Are You A Funimation Fan? Learn The Techniques of Funimation Download


Funimation brings to you the most popular Japanese anime dubbed in English and with English subtitles. Thinking about how to get the Funimation download? Well, you can download using the Funimation app on your mobile, or you can also try any Funimation downloader to download Funimation videos for a fun-filled holiday season.

Horimiya is one of the famous series of Funimation as well as a popular name in the anime world now. We will review Horimiya in this article and let you know how to watch Funimation videos offline. Let’s begin.



Masashi Ishihama


Takao Yoshioka


Masaru Yokoyama


Izumi Miyamura and Kyoko Hori are in the same class of the high school. Hori is a bright student and very well-known in her school, whereas Miyamura is just opposite to her, and he is not as lively and exciting as Hori.

They both are opposites in their homes, where Hori looks after her little brother and does household work too. Miyamura has a funky look outside his school. He has countless piercings and tattoos on his body, which he hides in school.

One day, Hori’s brother came back home with nosebleeds accompanied by an unknown boy with lots of piercings and tattoos on his body. This is the first time Miyamura came in front of her school friend dressed up differently. There is no point in recognizing Miyamura for Hori as his look is totally different from school and same for Miyamura. When Miya introduced himself to Hori, and he, himself, could recognize Hori in a different look, both got astonished.

After this incident, they talked to each other about their out-of-school identities and agreed to keep it a secret. They promised to support each other in keeping their identities secret. Time flies, and they feel attraction towards each other. They started to spend more time together and managed to maintain a good friendly relationship with each other.

Our Opinion:

The story of Horimiya is the making of a high school romance which is always an exciting part of our lives. It’s like nostalgia to see high school love on the screen, and this type of story always comes to us as fresh air. In addition to Hori and Miya’s love story, Horimiya has a magic touch of comedy in it. Not only the story, but the characters are also beautifully portrayed, and there is no feeling of monotony to watch this series.

Now you decide whether to watch it or not and watch it online or offline. We will let you know how you can download videos from Funimation to watch anything offline in this article.

Steps of Funimation Download and Watch Offline

To download shows or movies from Funimation, you need an Android or Apple device or Windows 10 supported PC and a stable internet connection. Once you are ready with these arrangements, you can follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Funimation app.
  • Subscribe to Funimation and log in.
  • Choose your favorite movie or show which you wish to download and watch offline.
  • Tap the download arrow button beside the title to begin the downloading.
  • After the successful download, the purple-colored download button will be converted to a green check-mark.
  • Now back to the main menu and tap “My Library” and subsequent “On My Device.” You will get your downloaded items here in this section.

The method of downloading from Funimation is simple, but there are some obstructions to Funimation download. Let’s discuss.

Major Obstructions to Funimation Download

1. Funimation compatible devices:

You can watch Funimation online on many devices, but you can use only Android and iOS compatible devices when it comes to downloading.

2. Subscription of Funimation:

If you are a free user of Funimation, you need the Digital Copy Code of a Funimation video to download and save. If you have subscribed to Premium Plus membership of Funimation ($7.99 per month) or Premium Plus Ultra membership of Funimation ($99 per year), you are eligible to download movies or shows from Funimation.

3. Availability of Funimation videos for downloading:

Funimation does not allow downloading all the videos available on the network. If you can see a purple download button beside the title, you can download that, and no download button means you can’t download it.

4. Batch downloading feature:

Funimation allows you to download a maximum of 13 videos at one click.

The StreamGaGa downloader software is available for a hassle-free download where the above problems will not be there to disturb you. Just spend some time on this article to know more about the StreamGaGa downloader.

StreamGaGa Downloader Software Helps To Download Videos From Online Streaming Platforms

Cable networks are outdated in this age of OTT platforms. We can easily watch old movies or series and new releases on OTT simultaneously. Watching anything on different OTT is very easy, but you need a stable internet connection for this. Otherwise, downloading and watching offline is the best option. 

StreamGaGa downloader can help you download content from different online platforms and social channels. Once your download is completed, you can use those for offline watching. Using StreamGaGa Funimation downloader will be the most useful option for downloading and watching offline videos for the Funimation channel.

StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader Will Bring Smile On Your Face

Funimation is one of the most popular channels in the anime world, and its original name is Funimation Now. Almost 2.5 million subscribers watch over 15,000 hours of anime content. As discussed before, free users can’t download any content from this channel, and you need to subscribe first to any premium plan to download videos. Let’s know more about this downloader software like its features, subscription cost, downloading technique, etc.

Key Features of The StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader

High-density and Ultra high-density Resolution: To keep your fun intact, StreamGaGa downloader brings you the technology for high-quality download. For this feature, you will get the downloaded videos in 720p to 1080p or 4k or 8k format to feel the same as you are watching online.

Audio Clarity: MP4 audio download is available, compatible with any device. For this feature, you can download videos in MP4 format.

Superfast Batch Downloading: StreamGaGa Funimation downloader can download several episodes together with one click. Downloading more than one episode at one go with high download speed is called batch downloading. For this feature, you can download the newly aired episode also.

Subtitles and Metadata: Funimation channel telecasts mainly Japanese cartoons, and you can select your preferred language for subtitles and audio. Saving data like title, plot, cast, etc., is also possible as the software allows you to save the metadata in a .srt file format.

Video with No Breaks: There will be no ad breaks after downloading the video using StreamGaGa downloader.

Low-cost Subscription

Not to worry about subscription price, as the StreamGaGa Funimation downloader is very pocket-friendly. Kindly check their Checkout page for detailed information.

Get the StreamGaGa Funimation Downloader and Download Videos

It’s a very effortless process to install the StreamGaGa Funimation downloader. Once you’re done with the installation, you can download and enjoy movies or shows without an internet connection.

Step 1: Visit the official site of StreamGaGa and click on the installer to run it on your device. Start the application and navigate to the “Streaming Services.” You will find the option of Funimation here.

Step 2: Log in to the Funimation account. After logging in, you can search by movie or show name to download.

Step 3: You need to set the language for subtitles at this step.

Step 4: You’re ready to begin the downloading. A “Download” icon is there; click on it to start the downloading. To download a web or TV series, you need to start playing the first episode, and the rest of the episodes will download automatically in the background.

StreamGaGa Downloader Supports Some Top Names In The OTT World

StreamGaGa downloader can be downloaded from 1000 + websites and social media. You’re now thinking of some famous names, like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, ESPN, etc. Wait, I’ll give you an idea of these platforms.

Netflix Downloader:

As discussed above, you can download from Netflix in the same manner, using StreamGaGa Netflix downloader. The only difference is, you need to select “Netflix” from the “Streaming Services” option at the place of Funimation and follow the steps after that.

Disney Plus Downloader:

StreamGaGa Disney Plus downloader is there to download Disney Plus videos. You can share it also on other devices or users without any restrictions.

HBO Downloader:

HBO is very famous for its movie library and original series. Using StreamGaGa HBO downloader, you can easily download from HBO.

Amazon Prime Downloader:

Amazon Prime is famous not only for its streaming service, but you’ll get a lot in a single membership. It offers free two-day shipping, OTT, and unlimited reading opportunities. If you’re a Prime member, you can also use your membership for offline watch. Use StreamGaGa Amazon Prime downloader and download videos from this channel to enjoy offline.

Hulu Downloader:

Downloading from Hulu is also possible using StreamGaGa Hulu downloader, and you will be able to download your favorite next-day telecast and other Hulu movies or shows pretty quickly.

ESPN Plus Downloader:

Your download is not limited to movies or shows. You can download sports matches or highlights of your favorite game using StreamGaGa downloader from ESPN and lots of other sports channels.


StreamGaGa gives you the ultimate benefit of offline watching. You can download videos in minutes from several websites. On top of that, it’s very user-friendly software.

Funimation is a network where you can watch Japanese cartoons with subtitles and English dubbing. Still, it is more useful if your downloader can offer you subtitles and preferred language audio dubbings. You can use the trial version of StreamGaGa downloader to know more in this regard. Have fun and enjoy your holiday with the Funimation download.

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