Top 7 Sites Like Kijiji for Buying and Selling

Kijiji is owned by eBay. This website is about online classified advertising which was created in the year 2005. Kijiji now operates as a central network for online communities. Kijiji  allows you to sell and buy anything you want online easily.

On Kijiji you can buy things like cars, clothes, electronics, mobile phones, laptops and many more. New and used products are available on this site. Users can bargain with sellers on a daily basis. It provides local advertisements to over 200 major cities in Canada, Italy, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

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Kijiji displays a large number of ads in categories which includes housing, jobs and car deals. It has a category for pets and is a great competitor to backpage The only difference is that it has a low United State America traffic. This website is based in Canada mainly.

Best 7 Kijiji Competitors and Alternatives

1. Craigslist


Craigslist is an online advertising platform with classified ads. You can find a lot of advertisements on Craigslist and advertisements include job advertisement, house for rent, materials for sale, services required,  babysitter needed, house for sale and so on.

Craigslist has a very mobile friendly user interface that contains a lot of categories which contains advertisements. It has a forum that allows members to register and post their advertisement for free  on the website.

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2. Geebo


Geebo is the second on our list.  It contains an online classified ad that ranges from employment, vehicles, real estate, house for sale, apartments for rent and many other types of advertisements. more than hundreds of ads are placed on this web site on a daily basis.

Geebo Is very easy to browse. Users can find any type of advertisements they are looking for by using the advanced search feature on the website. While on Geebo you can choose location, and then category of the advertisements you’re looking for.

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3. Letgo


Letgo is the 3rd website on our list. This website is a great marketplace where you can buy and sell any new or used item. You can buy and sell things like cars, jewelry, electronics and accessories on this website.

Letgo Is getting more users over time. Letgo Is very easy to use and it has an app that you can find on Google Play store and Apple Store.  to make use of letgo  you can download the app, register or create an account.

Use your phone and take pictures of your used items that you want to sell and upload it, add the price and publish.

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4. Oodle


Oodle is among the largest online classified advertisement platforms. It Is the great competitor to Craigslist and a good Kijiji alternative. It is used by millions of people and contains  a large number of advertisements ranging from online trading which allows buyers to negotiate with the seller.

Oodle allows users to register and post their advertisements on the website. To be able to post ads, you will be required to provide few details about the items or product that you want to sell. You can post job opportunities on this website.

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5. ClassifiedAds

This website contains a large number of classified ads and all the advertisements categorised which makes it easy to find whatever thing you are looking for. It allows users to register with an email address, name and password to enable them to use the website.

 You can post ads on Classifiedads and it is completely free. You can post ads such as personal ads, apartment for rent, house for sale, house for lease and lots more. This website has a search box  with an advanced feature that makes It easy to find anything you are looking for. 

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6. Doublelist


This Is a free web application that allows users to connect within the area of sale and it contains a large variety of classified ads.

This website is available to use in Canada, UK, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and Netherlands. To use the service you have to create an account with your email address and name.

After successful registration you can easily find a large variety of classified ads.

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7. Bedpage


Bedpage serves as a great online classified advertisement posting site, where you can post items like cars for sale, house for rent, job opportunities and so on. You can post your personal advertisement on the website.

Bedpage has a lot of categories where users can post their ads in multiple categories. To post an ad you have to choose a location and the category that suits the product or item that you want to sell on the website.

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