5 Sites Like Afterpay for Buy Now Pay Later

Are you in search of buy now, pay later sites to buy products online and pay back later? It is difficult to find out whether or not the software you choose is right one for you. There are now a lot of competitors in the market.

Buy now pay later companies and websites are coming out everyday, offering an alternative to credit cards and bank loans which are difficult to get, especially for low income earners, sole-traders and those with a lack of credit history.

sites like afterpay competitors alternatives

Buy now pay later websites and companies make money from retailers who offer the service to their clients, as well as an administration fee on late or non payments.

The customers who pay on time, and repay the purchase price as agreed with have no additional fees other than the original payment amount together with any processing fees charged.

Websites like Sezzle, Klarna, PayPal Credit, and Splitit are the most popular alternatives and competitors to Afterpay. So today we will be looking at the best sites like Afterpay that you might like to give a try.

Top 5 Afterpay Competitors and Alternatives

1. ZipPay


Zip is a website like Afterpay that has a service called zipPay that allows consumers to buy items immediately and pay later. Australian shoppers aged 18 and above can easily sign up for zipPay with a bank account and if approved, receive a $350, $500 or $1,000 spending credit.

Any store collaborating with Zip accepts zipPay as a payment method. There are interest-free payments that are then arranged weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on what the user wants to pay.

Stores that have zipPay as a payment method include well-known retailers such as Amazon, K-Mart, Big W, Target and Office Works. This service works both instore and online with an app available on Apple and Android devices.

  • Flexible payment plans – set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments to suit your schedule
  • 3 month interest-free period for ZipMoney (minimum $1,000 account limit)
  • Interest-free repayments and no establishment fees for ZipPay (maximum $1,000 account limit)

  • $6 Monthly Account Fee if you have a balance
  • $5 ZipPay / $15 ZipMoney Late Fee if you’ve made no repayments within 21 days of the due date
  • Conducts credit checks during applicatiopn; will affect your credit score if you default on payments
  • 1.5% payment processing fee if you use Zip to pay bills
Go to Zip.co

2. Affirm


Affirm works a bit differently than the above-mentioned services. Websites like this, tend to be most used for small to medium-sized purchases, Affirm allows you to spread out repayments over a much longer period, such as 12 or even 18 months.

However, this flexibility does mean that you’ll need to pay interest on those purchases. When you want to check out at a place like Walmart, for example, all you need to do is choose the Affirm option when checking out with your cart.

You’ll then go through an approval process. If successful, you get the item, but the payments will split up over a number of months with interest. This is a great option if you need to buy something big for your home.

  • No late fees.
  • Pay off more expensive purchases over time, often with a lower interest rate than a credit card.
  • Some Affirm loans appear on your credit report and can boost your score.

  • Not all retailers accept the payment method.
  • You can’t pay with a credit card.
  • If you return an item, you’ll only be refunded the purchase price, not any interest you’ve paid.
  • Not all Affirm loans appear on your credit report, so they might not help your score.
  • While Affirm can offer some very competitive interest rates, in many cases the rate you get might not be better than a credit card.
Go to Affirm.com

3. Sezzle


This is another buy now, pay later site like Afterpay. Sezzle is fairly new to Australia and has a small collection of businesses signed up, however for those buying online there is a large number of US and CA retailers on board. 

Approval for choosing Sezzle as a payment method include being at least of adult age with proof available such as a license. Additionally, 25% of the total cost needs to be available and paid upfront.

  • Limit of up to $2500 for first-time users.
  • 4 interest-free instalments over a 6-week period.

  • There is a late fee of $10 for missed repayments.
  • $5 fee for rescheduled payments.
Go to Sezzle.com

4. OpenPay


Openpay service is offered on a small handful of online retailers. The service is very similar to Afterpay and ZipPay.

OpenPay has a purchase limit of $10,000, and also allows for a longer financing term of up to 12 months. From what we’ve found, payment options with OpenPay appear only upon checkout:

OpenPay only supports integration with WooCommerce and Magento. Since the startup is relatively new, we can expect integration with more e-Commerce platforms in the near future.

  • Offers interest-free payments for customers.
  • Financing term of up to 12 months

  • Late fees apply
  • Nominal fee of $2-3 for long-term financing
Go to Openpay.com.au

5. Klarna


Klarna is a shopping application that facilitates users by allowing them to shop now and pay later. The app enables users to pay the number of products in four installments with no interests. This feature enables the users to get what they want now and pay the price later.

Klarna is available at several well-known establishments such as Sephora, Asos, Topshop and Kogan. It allows consumers to shop online through the Klarna app, available on both iOS and Google Play.

However, if a use wants to use it as a payment method with another online retailer, it can be done by using a virtual card, also known as a one-time card where the consumer’s card will pay 25% of the costs immediately. 

  • Fast funding.
  • No minimum credit score required.
  • No origination fees.

  • Small loan amounts.
  • Costly if you can’t repay in full quickly.
Go to Klarna.com


For Now, ZipPay and Afterpay are the most commonly used buy now paylater services. While Afterpay charges a substantially higher fee on their services, they feature a wider range of integration options with e-Commerce platforms, and are now accepted at a wide variety of major retailers and webstores, such as Big W and Myer.

OpenPay is currently heavily focused on offering their payment plans at physical stores, but this could change soon as they hope to expand their portfolio of online merchants. Sezzle is an emerging player in buy now pay later services; while mainly used by US-based retailers, Australian retailers could benefit if they are looking to capture North American customers.