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We expect a lot from Best Commercial Painting Services for painting. It’s not only hoped to give your facility a new tinge but also to survive chilling winters, blistering hot days, soaking drizzles, and an everyday bottle of UV radiation without tearing, withering, or peeling.

Such marvels don’t show up without price and action. For the promising quality, you require an exterior color that’s loaded with high-quality resins, tints, and supplements, as well as a neat, smooth ground for the new finish to grip to. Investment in this type of product and task will essentially ensure that you won’t need to pull out the ladders again anytime soon.

Similarly, Painting Contractors Houston TX, prefer stores such as American eagle that will ensure high-quality color and concentrate on detail. They are familiar with equipping surfaces and employing adequate skills to assure a profitable and beneficial procedure and final output. Have a look at the list of the best stores for painting in Houston, TX.

1. Dick’s Color Center

The Dick’s Color Center is a credible Benjamin Moore Retailer store. It works in interior and exterior commercial and residential stain and paint stocks. Dick’s Color Center – Houston is your particular option to get insight and assistance for your painting project and stain product options and color preferences. They are devoted to fulfilling the demand of our local neighborhood of Houston, TX. Whether you require interior or exterior paint, high-end or commercial-grade coats, Dick Color Center’s experts are prepared to satisfy you and resolve all of your concerns.

2. Miller Paint

Miller Paint is a leading store in the paint production industry, with a framework based on the reliance of its clients, worker privilege, an emphasis on exceptional product excellence, delivering extraordinary customer service, and endorsing composition in the community.

3. Sherwin-Williams Paint Store

Sherwin-Williams Paint Store based in Houston, TX, has extraordinary quality commercial and residential interior paint, exterior paint, paint tool and paint supplies, concrete color, and wood stain to carry your dream ideas of your facility to the next level.

4. Powell Paint Center

If you are considering conducting a critical paint project in near future, head to Powell Paint Center for the assistance and excellent painting supplies and products option, like Benjamin Moore Paints, that will enable you to enhance the value of your most valuable investment – your commercial building. 

Powell Paint Center will deliver you with the pleasing experience you’d ask from a third-generation and an incredible family-owned farm that’s been attending to your parents and grandparents since 1961. They offer free in-store sessions at every Powell site Monday to Saturday, 1 to 5 pm. You can head there to obtain all the details and information you need to ask. 

5. MetroPaint

MetroPaint is popular for creating recycled latex paint and obeys strict quality management ideals of the Master Painters Institute and the International Paint Recycling Association. TheMetroPaint is accessible in several incredible standard shades and trendy limited version tones. MetroPaint is excellent for both indoor and outdoor commercial usage. It encompasses mold and fungus inhibitors and carries a 20-year limited guarantee.

6. Pacific Coat Painting

Pacific Coat Painting has been prominently serving in the Houston Metro and SW Washington region since 1997. They provide high-quality interior, exterior, and commercial work at competitive costs.

Their flawless residential and commercial prestige is on every project they conduct and in every neighborhood, their professionals operate. Pacific Coast has become a notable leader in excellent interior and exterior jobs for commercial and residential customers. Pacific Coat Painting pride themselves on their status for the quick completion of services with a skilled and artisan pinch. 

7. The PCC (Performance Coatings Center)

The PCC (Performance Coatings Center)  is more than only a paint store. It is operated and owned by Miller Paint Company, they are the NW experts in architectural coatings. Also, the PCC is the place to go for high-performance and commercial coatings. They can help you with a variety of tasks. For example: 

  • Floors.
  • Roofs.
  • Fire Protestant.
  • Building surrounds.
  • Applied metal coatings.

8. Pearl Hardware

You will get all the basics of painting at Pearl Hardware and also a little more. They stock up hundreds of items to upgrade your home. For instance:  

  • Paint trays.
  • Wooster brushes.
  • Step ladders.
  • Masking tape.

Moreover, they have a custom mix paint counter of full-service. Furthermore, they have NW Houston’s most substantial selection of Benjamin Moore paints. With guidance from one of their paint professionals, they can help with your next undertaking. Also, from the all-crucial preparations step to the final huge reveal.

The Color of Your Building Matters

The color you select for the outside of your building walls must compliment your brand. Big corporations know the power of color and utilize it to make brand recognition. Also, the good exterior paint colors can help any brand owner – small or large – in creating an optimistic impression

Moreover, it makes their business memorable to existing and new clients.

Here are seven important aspects to consider while selecting a paint color for your commercial building exterior:

1. Type of Business

It’s well believed that people relate colors with various feelings and emotions. An office building requires numerous color associations than a bakery or restaurant. For a building that is commercial and houses several different kinds of companies. You need to select a neutral color palette. It will fascinate more tenants than unusual or bold color combinations. 

2. Characteristics of the Space you’re Dealing With

One more essential consideration is the kind of space you’re working with. You want to bring out factors that contribute to the kind of environment you’re searching for. It is important, particularly while minimizing any characteristics that might be acting against you.

3. Consider Your Target Audience

What is the range of age of your target audience? People from several age groups have different responses to different colors. For instance, softened and muted colors may be a nice option for older generations. On the other hand, bold or unusual colors attract the youth. An exterior painting professional can help you in choosing from the newest color trends for your commercial buildings.

4. Make Signage Pop

No matter if it’s a specific event sign or a logo. A softer color exterior paint will help in making a sign more obvious. Darker colors or super bright can divert people driving by your commercial building. Therefore, your signs might go unnoticed. Making sure your clients can effortlessly find your commercial property is important.

5. Pay Attention to Colour Effects and Association

Industrial and commercial paint colors can enhance productivity. Also, it can improve employee motivation tremendously. Besides, the art of color treatment is subjective. Research has revealed a relationship between the workplace and how color impacts moods, productivity, creativity, and overall performance.

The Bottom Line

The quality of Paint is undoubtedly essential. It is the reason why commercial painting services Near Me in Houston, TX, always purchase from the best paint stores that we have mentioned above. These paint stores have nice quality products with verification and warranties. 

Also, selecting the right color for paint is important for your commercial property. It is exactly like how the color red can invoke feelings of power and strength. Plus, it can motivate people to make abrupt decisions. Therefore, it is beneficial to select the exterior color of your commercial property wisely. Also, it is crucial to impact the people who are visiting, for example, tenants and clients.

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