10 Auction Sites Like eBay for Selling Online


Today I am going to share with you the top 10 websites that provide the same buying and selling services just the way eBay does.

When it comes to the games of online retailers, the first name which strikes our mind is eBay, one of the biggest players.

sites like ebay

Online shopping has managed to attract people all over the world because these provide online shoppers with incredible convenience, price comparisons and infinite choice among the vast selection of products.

Though eBay has managed to become the most popular as well as the largest e-commerce website, it was so addictive that we started looking for companies that are similar to it.

eBay provides the users with reward points or loyalty program systems which deliver the product at discounted prices.

Now, let’s move forward with the 10 best eBay similar companies and stores.

1. AliExpress


AliExpress.com which has been started in the year 2013 and is known as the China’s market. It is one of the best and most traditional marketplaces as it offers more than 130 million products online at competitive prices.

AliExpress ships to more than 200 countries and offers safe payment modes which make it to be on the list of sites like eBay.

2. Shopify


If you are looking for where to sell your products, then I would recommend you to have a great shopping experience with Shopify.

Its impressive software makes it the number-one solution as you don’t need to hook up your store with the system to create your online presence.

Shopify is a lot more than an online shopping store as it provides us with data analytics and much more. It is still used as the backend system for most of the online stores.

If you want to have your own e-commerce store, then nothing can be compared to Shopify.

3. Walmart


While searching online for one product with the lowest price, I came across Walmart which made me realize that I could include it in my list.

YES! You can order anything here on Walmart. It has the same shipping fees and has stores nearly everywhere. It does accept payments via debit or credit cards as well as via PayPal and Walmart cards.

4. Overstock


I cannot forget about Overstock. It is an American online retailer which began its business by selling surplus as well as returned merchandise at lower prices.

In recent years, Overstock has managed to diversify its categories for its users and has got one of the best loyalty programs.

It gives compared prices between Ebay and Overstock before purchasing the product.

5. Lightinthebox


Light in the Box is a website that sells the products of popular brands at very competitive and bargain prices. It is the best ideal spot for buying accessories and clothing at low rates.

It does provide a wide selection of products including furniture, clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags, kitchen, watches, sunglasses and much more.

So, if you buy products from favorite brands, then you can consider buying from Light in the Box at a low price, and this is why I have preferred to mention it on our list.

6. Etsy


Etsy is an online shopping website for buying homemade products. And yes, you can even sell your homemade products through this site.

It is a large site that you can use for buying and selling personalized items as well as unique products.

They provide a vast collection of goods. So, if you are interested in selling homemade items, then go and sign up with Etsy.

7. Bonanza


Bonanza is also a good option regarding its niche. You can sell the products conveniently in any category whether it is fashion, antiques, home furnishings and much more.

This website lives up to its tagline ‘everything but the ordinary.’ It has low selling fees and doesn’t have listing fees. It helps the users to keep much more of the sales revenue.

8. TomTop


TomTop is a leading e-commerce retail website in China. This site is significantly used for bulk orders and even offers competitive prices on a single product as well.

It provides a wide selection of products including the categories like sports, electronic devices, games, garden equipment and much more.

Apart from the categories, TomTop provides competitive prices with an extensive range of products which will help you in earning the reward points and further can be traded down with other discounts and coupon codes.

So, if someone asks you about buy and sell companies, don’t forget to mention TomTop.

9. Banggood


Banggood is another wholesale marketplace online. This website allows you to buy products directly from China in bulk.

It works somewhat like AliExpress and provides the products at the lowest rates. But, yes, sometimes it doesn’t have products of high quality so do read the reviews before buying expensive products.

They ship the products at quite a decent speed. It is worth checking out.

10. BestBuy

Best buy

If you are searching for great deals online among the categories including video games, electronics, appliances, laptops, computers and much more, then BestBuy gives you the lowest competitive price with free shipping.

I must say that BestBuy gives a seamless shopping experience.


Remember guys; you won’t find any website like Ebay which has the same level of coverage and products. But, if you narrow your searches about the specific types of goods, then there are some online shopping sites which gives it a tough fight.

Sometimes even the prices of the products on Ebay can be high, especially when they apply shipping charges. Not among the shopping websites, but Ebay tops the lists of the online selling sites as well.

Every seller has different situations and requirements. Whatever the case is, review the ones we have mentioned above and see if it works good for you.

Tony Brian

Tony loves to write on technology, app/website reviews, business and internet marketing. He has been in the online industry for over 5 years. Tony is also good at web and graphic design.