types of vanities generally have countertops built in different materials like marble countertops attached to the wood cabinet. 

How Should I Measure Bathroom Vanities?

If your bathroom already has a vanity cabinet and you don’t want a change in its overall proportions, then you can just measure the width, depth as well as height of the vanity. After that, you can simply pick a new stylish design you want in the same size. 

On the other hand, if you are changing an old sink with vanity then you have to think about the correct size. Since, wrong vanity size can either make or affect the look of your bathroom vanity. 

  1. If you are planning to place the cabinet close to the toilet then try to leave some space (18 inches) between the center of a fixture’s tank as well as the vanity. 
  2. Keep height and depth particularly in mind while buying the vanity. Check your shower swing and doors of the bathtub to ensure they won’t smash vanity whenever you open it. 
  3. Also think about what you will actually do at vanity since it will only help you in picking the correct size. Do you need enough storage space along with some area for styling your hairs every morning? If yes, then a big piece with a large vanity top will be more suitable. 

Bathroom vanity gives extra storage space and a chance to outline the bathroom style. Consider your accessible space, the purpose of vanity and after that start with the process of picking materials according to your taste you always desire for. 

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and it helped you in knowing more about the bathroom vanities and how you can easily choose the one that fits well into your bathroom.

Author Bio: Edward Black is a Blogger at Sunshine Kitchen and bath. He is a home enthusiast, loves to write on the latest and trendy design of bathroom and kitchen. His main aim is to make people aware about the trend so that they can get the best kitchen and bathroom renovation services.

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