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If you’ve ever shopped or are still shopping at CB2, then you’ll understand why everyone swears on them as the number go-to store for quality home furniture. If it’s just about the quality of their furniture, then you could probably think of getting it somewhere else. But one thing they offer that you may never find somewhere else is their ridiculously discounted prices on their luxuriously looking home furniture. 

CB2 also has a vast collection of stylish and trendy products that make decorating your home fit into any design you want a lot easier. 

It doesn’t matter if what you think your home needs is the incorporation of small décor items or large staple furniture buys; CB2 has a way of getting you the best deals no matter your taste for home furniture. 

When it comes to everything classy home furniture, CB2 is game, no doubt! But mixing things up isn’t a bad idea either. What if we told you that there are other stores out there that get the job done like CB2, with some offering ridiculously low discounted prices? Would you mind checking them out? 

If you answered Yes or No, it doesn’t really matter; we think you should check these stores out regardless of your answer. 

Without any further ado, here is a list of 10 other superstores that are fit to be an alternative to CB2.

1. Dwell:

Dwell is one of the prominent superstores like CB2, where you can find sumptuous home furniture with quality and at a low price tag. For home furniture that fits into modern architecture with fantastic high-end designs, Dwell happens to be a leading alternative to CB2. Dwell has high-grade products with a tremendous appeal and a huge catalog for every of your indoor and outdoor needs. 

From outdoor sofas to kitchen and dining, bath and bed accessories, and more, you’ve just got yourself another repository of home furniture that is worth every penny.

2. IKEA:

Prominent enough not to need too much introduction. But if you have not got any of your home furniture from IKEA, you need to leave whatever you are doing right now and head straight to their online store. 

Do you remember that feeling when you go to the store to get your supposed favorite product, but found another one that seems promising, then another one that looks more promising? And you go on and on until you feel so anxious and end up not knowing which one to go with? 

IKEA always has that effect on almost everyone. They just happen to have the same Scandinavian furniture designs like CB2 but on a larger scale. For your modern bed frames, closets, couches, and kitchen furniture, IKEA can’t simply be put out of the equation.

3. Apt2b:

Long gone are the days when you put up just about anything to fit into the empty spaces around your home. For the right furniture that fits every home needs, Apt2b is an amazing pace-setter. 

If you’ve always loved to shop at CB2, then this mid-tier modern home décor store will answer your furniture cravings. They have a pretty wide selection of pretty items for homes and have an aesthetic value that shouts solids over prints and sexy over bland. 

Apt2b has simple but yet elegant and affordable pieces that are worth occupying every room and corner of your home. 

4. Jonathan Adler:

CB2 lovers may end up never looking back after being introduced to this home décor store with a touch of lavish luxury and style. Do you want to take your home furniture taste to the next level and happen to have a budget that can cater for price tags a little above that of CB2? Jonathan Adler will have you hooked to a luxury of unmatched home furniture for longer than you’d have imagined. 

5. Joybird:

Amongst every sophisticated alternative to CB2 comes this modern minimalist furniture store that happens to have something in stock for those with an eye for quirky interior or those struggling to find the best piece of furniture for their space.

Joybird has a large collection that offers you multiple ways to customize your homes without having to pay head-spinning prices. If simple and classy is what has made you stay loyal to CB2 over the years, what about a store that offers just that? 

6. Modshop:

Here is a store with an obvious difference in style and design to CB2 but has modern-retro pieces that would blend well with any of the products you’ve already owned. 

Modshop doesn’t have a collection of the famous Scandinavian styles you love CB2 for but have some really gorgeous home designs that get the job done. They have a collection of functional designs that come in different styles that are easy to blend and fit in any available space around your home. 

Are you looking for a twist in your home décor or looking to add some touch of class, diversity, and aesthetic? You’ll be a lot happier shopping at Modshop as they happen to be one of the superstores we recommend for such a feat. 

7. Urban Outfitters:

Are you going to ask what Urban Outfitters has got to do with home décor and furniture? It’s not a bad question if you ask, but you’ll get to know why we have listed them as an alternative store to CB2 in a bit. 

Urban Outfitters has a collection that makes them qualify as one of the cheapest and quality fast-fashion stores that most shoppers are never really aware of their furniture category. 

The fantastic thing is that Urban Outfitters has even a much better furniture catalog than most stores that only deal in home décor. 

They have a home department that is heavenly and has just about anything for every space in your home. 

8. Etsy:

Have you hurriedly scrolled down to see if Etsy makes this list? There is absolutely no way Etsy won’t be making this list of best alternatives to CB2. Etsy is known to house some of the best, unique, and aesthetically pleasing choices for home décor and modern-style furniture. 

If you are willing to stick around and search through their overwhelming collection of high-quality and affordable pieces of home furniture, you are sure to always find exactly what you are looking for. 

When you shop on Etsy for your latest furniture, you are indirectly buying from small business owners/makers. Which always guarantees that you’ll get amazingly discounted prices anytime you check-in.

9. Anthropologie: 

If you have a distinctive flair for bohemian-styled home furniture and décor, Anthropologie will instantly get your attention for real. Anthropologie is a superstore with a chosen niche that doesn’t even need to do much to get your attention. They simply don’t have many competitors when it comes to rare styles and functional home furniture. 

What other store can effortlessly beat CB2 when it comes to pieces that adhere to a rich Mediterranean color palette that will make extravagant additions to your space?

10. Pier 1 Imports:

This is another great store to add to your list of best alternatives to CB2. Pier 1 imports have chosen the contemporary and chic industrial look of stores like World Market rather than the Scandinavian and modern appeal of CB2. 

This Pier 1 imports is a preferred store for anyone who needs to find a piece of furniture that will blend no matter what without having to go out of their budget. 

Pier 1 imports have been likened to the store of the masses as they have reasonably low price tags on their products and have functional items that don’t just take up space but add to your rooms a homely ambiance. 

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