2 Known Benefits of a Civil Marriage and What it’s all About


If you wish to get legally married in France, there is only one way: a civil wedding or a marriage civil. It can be followed up by a religious ceremony, a secular service, or whatever kind of celebration the couple chooses. This rule applies to both heterosexuals as well as same-sex couples. The procedures for both are equal sex marriage became legal in France in 2013. 

What is a civil marriage?

Civil marriage is a marriage that is performed, recorded, and recognized by a government official. The civil ceremony that is organized at the Mairie must be in a community to which you or your spouse has links. The French word mairie, pronounced “may-ee,” means “town/city hall,” but it can also be used to refer to a city council, mayor’s office, or the city as a political entity.

This could be where one or both of you live, or at least your parents live. It is easy to find details of your local Mairie online. To get married in a Mairie, you both need to apply together and prove that you are free to marry.

Process of civil wedding

The procedures related to your marriage will include a face-to-face interview together or individually. You must be 18 and not in a marriage already. The Mairie will then publish the banns for a certain fixed period. This is a kind of formality according to which you publicly announce your intent to marry.

It allows anyone with the knowledge of a legal impediment to notify the registrar. The process generally takes around four weeks. Even more if one or both of you is not French, choosing which day you want to get married can be limited. So, be flexible.

Why go for a civil wedding?

Civil marriage is an institution that privileges long-term partners. Civil marriages worldwide require a certificate and, at times, a license that testifies that a certain couple is fit for marriage. Following the civil marriage ceremony, couples are allowed to marry in religious ceremonies. Civil marriage is a marriage recognized by the state.

And in this case, since the state has already recognized the marriage full formal weddings that are complete with wedding gowns, the presence of family and friends are conducted in unique ceremonial rooms in the town hall.

Montreal, Qc is one of the wedding destinations for couples who want to get married in an old French style city. you can search online for a notary specialize in civil wedding; Mona SalehiNotaire et célébrant de mariage civil.

The institution of marriage

A marriage is usually about two people who love each other unconditionally and have decided to spend the rest of their lives together out of a free will. This is all that should matter when it comes to getting married.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot throw a celebration and make the occasion memorable for family and friends. It simply means that civil marriage is a more authentic way of legalizing your bond with your partner. 


It is a more dependable way of getting married as it involves a process that requires full disclosure by both the partners who are getting married. Civil marriages can be regarded as safer, with the risk of divorce reduced to a great extent. This is because civil marriages involve a process that ensures that both parties getting into the marriage are aware of being in it for the long haul. 

Fewer hassles: Civil marriages mean that you can do things on your own at your pace. The hassles to give invites, manage guests and decide a venue, all reduce. These weddings are actually about you and your partner.

Cost Reduction: Given that all the processes require lesser people and not a fancy location, the cost of such weddings is significantly less when compared to regular pompous ceremonies. 

Getting married is a milestone in any person’s life. If you’re living in France or getting married in France, the only way in which you can go about it is by opting for a civil marriage. For most people, the idea of a wedding is all about throwing a massive celebration and getting together with family and friends. However, civil marriage is a more authentic way of truly celebrating your togetherness. 

Wrapping Up

Civil marriages are a fairly simple way of conducting a marriage. It is quite the opposite of the big fat Indian marriage. However, what needs to be understood is that it is a legally approved sensible way of getting into a lifelong institution of marriage with the person you love.

At the end of the day, the scale of getting married hardly matters and what is really important is that both partners understand their responsibilities well before getting into something that is meant to last a lifetime.

They say marriages are made in heaven. So, how you celebrate it hardly matters, and a Civil marriage is a perfectly acceptable and reasonable way of getting married.

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