7 Trending Watch Styles to Look Out for in 2022

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trending watch styles

Watches are an expression of individualism. It is more than a piece of accessories. So do not go without a watch; give a sense of wholeness by wearing a watch such as Luminox watch 3051.BO. You can either get a watch for yourself or gift it to someone you adore. Watch is among the important suit accessories that every man or woman needs

Gifting a watch tells a lot about your personality. Therefore, you must choose the gift wisely- the best from the bests. But if you still can’t make up your mind, here is a list of trendy watch styles that can fit your personality or of the person receiving the gift.

1. Solar Celled Watch

Solar celled watches are trending right now. It has a sense of environmental friendliness to it and uses the sun’s energy. The dial-in such watches come with solar panels. These solar panels absorb the light of the sun which they store in a battery beneath. This will ensure that your battery never dies and will work smoothly forever. 

Solar celled watches are also the need of the hour. With greater emphasis and focus on sustainable products, solar celled watches are one step closer to achieving green watches.

2. Metallic Watch

Gold, silver, bronze and other metals are also used to make classic watches. Their lustre and fashion are timeless. Not only do these metallic watches make for an incredible fashion statement, but also have a strong and sturdy structure which adds to their usability.

Metallic watches are also way more durable than regular watches because of the characteristics of gold, silver or bronze to last long.

3. Analog Watch

Analogue-style watches are the classic types. They are timeless when it comes to design and style. Analogous watch dials were the first type of design to even enter into the concept. Analog watches have never gone out of fashion. They are still designed because it is still a favourite of watch enthusiasts.

Many expensive brands offer beautiful and sleek analogue-style watches in their catalogue. Brands such as Rolex and Omega are at the top when it comes to analogue dials.

4. Ceramic Watch

Finding it difficult to believe? Well, one can understand. When did the watch industry got so fancy and jazzed up? Believe it or not, ceramic watches have become quite a thing. 2022 has seen the rise in various patterns and styles in ceramic watches.

They are elegant to wear and make an excellent gifting option. If you are looking to give a watch to someone, think nothing beyond these. With their luxurious finish and feel, these are simply irresistible.

5. Digital Watch

Digital watches have been in fashion since their inception. It was a refreshing concept when it was first introduced. Digital watches have digital dials on them. Most of them come with extra features such as displaying dates, stopwatch, alarm, and calculator. 

Digital watches have undergone a massive evolution. Brands such as Casio G-shock are popular among the young audience. In the digital era that we live in, digital watches have become the safest choice to invest in. Do not overthink whether it will be worth the investment or not, these watches are already successful in the market.

6. Smart Watch

Smart Watches are a recent thing. Many tech companies now offer them a stand-alone product but promote it as a wearable accessory to your smartphones. Smartwatches are everything the smart denotes.

They are like a mini mobile phone. You can control music, receive calls, text messages etc. They come with many sensors that can track your heart rate, oxygen rate and steps.

Smartwatch manufacturers also provide many skins for the watch. These skins have multiple design styles of both analogue and digital interfaces. They give out a refreshing look. 

7. Changeable Straps

Another feature of a smartwatch is changeable straps. Different strap styles are not limited to a smartwatch, one can find them in other types, too but mostly, they are associated with smartwatches. The idea behind changeable straps is to give a unique sense of style and a personal touch to the wearer of this gadget.

Furthermore, with this feature, you can easily mix and match the watches with your favourite dresses. You do need to maintain various wrist accessories; one watch with multiple straps is sufficient and does the thing. 

As we see, 2021 has a lot to offer when it comes to the trending watch styles for the year. There has been an evident shift from simplicity to fancy and funky. However, this change does not mean that classic watches are extinct. No matter the age or period the watches mentioned above will never go out of fashion.

There is one for everyone. With so many options to choose from, people can constantly rotate their tastes. Whether it is the good old watch that you want or the smart ceramics, there is everything available. So, go and explore the options and get the best one for yourself!

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