10 Amazing and Funny Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends


Do you want some amusing and prank websites on the net. Read this overview below we collect some trick internet sites from the internet.

Prank is an enjoyable task done to show exactly how crazy an individual is. These activities are fun for the ones watching it or performing it. However, this ends up being really unpleasant for the target.

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Prank and trolling has currently come to be a trend. Trick video clip makers are getting a great deal of feedbacks. Most of us invest hours to scroll through our social media feed and watch memes, trolls and troll video clips.

As the days are passing by, we can notice that the net is swamped with trick videos as well as giants. Many individuals do not know that Prank internet sites exist.

If you are enthusiastic adequate to fool your good friends, you can take a look at the list that we have actually produced.

Creative Prank Sites to Troll Your Friends as well as Make Fun

1. Facebook Pranks (Scary).

Use this prank website if you Intend to frighten the heck out of your close friends? Right here is the ideal trick site for you. Imagine your friends scrolling via their Facebook news feed in their leisure time, you send out in the link to them and flourish!

They forget about rest for the following couple of days. They will really feel as if it was the biggest blunder to search that link.

This is just one of the most amazing websites that you can utilize to trick your friends.

After your good friends surf the link to this terrifying profile, they obtain stunned to see such scary content in it.

2. Love Calculator Trick

Love Calculator Prank Website is an extremely naughty prank that you play on someone. This trick will assist you to understand your pal’s secret crush or fan.

You can develop an unique link of your own as well as you can send that to your targeted pals. Just after they will certainly click the web link, it will inquire to enter their crush’s name in addition to their name.

After they click on the determine button, the prank will certainly be played. You will certainly obtain the name of your pal’s name and his or her partner’s name. They will certainly be stunned after they recognize that they were pranked.

3. Fake Update: Windows.

you can use this prank website if you wish to maintain your buddies away from your computer system, you can utilize this fake update sharp. This prank web site will let you reveal them, that you are making use of completely a backdated windows version. For example; WINDOWS 98. Crazy right?

fake update windows

This shows either you are updating your system or you are utilizing an old variation of Windows.

Once they are persuaded with this reality and leave you alone, you can resume with whatever you were doing. You can press F11 to visit complete display.

4. FartScroll: Funny Pranks.

Fart Scrolls aid you make fart noises whenever a person scrolls with your blog. if you desire your close friends to really feel self-conscious while reading your blog before everybody, after that here is your way out.

This fart scrolls prank website gives you with a code that lets you establish every little thing that you need to make this happen. These are a truly funny prank, which you can play on your pals.

Make use of these techniques and also have fun!

5. Hacking Simulator: Geek Typer.

use this Wish to trick your good friends in a great means? Geek Typer could be of some support to for you. You can quickly pretend to be a hacker in front of anybody.Geek Typer allows you to kind like a cyberpunk with some added graphics for its detailing.

You can fool any individual into assuming that you are a specialist hacker and you have actually hacked any person’s system or site.It has high graphics and also looks convincing this way.

When you have fallen short to access the website, you will obtain a pop-up, which says “Accessibility Denied”. If you keep firmly insisting the website blinks red and will certainly report a violation.

6. Prank Spaces.

Trick Space is a site with many other tricks accumulated in it. You could discover them helpful sufficient to troll your close friends.

This web site can assist you to learn magic tricks, audio pranks, blink tricks, video tricks, and also a great deal extra.

This aids you to difficulty your friends and family. You can discover a lot of new ways to interrupt them with new designs as well as procedures.

This is really a fascinating area if you intend to keep on pranking your friends.

7. Do Not Press The Red Button.

This old trick resembles Pandora’s Box. When anybody prohibits you to do something, your inquisitiveness takes control of you.You feel forced to do that.

That is where the enjoyable in the prank exists. You send your close friends a link which asks them not to press the red switch.They battle their desire to click on it. Once they do the mistake they are trolled in an awful way.

This prank is uproarious for the performer. On the other hand, the victim regrets the choice of pushing the red button.

8. Joker Greeting Trick.

This is a genuine prank. It can be used anyone on their birthday celebration. You get a birthday greeting card and then send it to someone.

The music does not quit playing. Typically, the songs starts when you open up the card as well as quits when you close it and also maintain it back.

However, this is an annoying welcoming card which continues playing the songs non-stop for three hrs directly. This does not quit until and unless you struck the card with a hammer or melt it down.

Websites exist where you can get these sorts of cards done.

9. Information of 2021: Future Year.

Each people is delighted to know about the future. Spotting and also guessing concerning future updates from ahead of time is a whole lot of new enjoyment.

You just have to hope that the fake news being shared by your fake futuristic website has actually never ever been seen by anyone, specifically on the ones you are playing the prank.

This is entirely fake information concerning the future published as a genuine one in a website. As you share it with your close friends, they obtain trolled once they rely on it.

10. Secret Codes From Google.

Google is among the most significant locations. It allows you play several tricks. Breaking down internet search engine, calling the snow, ending the web browser as well as great deal even more are a part of this prank website.


So, we understand what are the convincing and also powerful ways of pranking on our friends. The list of Trick Site proceeds however, below are several of the very best that we have written down for you.

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