12 Sites Like Crackstreams for Streaming Live Sports



If you’re a sports fan that enjoys streaming your favorite sports online, you must have heard of or been to Crackstreams. While there are many premium services for this, Crackstreams offers a fun, free platform to stream many of your favorite sports and games. 

Crackstrams is really one of the best options for those who want to enjoy free sports streaming live on their PC, smartphone, tablet, or any other device that supports internet connection. The service is quite easy to use around, and it gives some nice streams.

Is Crackstreams Safe?

Some loyal users of Crackstreams will say that it is safe to use but this is not true unless you are registered and subscribed to a premium plan. The website’s free streaming service contains pop up ads that might take users to unknown sites. So, in order to be safe while using the site, kindly subscribe to their premium plan that has no pop-up ads. 

No, Crackstreams is a Live Sports Streaming Site which broadcasts live sports from across the globe. Watching any illegal streams that do not have any authorization is a crime and you may end up in jail. 

Not only is it illegal to stream matches without paying for them, but it’s also unreliable and risky. You never know what malware is in the stream you are using and what damage it is doing to your device. Always use a legal streaming site like Sky Sports and ESPN.


12 Crackstreams Alternatives for Streaming Live Sports

However, due to the nature of the platform, sometimes your favorite streams may be subject to abrupt content shakeups. Additionally, some streams can contain high amounts of ads that can be annoying at times. Fortunately, there are many great alternatives. The following 12 are the best sites like Crackstreams to stream sports with ease.

1. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports offers a robust platform for not just live sports streaming but also live scores, high-quality streams, and all of this with non-intrusive ads. It almost seems like FirstRowSports goes out of its way to make sure that the ads are as un-obnoxious as possible. With this, you are sure to find their site an enjoyable platform as much as it is a sustainable one for streaming. 

You can easily swap between sports streams via the categories listed on a ribbon near the top. With this easy-to-use layout, FirstRowSports really makes you feel like an audience member in the first row but in digital form! 

2. Stream2Watch

While Stream2Watch is also a general TV channel streaming site, it also has a dedicated Live Sports branch. Like similar sites, the Live Sports half of Stream2Watch has a plethora of sports covered on a ribbon across the middle-top portion of the site. You can even stream Wrestling on demand! With this site, you can easily stream any of your favourite games in seamless HD, and it is all quite easy to navigate really. All in all, a very neat, tidy, and dependable streaming experience! 

3. SportStream

SportStream is a prominent and well-laid out site that offers quite a few great choices of sports content to stream. You can choose between two different master streaming servers, each covering different sports and events. There are additional links for sports betting for those who are interested as well. On SportStream you can also find live scores for many events with a simple click of the mouse. 

By and large, SportStream covers it all. You can find everything from Baseball, to racing, Rugby and Billiards! If you are looking for a great way to stream your favourite games, chances are SportStream hosts it! 

4. Wiziwig

Wiziwig is a popular go-to alternative for Crackstreams that similarly covers over 10 of the most popular sports in the world through high-quality live streams you can tune into with the click of a mouse. WiziWig.to also offers radio and Live TV for extra variety, and the site navigation could not be simpler. Each active stream tells you details about what teams are at play and their respective times, allowing you to easily identify the game you are looking for as it happens. 

5. Redstreams

Redstreams is a Crackstreams-like streaming platform except it specializes primarily in football but covers other sports as well to ensure variety for the site. It boasts a simple, easy to navigate interface and also has categories by sport. Other covered sports include basketball, hockey, tennis, and more. There are options for both live and recorded streaming. With all of this accessible with a few simple clicks and few ads cluttering your experience, what is there not to like about this platform? 

6. SportP2P

SportP2P derives its name from the peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that makes most streaming such as the sports streams it offers possible, and it is quite good to that effect!. It is a simple and easy to use web interface that filters game streams by sport, popularity, country and more. 

There is also an option for swapping timezones and keeping track of the ongoing game scores for the streams in question. There is much on offer here so it is more than worth giving it a try for your next streaming session! 


Like many others, ATDHE is so good at what it does with live sports streams that it has grown quite popular in recent times. It offers links to various ongoing games from multiple sports with fewer ads than some comparable sites like Crackstreams. 

However, it is important to note that they are not a direct streaming site. Instead, they are an easily navigable aggregate site that maintains lists of ongoing streams you can watch elsewhere. It serves as a great hub of sorts really to get an idea of what is on if you are just in a general browsing mood, for example. 

8. AceStreams

Like many other streaming platforms, AceStream is a peer-to-peer site that allows you to watch ongoing sporting events live in high definition. It is readily accessible to both Android and Windows users, making it a very attractive option for mobile users and desktop viewers alike! You can keep track of live scores, and all popular sports genres are well-covered!  If you are in search of a Crackstreams alternative that is well-reputed and reliable, then AceStreams is just what you have been hoping for. 

9. Sports365

Sports365 offers a great way to tune in to your favorite teams and countries from all over the world in one convenient and easy to browse website if you don’t mind the ads of course! Most of the streams are high definition as well, and you can find most of if not all of your favorite sports represented by one or more live events, depending upon the time of day and time of year. 

10. CricFree

CricFree has been in the sports streaming scene for years now, and they continue to excel at offering a wonderfully accessible and enjoyable site for stream selection. While they do specialize in Cricket match streaming, they also cover the other mainline sports genres well and much of the events to choose from, depending upon the time, at very great video quality. 

If you end up falling in love with the site, they even have a donation button for tips to the site staff, since there are little to no ads! You will quickly notice that you can filter your search by sports network source, sport type, and even national leagues! These features make CricFree one of the best sites like Crackstreams out there today!

11. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is arguably the UK’s top football broadcasting service, with both English and Scottish domestic action continuously available week after week. There is, of course, the added bonus of extremely reliable servers and easily navigated menus.

Over ten channels are available with certain subscriptions, with live football, rugby, cricket, golf, tennis and boxing all among the favoured sports. It’s also the home of Formula 1, while catch-up and highlights are also on offer.

12. ESPN

Another hugely popular platform, and another that has a particular focus on football. The high-definition events are available via participating TV or internet providers, such as Cox, Hulu, Sling TV, DIRECTV and Verizon among several others.

Even without this connection, there are still a whole host of free, up to date services available, including news, highlights, scores, commentary and the latest trending videos. Football, tennis and basketball are covered in-depth, as well as the lesser-spotted WWE, MMA, horse racing and eSports.

Final Words

As you can see, there are many exciting additional options for Crackstreams alternatives out there for streaming your favorite sports, games, and teams. With two or more such sites in your repertoire, you can be sure to easily enjoy the content you want, when you want it! 

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